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Reply . april 17, 2015 #1124

ok this link works. :)

the "syscolor" (i.e. getsyscolor) is in the dll and refers to a defined color inside the dll or the registry. it is hard to find exactly this "color" or link to this color that you want to change.
Reply . april 17, 2015 #1123
http://orig13.deviantart.net/43f2/f/2015/107/d/b/current_desktop__by_goldencut-d8pzyyi.png - maybe this works (just to get my way ;) is 'syscolor' one of the colors of desktop's color scheme? i had an idea to paint the 'x' red so i wouldn't click it accidentally and set others to title bar color but they refuse to change to anything and stay white.
Reply . april 17, 2015 #1122

hi. yeah, the url links don't work sometimes because of my capitalize text-transform thingy. i copied the link from the text database but couldn't get it to work because every letters are lowercace in the database. ehh...

min,max,close button hack:
cant change only that color. it is connected to a syscolor used elsewhere. but the glyphs are in the marlett font. so yes, you can change that with a font editor, but it will change also the "x" , "max", and "min" glyphs as well in the right-click-menus.
Reply . april 17, 2015 #1121
darn it, can't post any imgur links here because some script auto-corrects the case of text posted...:( no big deal, the desktop was pretty ugly compared to yours. but what about those window's buttons?
Reply . april 16, 2015 #1120
heh, something bad happened to the link after i pressed 'add message' (the uppercase letters were converted to lowercase) so the link won't work. try copy-paste if interested i.imgur.com/idjxbo1.png
Reply . april 16, 2015 #1119
good site, i'm also still on xp (well, it tells everyone it's posready2009). been through your site but haven't found a way to hack unskinned window controls (min, restore/max, close buttons). do you know of any way to change the colors or the characters (font?) of those three buttons? my current desktop (1 hack (word 'address' in explorer), no skinning) - http://i.imgur.com/idjxbo1.png
Reply . february 28, 2015 #1118

right now: http://des.virtualplastic.net/2015.png same as always. (only the bg color changes sometimes) + i am not even using 16:9 monitor. (my lcd is still working, so...)

no news about the old members. the vp message board is almost dead. 0-1 message per year looks dead to me.

well, i am into mtbiking nowadays. got a new sportcam and will make some biker clips and stuff like that.

i am still happy with xp and happily using it but when i have to switch to a "modern" os, i don't know what i am gonna do about it. i will definitely hate the looks of it but... i don't know.
Reply . february 27, 2015 #1117
really, so how the looks of your desktop now?! im curios.. and any news about other virtual plastic member?!

seems you the only one currently still active on net
Reply . february 22, 2015 #1116

i am fine. thx.
yes, using xp in 2015 too. :)
Reply . february 22, 2015 #1115
thanks for that i didnt notice it.
btw how r you?!

still using xp or no?!
Reply . december 24, 2014 #1114

it is like the haxrcorp font: http://www.dafont.com/haxrcorp-s8.font
but here it is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/b31w2e
Reply . december 23, 2014 #1113
hi des, could you plis upload your font?! thx in advance
Reply . december 06, 2014 #1112
oh. that is the progress-chunk bitmap in the visualstyle. look for just one block, not 3 blocks.
Reply . december 06, 2014 #1111
green stuff.progress bar.
Reply . december 06, 2014 #1110
Reply . december 04, 2014 #1109

which icon exactly? a screenshot would help me. :) i am iconless you know, and i cant remember everything. especially the icons :p :)
Reply . december 04, 2014 #1108
do you know which avi resource windows search window uses for progress
Reply . november 28, 2014 #1107
i'll settle for imitator, there can only be one master ;)

with 'the height of the player' i meant bottom the black part which you changed with 10021 and 10022. i tried it and it worked great on 1.3.1249.0, however it didn't change anything in

it seems most adjustments don't work on the new version, those small changes to the seekbar/slider which makes some details black do work. those combined with your pngs, bmps and icons + some other icons and i am happy with the result.

i only have a minor issue with the black details sometimes turns green/teal or red/darkred, it is kind of random when it happens so i have no idea how i've managed it :d

thanks again for the insight and tips!
Reply . november 28, 2014 #1106
hehe. sometimes i wonder how the heck i did it too. :d

good work on the newer version! that is not bad at all so far. i mean god!!!!! why the creators of mpc cant do that in the first place? just make it skinable for god sake!!!

grhhh... many many years and still nothing on that matter. what a shame!

here in this image the bottom black part is the status bar or the control/slider height if i am correct. you can modify the size of it by reshacker in the 10021 dialog (statusbar), 10022 (seekbar). just alter the height. (in my mpc i even named the dialog name, because it was blank originally. just so i know what it is and where it is in the hex code.)


or what height of the player did you refer to? the whole player?
ff ff ff ff ff ff thing: i dont remember. :(

guess work was a main concept of hexediting for me. it is a slow, self training / learning process. it could be fun if you succeed in something. :) i mean i am not talking about that everything i did was just random changes of numbers in the code, but sometimes i did find things accidentally. (in example i knew where to change, but didnt know what)

in the end you will be the next reshacker master :d
Reply . november 27, 2014 #1105
i am still awestruck with how you managed to find out which hex numbers to change.
even if one only have to change like 5-6 numbers total for a rather big change in looks, its like a needle in a haystack.

just thought i should fill you in on what i've been doing with your player. i managed to reverse engineer this so far (because i had some other icons/pngs reshacked into the file the offset is off, so i'm not posting those for now):

1) upper left
reshacked in your icons and pngs

2) upper right
09 into 07
08 into 03
fa into 00
0c into 18
to change the moving 'bar'.

3) lower left
04 into 05
1f into 0f
to turn the gray color to black.

4) lower right
03 into 18
to turn the edges of the 'bar' and the 'line' black as well.

(none of the letters in the link should be in caps)

and after copying your changes at ~5 places in the hex editor i managed to get it to look like this:
(none of the letters in the link should be in caps)

so far i have not managed to find which hex-edit you made which changed the height of the player (which would remove the big black area at the bottom of the player in the image above). any memories of how you changed it?

and since i asked you a question, i have to ask this as well:
do you remember why you changed ff ff ff ff ff ff to ff ff 00 00 ff ff so many times in the file?

there are quite some chunks of code that i do not understand why/what you changed (which shouldn't be any surprise since you told me its a series of not so simple hacks). i can also spot how you change the font in a few places, but apart from the hacks described above i have no idea what all the other hacks do :d

the reason i spend time on this (apart from it being so fun) is trying to recreate your modifications on a newer version of mpc-hc. here is how far i've gotten on version
(none of the letters in the link should be in caps)

note: since a lot of the code changed between 1.3.1249.0 and i could only find and apply some of your hex edits, and even then some guesswork was needed.
Reply . november 23, 2014 #1104
thanks des will try out out later :)
Reply . november 22, 2014 #1103

my hacked version is: 1.3.1249.0
you can find it here: http://www.filehorse.com/download-media-player-classic-32/7649/

or somewhere else.
Reply . november 22, 2014 #1102
that would be nice of you :)

(and if it would be possible do you also have the same file unedited?)
Reply . november 20, 2014 #1101

that's series of hacks. not a simple one. the best if i upload the mpc-hc that i use.
if you want. :)
Reply . november 20, 2014 #1100
electric tape works for everything :d

btw i was gonna try to copy your seekbar in mpc-hc, what string should i look for?

and what are you changing them to?

(i would ask for offset but i probably dont got your version anyway).

i'm looking at this pic you've posted:
Reply . november 15, 2014 #1099
oh. that! yes i do mod physical objects too. :)

in example on my new mtb.... i have created a flashlight mount for my bike from things.. :d but this is a simple flashlight (fenix tk12) and i dont really like it on the bike because it is "too long". well,... not really, just on the bike i feel it too long and cant place it anywhere to look nice. ehh.

i ordered a head / bike light (estimated time 1-2 weeks, from china , ehehe.. ) and i have to create/mod a light mount for it again. (i dont like the way the traditional bike lights are mounted on the handlebar.. so i have to mod it to look neat. :) and also i changed the look of my bike too. i mean the design. not much just a little bit. (with electric tape)


Reply . november 15, 2014 #1098
neat :)

with physical objects i meant cars and other things (i don't know why, but i thought i remembered you stating that you modify a lot of things you use, not only things on the computer. but i'm probably wrong).

anyways, i would also like to thank you for publishing your knowledge and tweaks, i look back fondly on the time i spent modifying xp to my liking quite a few years back.

you and your site were great sources of information and inspiration :)
Reply . november 15, 2014 #1097
yes, it is the same as shown here except the tray icons. (i changed it 2 years ago.

i change only the bg color of the desk sometimes. (predefined colors)
physical object? you mean new programs/apps? not really. i mean i hacked the firefox 26 last year but that's it.
Reply . november 15, 2014 #1096
i kind of guessed it was hopeless, but had to ask just in case :)

still standing your ground and using xp :) neat.
it still looks (more or less) the same as the print screens from this site?

since i remember you modifying everything, any new physical objects you changed recently?
Reply . november 15, 2014 #1095


i can only do minor changes with hexeditor. (to change color, or remove things in some cases, etc) i don't think i can do that. :( (+ my hexediting skill is rusty, since there is nothing to hack, because i hacked everything i use years ago.)

yes, i am still on xp! and i am happy with it. :)
Reply . november 14, 2014 #1094
hi again des, been a long time!

i am still using the hex-edit you created many years back to remove the 3d-border from irfanview:

changing 02 to 00-

4.20, offset 00065f30, 00 00 00 50 56 68 10 95-4f 00 68 00 02 00 00 ff
4.25, offset 00068a00, 00 00 00 50 56 68 20 e6-4f 00 68 00 02 00 00 ff
4.27, offset 0006a0f0, 00 00 00 50 56 68 30 37-50 00 68 00 02 00 00 ff
4.30, offset 00070660, 68 00 02 00 00 ff 15 38-04 50 00 8b 0d 04 60 53
4.32, offset 000741d0, 00 00 00 50 56 68 84 ac-52 00 68 00 02 00 00 ff
4.35, offset 0007beb0, 02 00 00 ff 15 68 a4 51-00 8b 0d 34 18 55 00 a3
4.36, offset 0007e720, 02 00 00 ff 15 68 c4 51-00 8b 0d 28 3a 55 00 a3
4.38, offset 000831d0, c4 73 54 00 68 00 02 00 00 ff 15 80 14 52 00 8b
(one might need to unpack the .exe before hex-editing)

what it did was removing the 3d-border, so that the background color would be visible where the 3d-border used to be. so if i set the background color in irfanview to be white, then the area where the 3d-border was would be white.

i am wondering if you think it would be possible to remove the 3d-border and let the image use the space created by removing the 3d-border. that way one wouldn't see the background color.

i am guessing that it would change the way the application works too much to be possible with just hex-editing.
however since you are the guru on modifying stuff i guess i had to ask :d

btw are you still using windows xp or have you moved on? maybe to linux? i'm trying out windows 10 atm, since i am to used to microsofts operating systems.
Reply . august 07, 2014 #1093
here is my current version of mpc-hc:
Reply . august 04, 2014 #1092
your mpc is cool, share it. and it's lovely to see your stuff is still available.
Reply . february 02, 2014 #1091
there is a tutorial on the page about that, and i even made a simple html file with the methods of opening files, folders.

Reply . february 02, 2014 #1090
i'm thinking about active desktop now. with rainmeter it's possible to reach something similar, but there is problem with pixel fonts. can you share the html code for shortcuts on the desktop? (my computer, desktop ...)
Reply . february 02, 2014 #1089
that woould be cool. :) but that is above my haxxor skill. :( (i tried that)
Reply . february 02, 2014 #1088
http://i62.tinypic.com/ac4f1w.jpg again with second try :) last question... is it possible to move it closer to the edge, in place of bitmap on status bar?
Reply . february 02, 2014 #1087

hm. interesting but here is mine. (edited to display video instead of playing)
Reply . february 02, 2014 #1086
http://i62.tinypic.com/t87mdh.jpg where is the problem?
Reply . february 01, 2014 #1085

as you can see in hexeditor, the playing string in hex is: 50006c006100790069.. and so on... if you want to remove something just change the letters to "20". this 20 means an empty space in hexadecimal language.

the example above should be this, if you want to remove that: 200020002000200020.... and so on. be careful though! always make a backup file!

Reply . february 01, 2014 #1084
with second try i found it, so there is question how to delete unnecessary values? when i deleted them i got a message - not valid win32 application.
Reply . january 31, 2014 #1083
downloaded hexeditor 6.7, no luck for me, didn't find anything :)
Reply . january 31, 2014 #1082
yep! http://imgur.com/Bs7XVpm

you can change it with a hexeditor.
Reply . january 29, 2014 #1081
thank you, maybe it's possible to replace phrase "playing" in status bar with "video"? :)
Reply . january 28, 2014 #1080

oh i see... will try to do something, but no promises.
Reply . january 28, 2014 #1079
Reply . january 27, 2014 #1078
what black frame? from the seekbar? what do you mean by "from the screen"?
Reply . january 27, 2014 #1077
is it possible to remove the black frame from the screen without affecting seek bar?
Reply . january 27, 2014 #1076
thank you, very appreciated.
Reply . january 27, 2014 #1075
Reply . january 26, 2014 #1074
hi, des

can you upload your mpc player?
Reply . december 24, 2013 #1073
Reply . december 24, 2013 #1072

oh that is contextaware. http://des.virtualplastic.net/downloads/contextaware.zip and here is a help screenshot of the shortcuts menu part.
Reply . december 24, 2013 #1071
what is the context menu on your desktop?
did you modify
Reply . december 19, 2013 #1070

yeah still xp power. i know, i am a bit oldschool but who cares. no plans but who knows the future.... there migh be a day, when i...
Reply . december 19, 2013 #1069
hi des,

you use xp today ?
have plans to migrate to another windows version ?
Reply . december 19, 2013 #1068
yeah. i know. there is also new tab homepage addon/extension for older version of firefox. :) i use a homepage for reminding me of tv shows... .:)
Reply . december 19, 2013 #1067
-you'll have to mod it to put your own sites- sorry for the mistake
Reply . december 19, 2013 #1066
thanks for the cookie recipe i'll translate it;i've noticed that you used an html file as your desktop wallpaper and stumbled upon "something simmilar" for firefox home page but can be used in newer versions of firefox as new tab page through browser.newtab.url string in about:config (an html file with links to your favorite sites -i'll have to mod it for your own sites- and a search bar that uses your default search engine) ->http://folter-x.deviantart.com/art/start-page-138905304 & http://folter-x.deviantart.com/art/start-page-160869457
i thought that you might be interested and also since you shared your mods with me it;s the least i can share.
Reply . december 17, 2013 #1065
about the cookie: it is called mandulás sütemény (almond cookie?). sorry, but the recipe is in hungarian language:

thx for letting me know about this pale moon. i will test run it and see how it performs. and how it looks :)

Reply . december 16, 2013 #1064
sorry about the double post, the browser restarted and resended the inormation that was already in the message box.
Reply . december 16, 2013 #1063
thank you very much! (i'm very happy right now) for the portable version; there is also "pale moon" who has potential in customization since is an "speed optimized browser based on the popular firefox browser" -> http://www.palemoon.org/info.shtml if you're interested and there is some difference in gui between firefox and pale moon but also "under the hood".any way just wanted to say thank you for the portable firefox with the mods and to ask one more question: what is the name of the cookie in the picture http://thekustomizer.deviantart.com/art/cookie1-73042437 (i've been looking at your deviant gallery -not as a stalker or anything like that, just admiring your mods).
ps: i'm curious about how a newer firefox version will look after your "plastic surgery" and i'll probably "bothering" you with other questions about mods but at the moment i'm reading about everything what is on your site.
Reply . december 16, 2013 #1062
thank you very much! (i'm very happy right now) for the portable version; there is also "pale moon" who has potential in customization since is an "speed optimized browser based on the popular firefox browser" -> http://www.palemoon.org/info.shtml if you're interested and there is some difference in gui between firefox and pale moon but also "under the hood".any way just wanted to say thank you for the portable firefox with the mods and to ask one more question: what is the name of the cookie in the picture http://thekustomizer.deviantart.com/art/cookie1-73042437 (i've been looking at your deviant gallery -not as a stalker or anything like that, just admiring your mods).
ps: i'm curious about how a newer firefox version will look after your "plastic surgery" and i'll probably "bothering" you with other questions about mods but at the moment i'm reading about everything what is on your site.
Reply . december 15, 2013 #1061

newer version: yeah i know. they changed a lot of things :( ...but still it is the most customizable browser out there. (i hope it is still!)

3.6.10: http://www.sendspace.com/file/upfsfx
Reply . december 14, 2013 #1060
well i'm more interested in ver 3.6; could you upload an archive with the .jar files or an archive with the entire firefox directory that contains the mods? i want to make a portable version of 3.6 because of some extensions that work only with this version or earlier but i also want to have a minimalistic look like yours (also i think that removing the icons may have a slight performance boost -i could be wrong- but not very visible).i ask for an archive with your mods because the internal structure of a newer firefox is different than the one of 3.6.hope you understand that i'm not trying to make the mods for bragging.thanks in advance.
ps: i understand your frustation with sites that dont work or with friends that are constantly asking: "why aren't you using a updated version"; for those sites/friends i'm using an updated firefox (multiple firefoxes installed on machine).
Reply . december 14, 2013 #1059

it is not just the userchrome.css. a lots of mods inside the jar files. (css, images). i am planning to mod a newer version of firefox. if you can wait.. (i guess at xmass time or later)

i don't want to but i have to. because google drive isn't working anymore. it just stopped working a week ago. :( and other site as well.
Reply . december 12, 2013 #1058
i've been trying to make the browser iconless on my own without many results for some time now then i started searching on the web maybe there is another person with this "crazy" idea and i've found your site (absolutly fantastic site) so my question is: can you post/release the userchrome.css of "firefox 3.6.10 iconless" or a portable version like you did with firefox 2 (btw: the download link is down) ? thanks in advance.
Reply . november 24, 2013 #1057
oh, that? that is part of my active desktop. (simple javascript date script) basically i use a html file as my background. (lots of scripts)
Reply . november 24, 2013 #1056
what is quicknotes and scheduler/sunday,november 24,2013
above your system tray?
Reply . november 24, 2013 #1055
hm.. i only have the time on my clock area. here it is how:
Reply . november 23, 2013 #1054
i changed font,font size and font color in my msstyles/textfile at this location:

font = calibri, 7
textcolor = 123 182 232

to make font in my vs smaller so i have now system tray clock in two lines:first with clock,second is day in week.what did you to yours to show date,all three in first line?
Reply . november 12, 2013 #1053
yeah man, tried that. have tried a few programs, vista glass and theme manager. nothing seems to work. i can get the colours of the windows to change to the themes colours, but the taskbar goes to a weird classic one. the back and forward buttons have changed.
Reply . october 25, 2013 #1052
hi. have you tried this? http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1182141-uxstyle-for-win81-released/

operating system support:
windows xp - windows vista - windows 7 - windows 8 - windows 8.1
Reply . october 24, 2013 #1051
hey, just made the hard decision to upgrade to win7, and im having a bit of difficulty trying to get 3rd party themes installed. can you offer any advice?
Reply . october 09, 2013 #1050
my pc is going to die someday as well and i have to upgrade sooner or later. :( i really like my reshcaked xp and will miss it. :/
Reply . october 08, 2013 #1049
#1047 me again. i'm also rare of the kind. i was using win2k till 2006, and xp till.. now (with your buttonless taskbar path). but few weeks ago my pc gone dead (completely). bought a new one 8cores/16gb ram - xp was too old, now i realized it. tried preinstalled win8 - awful, installed win7. you know its not so bad. found some minimal theme, and voila. but the taskbar, arghh.
Reply . october 07, 2013 #1048
can't do that. i haven't even tried win7. :( (nor vista) without the whole os installed i can't do that. because it needs some trial and error method.

i am too oldschool i guess :d
Reply . october 07, 2013 #1047
can you please make a patch to remove taskbar button icons in win7 x64?
it drives me crazy!!!11 arghhh.

Reply . september 23, 2013 #1046

well.. i don't know. i like the way my whole system looks from the boot up to the actual system. i literally do very few things on my pc. mostly it is watching tv shows, youtube, browsing dating sites, and some forums. oh, and downloading / listening to music. as you can see it is nothing. no games no high-tech mumbo-jumbo fancy things. :d i don't even have smartphone. jeez,, it is 2013!!! (i just don't feel the need for it)
Reply . september 23, 2013 #1045
oops... that was my post.
Reply . september 23, 2013 #1044
you should consider creating a virtual machine with xp on it. that way you could always have xp for light (non-internet use). it is easy to backup too.

beyond that, there are ways to share the image. that would be cool as well.
Reply . july 14, 2013 #1043
i am fine. thx. still using xp, and will be because my needs are very low if it comes to pc. i don't like the look of the new windows and there is no point of switching. not that i liked the xp default view. :d but really i don't feel the need for switching.

there will be time when i have to switch though. but that's ok, and will see what can i do later with win9 or win8.
Reply . july 12, 2013 #1042
thx a lot des. btw how are you now?!
didnt see activity on any member from vp now
Reply . july 11, 2013 #1041
Reply . july 11, 2013 #1040
thats me on anonymous asking for icon, lol didnt know that i can change the name lol
Reply . july 11, 2013 #1039
the new ones, yeahh seems people move to other os
Reply . july 10, 2013 #1038
the old ones or the new ones? (new = http://des.virtualplastic.net/newtrayicons.png )
sorry for the delay, not so many messages these days.
Reply . july 04, 2013 #1037
hi des, would you mind share your icon in tray
Reply . march 16, 2013 #1036
ok. will send in a minute or so. (i deleted your mail address)
Reply . march 16, 2013 #1035
the email id is *snipped* all in lowercase
Reply . march 15, 2013 #1034
i was late and the file is deleted on the server sorry if you can mail me then do it at

Reply . march 05, 2013 #1033
ok, here is the foobar* folder and the shellstyle.dll. (single columnsui + quick search toolbar + track display + playlist dropdown) - yeah, i know. it is not near the latest version of foobar, but hey! i just want to listen music and keep everything neat and simple. that's my motto. :)

Reply . march 05, 2013 #1032
just wanted your shellstyle and f2k theme .i tried your shellstyle 'width=20rp' hack but space left looks black dunno why.thats why i want, what you shellstyle use
Reply . march 03, 2013 #1031

because these tweaks, hacks only (i think) work well (look neat) with a deeply hacked/tweaked system like mine. every apps i use hacked to my iconless system, + the font and style i use. i can't guarantee this neat look on other systems.

i guess the main reason is this. what do you need?
Reply . march 02, 2013 #1030
hey man why dont you release a suit of your stuff not all but like your foobar, tray icons and the shellstyle you use with space left in the left side.
if its a nfr for public if you could provide it to me woul be awesome
Reply . february 02, 2013 #1029

yeah. this vs is precisely tuned to my system, so... btw the font is similar to hexacorp or terminal font.
Reply . january 24, 2013 #1028
hey des. i asked about the vs.i got it but it have some errors considering font they are
not being changed.dunno why.i am currently changing it by using styler
Reply . december 26, 2012 #1027
thanks for quick reply
Reply . december 25, 2012 #1026

in shellstyle.dll there is a line starting with scrollviewer:
scrollviewer id=atom(scroller) sheet=styleref(taskpane) xscrollable=false yscrollable=false layoutpos=left width=20rp

width=20rp - that's the width of that left border spacing.
Reply . december 25, 2012 #1025
how did you got the spacing between the window borders on left side in explorer ad other apps
Reply . december 25, 2012 #1024
unknows boxes are ascii characters
Reply . december 23, 2012 #1023
unknown boxes? interesting.
Reply . december 23, 2012 #1022
a huge fan of your.didn't knew you were active.when i tried yoy paintdesktop mod it worked but after restarting it displays unknown boxes.dunno why.
and i'll lave to have that vs if you could provide
thanks in advance
Reply . december 23, 2012 #1021
a huge fan of your.didn't knew you were active.when i tried yoy paintdesktop mod it worked but after restarting it displays unknown boxes.dunno why.
and i'll lave to have that vs if you could provide
thanks in advance
Reply . december 20, 2012 #1020
des(1019):omg! i never thought of that! thank you sooooooooo much!
Reply . december 13, 2012 #1019

there is a theme editor for xp, i think it's called stylebuilder. you can do with that. or with a resource editor (reshacker, pe explorer). just change the taskbar bitmap to a smaller one. and if it looks somewhat ugly then you can fine tuning it with the sizingmargins and contentmargins in the ini/txt section of the msstyle. taskbar::toolbar.button section.

pe explorer / resource tuner is better for editing msstyle parts if you know what you are doing but it is not freeware. (has trial though).
Reply . december 12, 2012 #1018

awesome site! i too am still using windows xp, and i love it. i want to use a windows 8 theme on my pc, but the good ones i have found all have a large task bar -- something i don't like. i tried unlocking the task bar and changing the height like that, but it wont work. how do i change the height in the msstyle of the theme?
Reply . october 20, 2012 #1017
Reply . october 19, 2012 #1016
the link to the vs doesnt work...mind reuploading it somewhere else
Reply . august 26, 2012 #1015

sorry for the delay. you know it is weekend.... here is the vs http://www.sendspace.com/file/3er934
Reply . august 24, 2012 #1014
i love the vs you use but cant seem to find it anywhere...a link found in the msgboard is also dead....
if its not too much trouble can you upload it somewhere??
thanks :)
Reply . august 15, 2012 #1013

check the bitmap section of the exe. if i remember correctly it can be removed. but there will be an empty space instead of the icon. i am using an older version of mpc-hc btw.

or here is an alternate method:
i added a bitmap and edited the dialog 10021 section. http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/8839/image1hn.png + http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4053/image2gz.png

just use a black / blank image there.
Reply . august 15, 2012 #1012

in mpc when you play a file in the bottom left of the window there is a video or music icon with text beside it "playing" or "pause" etc.

is there any way to remove just the icon? i have had a look through the .exe with reshacker myself, but didnt find anything.


(loving the site btw)
Reply . march 03, 2012 #1011
ok. cool. :)

sometimes i forget to recommend other than reshacker.
asif ghani
Reply . march 02, 2012 #1010
my friend des, i have done it & open win32k.sys on pe explorer & changed it to my own text. its working with pe explorer.
asif ghani
Reply . march 02, 2012 #1009
thanks for quick response, very appreciate u & ur awesome website. :)
Reply . march 02, 2012 #1008
asif ghani(1007):

hi. i don't know what could be the problem, but all my hacks were tested on my sp3 system and works just fine. the problem could be your sp2 here. i have no idea, sorry.

one tip: try to use the same amount of characters in the string table.
asif ghani
Reply . march 01, 2012 #1007
hi ,
i want to ask u about modding win32k.sys file through reshack.
to modify watermark desktop txt of windows xp sp2,

i have done everything, from ur section of custom desktop text

you can enable / disable this text with tweakui > general, or in regedit; hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop > paintdesktopversion. 1 = enable, 0 = disable.

the strings are in win32k.sys file > message table.
210, "windows %ws"
211, "%ws build %ws (%ws)"
the first line is the windows version; windows %ws ( font and size used = caption font ), the second line is the build and service pack number; %ws build %ws (%ws) ( font and size used = menu font)."

when i replace the win32k.sys original file to modded file & restart the computer.after restart i see on desktop, ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ this type of boxes no my custom text :(. anyone tell me or send me modded win32k.sys file

reply pls
Reply . october 13, 2011 #1006

hm. it seems wint's site is down. try google cache.
Reply . october 13, 2011 #1005
hey des,

thanks for the quick response, i think i'll try out this pixamsn, seems like just the job. do you know if wint's site is having problems. every time i go on there and click say, modifications > dialogs, nothing loads. i get the home page but that's about it.

Reply . october 13, 2011 #1004
i mean i successfully removed the menu icons, but the menu height remained the same and that bothered me because i like the compact menus more. i don't want big menu items.
Reply . october 13, 2011 #1003

well. yes, and no. i mean i could reshack the older version of miranda very well. (2-3 years ago) then the msn stopped working. because of some security improvement or something in the msn protocol. then i updated the miranda, but i didn't like the new look of it. (the icons in the menus, etc. i even tried to reshack, but couldn't remove the menu icons and some things. just too many things has changed since.) right after that i switched to hotmail.com > web based msn. (i am casual msn user)

little after that i found a little app called pixamsn. by default it looks bad, but i could reshack it to a very minimal looking app. whit this tiny app you can only chat though. no file sending or anything. only text based chat.


so i stopped using miranda 2-3 years ago.
Reply . october 13, 2011 #1002
hey des,

just switched from trillian to miranda. is there anyway to edit the chat dialog box, checked in reshacker but couldn't seem to find it.

also, is it possible to remove all the icons from the right click menus without replacing them with a blank.ico?
Reply . september 11, 2011 #1001

sorry. i don't know how to do that.
Reply . september 11, 2011 #1000
hi des,

is it possible to activate the thumbnail view of .mov/.mp4 files in windows explorer? google is not much of a help in this case. thanks.
Reply . august 19, 2011 #999
you want to remove the tray icons too?

no empty space on the title because that way it would look bad. so i just replaced the app icons with a custom icon, not just a simple blank icon.

and yes. i removed / altered all the icons almost in all dll / exe files. (that's like 300 dll / exe files in windows + the applications of course) especially title icons, tray icons, dialog icons.

i don't remember where the explorer title icons are located exactly, but it is in shell32.dll. the yellow folder icons. don't remember which icon group though.
Reply . august 18, 2011 #998
thanks for the link your site is full of many hacks/mods(feel like a kid in a candy store), i did the hack -looks fantastic- but was wondering about the tray icons ("there gone" - they are still there but i guess the mod made them invisible) also in the gallery i saw that you don't have that empty space that's from the icon (on some apps like firefox or process explorer that space doesn't exist).btw you mention that you've replaced the title icons, which ones ?(i only know that icons are stored in explorer.exe,shell32.dll,user32.dll); did you replaced all the icons in all the .dll's and .exe's in windows?
Reply . august 17, 2011 #997

taskbar button icon hack

i couldn't find a solution for the title icons, so i just replaced* every applications icon and windows folder icon. *blank icon with text on it. like; ex, ua, etc
Reply . august 16, 2011 #996
hello, i just saw your current desktop and wanted to ask you how did you got rid of the icons in th taskbar and title bar cause i've been searching a lot and didn't find anything.thank you.
Reply . july 25, 2011 #995

i see some things changed in that version. i cant find the correct code snippet for the hack. will try to locate it again later if i have more time for this kind of thing.
Reply . july 25, 2011 #994
this: http://bit.ly/rrdntn
this mod has a black toolbar, customisable seekbar (change colours etc.) and a different volume bar but i prefer the one in your hack.
Reply . july 23, 2011 #993

yeah. beacause the majority of neowin users are using win7 since it came out. what version of mpc?
Reply . july 23, 2011 #992
hi, you seem to be not that active on neowin anymore. i need your help to get the volume bar hack working on mpc-hc be mod. can you tell me what values need to be edited?
Reply . july 19, 2011 #991

i don't know / remember. + i hate pecompact because of this "there is no decompressor for this" kind a thing. try http://legroom.net/software/uniextract

despite when this uniextract gives an error it can decompress some files. i remember i could decompress micro torrent once with this. and micro torrent was pain in the ass to decompress. i mean there was no decompressor at all for that kind of compression. i still use 1.8.1 version of that because of this.
Reply . july 19, 2011 #990
know any unpacker for pecompact 2.x that works?
Reply . july 19, 2011 #989

no fix. at least i don't know how to fix this. :(
Reply . july 19, 2011 #988
perfect. thanks, des.

only the height of the taskbar buttons has changed.
how to fix this?
Reply . july 18, 2011 #987

here it is. http://www.sendspace.com/file/l1jod5 - sorry for the delay. i was just in a bad mood.
Reply . july 18, 2011 #986
when you find out let me know :)
Reply . july 17, 2011 #985

make sure that the image is 16x16px and try it with 16bit, 24bit images. or 8bit if necessary. maybe that is the problem.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #984
hehe, sorry for spamming you.
ah, i see now. when i try to open a .bmp i get an error:
access violation to address 004d7680 in module restuner.exe. write of address 0195ffc0
Reply . july 17, 2011 #983

oh sorry. too much messages on this board these days. :d i just overlooked it. will find it soon.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #982
oh. sorry. my mistake. ehh.. you mean taskbar button? well. that has to be there somewhere as well.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #981
have you discovered what the hex's in explorer i uploaded?

thanks again.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #980

little help:

double click on bitmap, and window will appear. here you can browse for bmp's and u can replace the icons by one by one. don't forget to apply the changes otherwise it will not be saved. then of course ok button, then save the file.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #979
hey, thanks. i have tried both pe explorer and resource tuner, but i still cant see how to change the taskbar icon.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #978

you need to decompress the file first with upx or uniextract.

it will give you an error saying can not decompress but don't worry it will.
now you can open in reshacker. but unfortunately the image and icons are in binary format, so all you can see is codes. (rcdata section)

if you really want to change it the easy way you need a tool called resource tuner or pe explorer. both are shareware apps. but you can try it for 30days or something.
Reply . july 17, 2011 #977
hey, i was wondering if you could try and find the location of the static icon for this program? i have checked app data and i have opened the program up with reshacker with no luck.


Reply . july 17, 2011 #976
hi, des!

i uploaded my explorer for you.

Reply . july 16, 2011 #975


for sp2? i don't remember and i cant find in my hack-log. maybe it is in somewhere in this msg board. i don't know.

if you are using english version, i can upload an original sp3 eng version of explorer.exe. i guess it wont crash or something. or if you want i can upload the hacked version of this. displaying no taskbar icons.
Reply . july 16, 2011 #974
hi, des! congratulations for the work.

two things:

1. what is the hex to remove the icon from taskbar? (for the sp2 version of windows)
2. you can put the vs to download again?

thank you.
Reply . july 15, 2011 #973

good idea. let me know your status on that project because it is interesting. back in 200x i was familiar with macromedia flash, i liked it, but nowadays i dont know much about it.

if you can just make a neat folder manager / explorer in flash, that would be cool.
Reply . july 15, 2011 #972
hi des,

thanks mate! i owe you a beer! this will help me a lot to understand the settings for the vs. once i've reshacked a lot of my system files i'll post some screenshots for you to look at.

by the way, i'm working on a flash exe projector as a replacement for windows explorer (similar to a kiosk application). this means i can use my knowledge of actionscript 3 to create great effects, menus etc. i will run my exe instead of explorer.exe in the registry. it's a project i am starting - i will let you know how i get on. should be good!

thanks again,

Reply . july 15, 2011 #971
Reply . july 14, 2011 #970
hi des,

thanks for the quick reply. that would be great if you could upload the vs. where would you upload it? my email or megaupload/rapidshare?

yeah, i've read through all this site about the hundreds of system files you've hacked. i'm fairly good using reshacker - i've modified various system files in the past month so that wouldn't be a problem.

it's just stylebuilder i'm having trouble with (the settings for exact 1 pixel borders, the margins above and below the caption text etc). if i could see your vs then i can explore the settings you used to get the perfect vs and learn from it!

by the way, you've also inspired me to learn hex editing aswell! :) i would be grateful if you could upload your vs - i love it!! sorry for any inconvenience caused!

köszönöm des. love your work.

Reply . july 14, 2011 #969

at the beginning i used stylebuilder but after that i used reschacker and similar apps to edit the vs. but it is not just the visual style that makes it so neat an minimal. it is the whole system reshacked. (~300 files altered) i mean with the various default xp icons it wouldn't be so nice.

well, i can upload the vs for you but as i said without the altering your system files to match the vs your system wouldn't look like this.
Reply . july 13, 2011 #968

just a quick message to say how grateful i am for this site! i've learnt a lot from my recent visits to this site.

one question - i love your visual style - it's exactly how i'd want mine to look. how did you get your visual style so pixel perfect and precise? was it a mix of reshacking and stylebuilder? you wouldn't possibly be able to post it anywhere for me to take a look at (dimension scripts and all)? if not, i understand.

thanks and keep up the good work!!

Reply . june 09, 2011 #967
janice power(966):

be more specific! where exactly?
janice power
Reply . june 08, 2011 #966
my windows logo is altered to pink and ions and back ground is pinkish. can you hep
Reply . may 04, 2011 #965
well. you could try to install it to a virtual machine first then copy the whole folder to your computer, then try to run it. but i doubt it would run if it needs .net and such things. :(
Reply . may 03, 2011 #964
oh my,

well i never thought the registry hack would be that easy. i found it on the internet and it works perfectly - the installation programs runs. but!!! it demands a lot more programs:
microsoft .net framework 3.0
microsoft windows installer 4.5
windows feature pack for storage (blue-ray)
microsoft media format 11 runtime...

i am afraid my trial video program will literally remain a trial....:-(
Reply . may 03, 2011 #963
hello des,

as you probably remember, i installed xp twice using the shrank iso version of xp made with nlite. yesterday i wanted to install a trial version of sony vegas but got a message that i have to install service pack 3 first. and this would mean more than 300 mb on the hard drive! is there a way to install this program without sp3? maybe a registry hack? any ideas?

Reply . april 23, 2011 #962

browseui.dll, bitmap 545. if i am correct.
Reply . april 22, 2011 #961
hi des,

in an explorer window when you open the folders / search pane you have the title on the left and on the right you have the small x / close button. do you know where this icon is stored or if it can be modified in anyway?

Reply . march 15, 2011 #960
thanks. working like a charm :thumbsup
Reply . march 14, 2011 #959

uhh. sorry. the reg file was the problem. download it again:

this first line was missing: windows registry editor version 5.00
and the windows didn't recognize it correctly without it. should work now. (log off maybe needed after merging the reg file and before applying the html file)
Reply . march 14, 2011 #958
i can't applying this http://des.virtualplastic.net/downloads/various_systeminfos.hta in my desktop (already changed to *.htm)
i already merge the reg file, but i still got "activex" message, can u help me?
Reply . march 13, 2011 #957
well. i know sometimes this msgboard can mess up the links so i can't see the picture. just tell me what is wrong.
Reply . march 13, 2011 #956
Reply . march 13, 2011 #955
hey des, i want to ask u
why i always get this message? http://photoserver.ws/images/cz8q4d7c377600c98.jpg
i already merge the reg file, but i still get that message
and nothing changed in my desktop, but if i apply this http://des.virtualplastic.net/htmldesk.htm my desktop changed succesfulliy, but when i applying this http://des.virtualplastic.net/downloads/various_systeminfos.hta
nothing changed in my desktop

please help me
Reply . march 13, 2011 #954
ow i don't know that, lol
Reply . march 12, 2011 #953

well. i didnt do anything :) but i fixed the problem anyway. the capical "c" and "a" letter was the problem in the link.
Reply . march 12, 2011 #952
thanks, now that link worked
Reply . march 12, 2011 #951
hey this link is dead

can u reupload that?
Reply . february 24, 2011 #950

hmm... remove the target="_blank" or change it to target="_new" and see what happens.
Reply . february 24, 2011 #949
i'm using the html links as follows http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/tue on my active desktop but each link opens a new ie window. is there a way to have it so when i click on the link in my active desktop, that it will open up in a tab of ie ?
Reply . february 22, 2011 #948

if it is a color, it is easy, because basically i just look for the hex color codes. (using color picker to grab the hex color value) and if there are more colors you can see some scheme in it. in this example most of the color values are separated by 00e9.

sometimes it is trial and error indeed but i "know" where to look for. so it is not just random hex editing. i mean a disassembler is a big help here even if sometimes i dont know what does it mean exactly that i see but it gives me clues about where to find certain things and what to change.

Reply . february 22, 2011 #947
thanks for that des works a treat.

any chance of doing a tutorial on how you go about finding these values in files (.dll .exe etc...) or is it a case of trial and error?
Reply . february 18, 2011 #946
oh. i forgot to mention that those hex values represent the hex values of the colors. like #0342c6 (blue) just without the # sign.
Reply . february 18, 2011 #945

ok. i have it figured out how to alter the windows security center colors. the images / icons are in the wscui.cpl and the text and textlinks (href) are in the xpsp2res.dll's string sections. hovewer to change the colors you need to hexedit the wscui.cpl.

unfortunately i cant find the blue top strip gradient color. :( maybe later.

hex 0342c6 at offset 6ac8: bottom blue strip color
hex eff3fe at offset 68b1: left panel bg color and resources title gradient end color
hex eff3ff at offset 69d9: firewall box bg color and firewall title box gradient end color
hex 799eda at offset 6904: resources box border
hex bdcaea at offset 69bd: firewall box border
hex fff5e7 at offset 6a29: auto updates box bg color and its title gradient end color
hex ? at offset 6a1b: auto updates title gradient start color
hex fff5e3 at offset 69ff: virus protection box bg color and its title gradiend end color
hex 2118d5 at offset 68c8: resources box text color
hex f1c714 at offset 69f1: virus prot. title gradient start color
hex c3d6ff at offset 69cb: firewall title bg color and its gradient start color
hex e7c597 at offset 69e3: auto upd. + virus prot. box border color
hex c6d7fe at offset 691b: resources title box gradient start color
hex 74a1ff at offset 6a40: thin line under the header strip gradient color 1 - left/right
hex d3e1ff at offset 6a57: thin line under the header strip gradient color 2 - center
hex 1e3962 at offset 683c: security essentials text color + manage security text color
Reply . february 16, 2011 #944

i dont know. if you find the correct files it could be hacked i guess. i never tried it because my first thing after a clean windows install is to disable and remove system restore and security center and its files. (among other unused files and apps)

wscui.cpl is the security center control panel file and it is called by the wscntfy.exe which sits in the systray. however there are no ini / uifiles in these files. but it has to be somewhere.

i will take a look at it later to see if i can find the needed file.

about the system restore:

in this file there are html files which can be customized to your likings.
Reply . february 15, 2011 #943
hey des,

is there anyway to hack / mod the windows security center and the system restore?

Reply . february 12, 2011 #942

if cpu reaches 100% it will only display a single cell orange table.
Reply . february 11, 2011 #941
Reply . february 11, 2011 #940

use http://www.heypasteit.com if you want to paste code snippets.
Reply . february 11, 2011 #939
not completely useless, it does work when desktop is loaded, and as long as i don't close outlook it works fine. i always have outlook running while working, however sometimes i close it on accident. when that happens its creates the problem. ok so i will write the sctipt to check if outlook.exe is running and that should fix that problem. thanks. one other problem; for my cpu utlization i have used a combination of the disk script to create a bar graph for cpu utilization. everything is working swell, except when my cpu hits 100% (happens when my pos laptop has to many heavy apps open (visio and google earth are hogs)). when my cpu is at 100% my bar graph shows 50%.

function cpustatus()

set colitems = objwmiservice.execquery("select * from win32_processor", "wql", wbemflagreturnimmediately + wbemflagforwardonly)

for each objitem in colitems

cpuwidth = 100 - objitem.loadpercentage

cpustatus = "
" & "cpu utilization: " & objitem.loadpercentage & "%"

end function
Reply . february 05, 2011 #938
hmm... if i read this correctly this will only work if the document (desktop) is loaded. that is not good. i guess you want it to check in every x sec if outlook.exe is running, right? that means you need to write a refresh rate for that script too.. :)

so it will checks ever x sec if outlook is running or not. not just when desktop is loaded. that would be pointless and unusable.
Reply . february 05, 2011 #937

if you use 2 different scripts you should do something like this. (i guess)

function refresh1()
document.all.mail.innerhtml = getmail()
end function

function refresh2()
document.all.cpu.innerhtml = cpumonitor()
end function

function window_onload()
call setinterval("refresh1()",5000)
call setinterval("refresh2()",1000)
end function


about crashing the script while not running outlook.
you need to add an if-else statement, so if outlook.exe is not running do nothing, else do this.

here is a script http://rajasekharmatam.blogspot.com/2008/06/simple-vb-script-to-check-if.html

and you can use the parts of this script that checks if the app is running. in this case it is taskmgr.exe. change it to outlook.exe or whatever. then there is "msgbox "application is already running!" 'you can replace this with "

delete this whole line and add here your "function getmail() - and everything in beetween - end function" - your whole mailcheck script

then locate "msgbox "go ahead!application is not running" 'you can replace this with "
then delete it or i guess you can just remove all this following part:

if strfoundprocess = false then
msgbox "go ahead!application is not running" 'you can replace this with reporter.reportevent
end if

Reply . february 05, 2011 #936
woops, here is the script

'----------mail checker script ---------------
set objoutlook = createobject("outlook.application")
set mynamespace = objoutlook.getnamespace("mapi")

function getmail()

mycount = mynamespace.getdefaultfolder(6).unreaditemcount

getmail = "unread mail:" & "(" & mycount & ")" & "
end if

end function

function refresh()
document.all.mail.innerhtml = getmail()
end function

function window_onload()
call setinterval("refresh()",5000)
end function

document.write "" & getmail() & ""
Reply . february 05, 2011 #935

ok so i got the cpu monitor working, but my problem now is how do i have two scripts running with two different refresh rates on my active desktop. i want my cpu monitor to refresh every 2 seconds and the disk every 10 seconds.

also i created a mail checker script, everything work except the same problem with different refresh rates, for this one i use 5 seconds. also the other thing i can figure out is, if i don't have outlook running when the script starts it works fine, if i already have out look running it works fine. but if i close outlook while this script is running on my active desktop it craps out. here is the script any suggestions?

Reply . february 03, 2011 #934

yes, i think you were on the right path. just the msgboard messed up the code and can't see the rest of it.

here is the cpu script. http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/sor
basically the actual cpu % is the width of the orange table column and the script displays it as it changes.
Reply . february 03, 2011 #933
yep i got the hdd script working, i had just cut too much out. thanks for the link with it pared down to just one drive.

as for the cpu utilization script that updates and uses a graph like the hdd script, yeah i think i still want to give it a go. i could dial it back some by adjusting the polling period, once i have a working one.

so am i close to a working version with what i pasted below? its hard to read cause the broweser rendered some of the script. basically i tried to use part of your driveinfo script along with the part on cpu utilization from your "various_systeminfos" script. any help would be much appreciated.
Reply . february 03, 2011 #932

hdd info script: it should work.

but i updated the driveinfo package with a single drive script. using only one hdd or partition. - hdd_data_rounded_and_graph-single-drive.htm
use this for testing because it is more simple to see through and understand the code.


if it still doesnt work it might be a security issue. or something to do with the ie7 engine. i dont know but try it with in ie7. it works on ie6. just you need to enable the active content. it will ask for it in ie7 too, i guess.


so, you want to create a hybrid script? :) it could be done but it might be not a good idea because updating the cpu time in every sec will slow down the computer. :( i tried that. but if you still want to make it i can help.
Reply . february 03, 2011 #931
i'm trying to piece together a couple of the scripts i'm taking the disk graph scritp and trying to use the cpu utilization script. i'm using this on active desktop to try and get the cpu utilization to graph like the disk utlilization script. i'm stuck here:

function getdata()

set objwmiservice = getobject( "winmgmts://root/cimv2" )

set colitems = objwmiservice.execquery("select * from win32_processor", "wql", _
wbemflagreturnimmediately + wbemflagforwardonly)

width1 = objitem.loadpercentage

cpu_graphstatus = "

getdata = "
cpu utilization %: " & "
" & cpu_graphstatus &"
end function

function refresh()
document.all.upd.innerhtml = getdata()
end function

function window_onload()
call setinterval("refresh()",1000)
end function

for each objitem in colitems
document.write "" & getdata() & ""
Reply . february 03, 2011 #930
i'm trying to piece together a couple of the scripts i'm taking the disk graph scritp and trying to use the cpu utilization script. i'm using this on active desktop to try and get the cpu utilization to graph like the disk utlilization script. i'm stuck here:
Reply . february 02, 2011 #929
i'm using the hard drive info script for active desktop. i'm getting the followig error:

"object does not support this property or method:
'document.all.upd.innerhtml' "

the section i believe its reverencing is:

function refresh()
document.all.upd.innerhtml = getdata()
end function

function window_onload()
'if (isie7) then
call setinterval("refresh()",60000)
'end if
end function

i changed it from isie4 to isie7 since i have ie7 installed on my computer.
Reply . january 19, 2011 #928

sorry. i use notepad2. ask around on notepad++ forums. maybe somebody can help you. http://sourceforge.net/projects/notepad-plus/forums
Reply . january 19, 2011 #927
hello des,

i installed xp twice using the 180 mb small nlite version of my xp home. it went like a charm. my c:/windows folder was only 666 mb small. installation took me 15 minutes! now this was fun. no i have a question about notepad++. if i recall properly you use it, don't you? well i have been working on my winamp skin which is almost ready and looks great. skinning winamp means not only the design of all png-files but also coding xml- and .m-files.
a .m-file looks like a c++ program which must be compiled to a .maki-file (make a killer interface). i use for that a small program which comes within a winamp development suite. so what i do is:

- open notepad++
- open a .m file
- change things, save
- run a .batch file which is linked to my program which compiles the file.

in the notepad++ program there is an option "run a program". when i choose my .bat-file to compile my .m-file nothing happens. do you have any experiences with that run option? it would be much easier for me if i could compile all those files within notepad instead looking for my batch-link-files. i know there is this program editplus, which can do both (edit and compile) but it's shareware. thanks....
Reply . january 19, 2011 #926

rebuild the iconcache with tweakui or delete the iconcache.db file manually, then restart. if it is still there it could be in an another dll.
Reply . january 19, 2011 #925
thats what i thought, i replaced three icon groups in shell32.dll (37, 329 and another one). then i restarted, and nothing. icon is still there.
Reply . january 16, 2011 #924
date and time in single line? i dont know. try using a very small pixel font and try to use short date/time format. other than that i dont know hot to force it to have all in a single line. :(
Reply . january 16, 2011 #923

the applications/programs icon is in shell32.dll. (if i am correct.) replace it with a blank icon or delete it.
Reply . january 16, 2011 #922
damn, i forgot about the vs :p
thanks for the answer
Reply . january 15, 2011 #921
hey man,

few questions,

1. is there a way to move the date and day into a single line of the taskbar?

2. how do i remove this icon?: http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/4440/86718674.jpg
i have tried to go into properties and replace it with an transparent icon file

3. can you recommend a decent lightweight firewall / virus protector thing?
Reply . january 15, 2011 #920

you can't change the status font color using the windows classic style. but using a visualstyle it is possible.
Reply . january 14, 2011 #919

i want to ask a question here..
how to change the status bar font color of windows explorer?
i used a small program called 3dcc to change the ui colors
but there are no option for it.. :(

thanks.. ^^

Reply . january 08, 2011 #918

i guess it would be easy if i just can find the correct resource for that. but it seems it is hardcoded into somewhere. :(
Reply . january 08, 2011 #917

oh.. i dont know if it was that hard
thanks for the answer btw
Reply . january 08, 2011 #916

sorry, i can't remove that bar. i tried couple of times but i couldn't.
Reply . january 07, 2011 #915
sorry for not checking last time...
it's been solved, thanks
i'm using litestep btw,
and at that time i dont know if ls has that kind of feature...

okay i want to ask a question here..
i dont know how to say it, so
please take a look at this screenshot : http://j.imagehost.org/0223/untitled.jpg
could you tell me how to remove that thing? 'folders' text, close caption, and its bar?

thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated..
Reply . december 20, 2010 #914

as far is i know that is not possible with hack. the system shortcuts (and its path) are hardcoded to the windows. the only thing i can change is the hotkeys for refresh (f5), rename file (f2) and some other ones.

if you want to use something like that you can only do it with autohotkey or other hotkey application.
Reply . december 20, 2010 #913
first thing, i want to say a big thank you
for making this wonderful site
i've learned a lot from it

okay, now i want to ask something
is there a way to change the windows' global shortcut?
change the win+r to open ms. office instead of run box, etc

thanks in advance...
Reply . november 23, 2010 #912
oh i see. i think you can delete it, because if you change your mind later, those languages can be restored and added new ones later. i guess, because i am not 100% sure. honestly, i dont know.
Reply . november 23, 2010 #911
please have a look at this: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zsbvpn

Reply . november 23, 2010 #910

well... languages? you mean mui? (multilingual user interface) that is for changing the language of the ui in xp. you can delete it. in xp sp3, i had mui folder with a bunch of subfolders and dlls in it. i deleted it because i only use english. but thats not was the complete mui because mui is like 100mb and you have to download it from microsoft. (and you can only install on english windows)

or what language file do you refer to?

i am pc guy also. dont like the mac because you cant customize it the way you can with windows. at least i havent see a well customized mac yet. all the mac looks the same. (according to screenshots i have seen)
Reply . november 23, 2010 #909
hello des,

i gave nlite a try and i regret now i have not used it before. nlite shrinks the xp size from 545 mb into a 227 mb (!) small image file. i hope installing windows using this image (iso) will also be fun as it was making it. but there is still something i am not very sure if i may delete it: languages. well i am aware of the fact that i need fonts (so i can type a message to you :-), and also keyboard-layouts (so my laptop knows what letter to put on the display when i hit "p") but what do i need languages for? does firefox and the internet web pages need them? (like japanese, chinese or arabic?). it is nice to see text in foreign languages being showed properly on you tube for example even if i do not understand a word (instead of ascii signs or strange rectangles)
in a nutshell: may i delete them and if yes which?

p.s. a note to our "discussion" about windows7 i got from a guy who participates in skinconsortium (skins for winamp): "i've made the switch from pc to mac and rarely use my notebook. the notebook is with intel core 2 duo processor and 512mb dedicated video card, 4gb memory, and lacks performance. it is just ridiculous how demanding windows os (and most of its software) is these days. if you ever get a chance to switch to mac do it."
i doubt it i will ever switch from pc to mac since "i am a pc" but having such a laptop and windows xp would really speed up things here nicely. would xp run on such a modern dualcore machine at all des?
Reply . november 17, 2010 #908
i like grey. (and of course all shades of black and white) :) looks ok, but it is not my style. good luck making your own styles. (vs, winamp, etc) it is fun to create your own design. but it is time consuming as well. but good work takes time.

i know it because all my hacks, tweaks and designs took a huge amount of time.
Reply . november 17, 2010 #907
hi des,

may i show you my very first skin i made for winmap? i just have had enough of downloading a bunch of skins every week to just find out they are not what i would like to have on my desktop. it's here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6v4r9b.

feel free to make comments, i only can learn from you. by the way, this is still a fake skin what means that you look at a huge svg-file (made with inkscape) and over 35 layers. as soon as i am 100 % happy with that look i will convert it from svg into png files and try to get it run. this will be the point where the troubles will start. oh my... as soon as winamp gets his new look, i will change the skins for rainmeter as well and make new visual style. finally all graphics made by myself. :-) wooohooo!

p.s. please sit back while opening this file - i purposefully made it bigger than the standard skins since i am tired of searching all those puny, tiny buttons and letters on the display. in case i should change mind and would like to have it smaller a bit this will be done withing 3 seconds: ctrl+a all layers and resize it! finished :-)
Reply . november 07, 2010 #906

the color of the border you want to change is could be hardcoded in to the dll / exe. (most likely it is). it could be changed though. (hexeditor). but could be hard to locate the correct hex values.
Reply . november 07, 2010 #905
hi des,

would you please have a look at this: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vmbccq
Reply . november 04, 2010 #904
hello des,

just a short note: the last posts were also from me, i must have forgotten to put my nick name in the name field.

well, being honest i have been thinking about upgrading to windows 7 since i might "loose the contact" what's up-to-date. imagine sitting in a internet-café and waiting for the 60 year-old guy to help you since you have no idea how to open this file or get this downloaded on a win7 machine. embarrassing and painful would it be! :-(

on the other side i still try to stay rational:
1) what does windows7 can do what my xp cannot?
2) this candy/glass look might be fun in the first days - i bet you would get rid of it in the next months.
3) i am not willing to spend 1000 € for a new laptop/computer in order to (just) have windows7! i've had a closer look at a sony laptop recently - with 8 gb (!) memory and 500 gb (!!!) hard drive! how long would it take to clean/format/run a anti-virus program on that drive?!!
my first laptop had only 30 gb hard drive and i never, i repeat i never got it full! now i have 80 gb and still more than half of it is still free. by the way i could not just buy win7 and install it on my hp laptop - would never work.
4) the fact that you have more than 40.000 files in 10.000 folders in winsxs folder is just ridiculous!
5) and correct me if i'm wrong but is there a xp simulation option in win7 so you still can run your "oldies but goldies" programs? now this just does not make sense to me!

in a nutshell des, if there was a light version of win7 which would fit on a cd or at least would run properly and fast on my old fashioned hp laptop i admit i'd get it. but buying a new computer in order to have new operation system is not what i'm planning to do right now.
cheers merlin

Reply . november 03, 2010 #903

what about win7? have you tried it yet? what is your first thoughts and opinion? as you are still xp user like me, i am curious what do you think about it. :)

i will be one of the last xp user, i guess. and this tells you everything about my opinion. ehh. my main problem is the gui, how things look like and things that were removed, changed. i just dont like it. and the other thing is the xx gb need for the space on hdd.
Reply . november 02, 2010 #902

4. yeah. strange. i dont know why.
5. unfortunately no. the only way to do it is the desktop.ini tweak. as far as i know.
6. what gallery? you mean the 18+? :)
Reply . november 02, 2010 #901
and another yes! and another thanks! no more boring explorer backgrounds. my short experience with that hack so far:

1) it does not work in every folder (like c:\windows desktop.ini hack is needed here)
2) i changed all of them (photo, music, video) and they work fine
3) i tried to save a wallpaper as a 8 bit bitmap - nope...nothing happens.
4) in my shellstyle.dll i downloaded from deviantart (with that blue bottom panel) those pictures were 24 bit (with 16 millions colors!). but i could not use a 8 bit wallpaper - kinda strange huh? let me get deeper into this soon
5) there is still another option besides: photo, music or video. it's standard background (white) for documents - for all kind of files. is there a place in the shellstyle where i could place my bitmap to get rid of that white background?
6) now this (!) is a nice gallery at noob.hu......wooohooo :-)
Reply . november 02, 2010 #900
you can do that by changing the folder bitmaps in shellstyle.dll (the music, photo, etc image that appears in the right bottom corner of the explorer window)
the only problem you cant use 16million colors in the bitmaps. only 8bit 256colors if i am not mistaken.

here is screenshot: http://noob.hu/2010/11/02/untitled.png
i used 1280x1024 image. 8bit/256 color or something like that.
Reply . october 30, 2010 #899
... and i tried this the hard way. and this would mean this: while opening a new folder there is this option about its content. for example this would be a folder for my new photographs. and by choosing this i would see automatically this picture bitmap in the right bottom corner of the white explorer background. so i thought to myself: all i have to do is replace this bitmap in the shellstyle.dll with a new one and always choose this option for my new folder (and all subfolders). so i replaced this bitmap with one which is 1280x800 pixels so it would fit my desktop in case i would maximize explorer. and??? nothing. niente. nada. :-( won't work. the new bitmap must not be bigger that the standard one, i'm afraid.
Reply . october 30, 2010 #898

once i tried this, and didnt work. :( i used the res protocol calling a resource from a dll, (icon, bitmap, etc) but nothing. (or i did something wrong)

more about this res protocol:
Reply . october 30, 2010 #897
wait, wait des... i know how to change the window color in explorer. and i know how to change this white background into a bitmap modifying the desktop.ini. would it be possible to put a new resource into shellstyle.dll - a bitmap file for the background of every folder - to be more precisely. so every time i would make a brand new folder this bitmap would be the background. a standard bitmap background for a standard folder. what do you think?
Reply . october 30, 2010 #896
yes! :-) thanks.
Reply . october 30, 2010 #895

basically you want that border and the bottom shellstyle panel at the same time. i think it is the shellstyles's border, which in this case is not visible / used.

here duilistview [id=atom(listview)]

add @this@ or alter the existing one.
borderthickness: rect(1rp,1rp,1rp,1rp);
bordercolor: red;

// help
rect(left,top,right,bottom); + rgb color code like rgb(238,242,251);
using this example you will have a red 1px border around the listview / iconview.
Reply . october 30, 2010 #894
hi des,

i have been using this altered shellstyle.dll with that windows7-like-bottom-panel which i really like. now i found out that there is a nice border/frame around my icons background if i change the view of the left panel in my explorer (normally either the standard view or treeview with all those icons). as you can see here http://www.sendspace.com/file/biquow i neither use the normal view nor the tree view. do you know how to combine the border/frame and the bottom panel so i would have both?
Reply . october 20, 2010 #893
yeah. i fixed the url: this one works
Reply . october 20, 2010 #892
hey des! this site "coolxp" is fine. i just grabbed the tutorial and all those pretty bitmaps. as always:nagyon köszönöm :-)
Reply . october 20, 2010 #891
may i ask if you also still have the images from this tutorial? geocities, where all the bitmaps were stored, is not available anymore..:-(
Reply . october 20, 2010 #890

there is a link to a shellstyle tutorial on my tutorials page, but it seems that it is offline. :( but i have a copy of that. here it is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rpc1y7

the shellstyle.dll in system32 folder is for windows classic. the shellstyle.dll in the vs folder is for when you use a visual style.

the difference is that the one in system32 folder has a basic ui, without graphics. to fit the windows classic look. however the one in the vs folder has more style, graphics, colors.
Reply . october 19, 2010 #889
hi there again... :-)
there is a tutorial on your homepage about altering the logonui.exe. can i learn from that how to change the shellstyle.dll? do you know a tutorial about this stuff? by the way: where is the difference between the shellstyle.dll in c:\windows\system32 and in my visual style folder? is this one in my visual style folder just the newer version?
Reply . october 16, 2010 #888
oh no des, this is not necessary, not regarding this small issue.. thanks for the offer though...
Reply . october 15, 2010 #887
well. i dont know. if you send me the msstyle, i can take a look at it and can do my own testing later.
Reply . october 15, 2010 #886
hey des,

well as you can see here http://www.sendspace.com/file/kadhwq i ran some tests using different visual styles and different registry values for mindepth. i failed every time. i do believe you that this strange "lines,dots" must have something to do with my visual style, too bad i don't know what. and increasing the left contenmargin value moves not only the text but also the icon out of the button area. and if you have a close look at the text you will see that the text color is actually white with blue anti-aliasing dots. finally i changed the fonts from tahoma to blank, what was a good idea. too bad a bunch of text on other spots disappeared :-(.

Reply . october 14, 2010 #885
i dont know then. i never encountered this when i tried this tweak. is it the case only with a vs? and with classic? and with another taskbar width? like 50 or 67?

it must be the vs you are using.
Reply . october 14, 2010 #884
unfortunately not des! this lines/dots are still there after changing both content and sizing margins. and if you look closer at them here :http://www.sendspace.com/file/k2iuwx you can easily see that they are blue and the taskbarbuttonfontcolor is white. isn't it? yep, it is.
Reply . october 14, 2010 #883
oh i see. i guess it can be fixed by changing the margin/padding values in taskbar button text. (by giiving it higher value. in the msstyle). [taskband::toolbar] or something taskbar related stuff.

the wide left border in my explorer windows? thats a shellstyle.dll hack.
Reply . october 14, 2010 #882
please have a look at this:

p.s. did you hack some files on your system so you have this wide left border in so many windows or is it just a change in the msstyles file?
Reply . october 14, 2010 #881

try 19px then or 18. what line btw?
Reply . october 13, 2010 #880
hello des,

i tried to make the task-bar-buttons as short as possible so i would have only the icons without text. i changed the value of "minwidth" in the "windowsmetris" to 20. it works fine but i have a line/stroke on the right side of the icon. do you know how to get rid of it?
Reply . october 06, 2010 #879
interesting. i can download byblos too.
Reply . october 06, 2010 #878
...would you please correct your downloads part of your homepage so we also can get the byblos.dll file...at the moment it is still forbidden to get there.
Reply . october 05, 2010 #877

:d hehe
Reply . october 05, 2010 #876
nagyon köszönöm :-)
Reply . october 05, 2010 #875
it was the capitalized "c" and the "a" letter in the name that caused the problem. + the usage of "text-transform: capitalize" in my css.
Reply . october 05, 2010 #874

i have no idea. it is there, on the server. and yesterday, i clicked on the link and it was ok. strange. here it is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/26qzkl
Reply . october 04, 2010 #873
"not found

the requested url /downloads/contextaware.zip was not found on this server.

additionally, a 404 not found error was encountered while trying to use an errordocument to handle the request"

.... since years all hackers of the world have been staring at this message. and now i am...:-(

any idea des why? :-)
Reply . october 04, 2010 #872

1, 2. sorry, i don't know how to fix that.

in the hungarian language there are characters like; á,é,ö,ő,ó,ű,ü. and i just hate them in any text, any font. i prefer english everywhere. i always did. this is why i use english windows and english interface / language everywhere. i cant stand hungarian... :d funny, but true.

these characters look bad with this standard font, but since i only see them in some hungarian wepages title, i dont care too much.
Reply . october 04, 2010 #871
hi des,

do you know where i still can get the contextaware program? and i have two questions about deleting context menu entries using reshacker.

1) i deleted "maximize, minimize, move" from the user32.dll so now i have only what i always need "close" in my taskbar button contextmenu. the problem is - i can neither maximize, nor minimize, nor move any window on the desktop. deleting a menuitem in the user32.dll deactivates the same function of a window. do you know how to shorten the context and still have the functionality of my windows on the desktop?

2) i did the same to the right click menu in shell32.dll - for example with that view for files/folders. now i only have thumbnail, tiles and list on the top of my menu. but since then the "view" icon in the open-dialog won't work anymore. the right click menu in that pop up window works fine - only the icon is dead.

p.s. the standard 0755 looks great as long as you use only latin characters. not so good while having ä, ü, ö or ß in your text :-(. (is this the reason why you run the english version of xp? since you have such letters too in hungarian language, don't you?)
Reply . september 22, 2010 #870
in graphite msgina.dll, dialog 20100
Reply . september 22, 2010 #869

oh. sorry. the code is below is for the original xp msgina.dll, not for my graphite dialog. ehh. the buttons are bitmaps. you can rename it to hibernate
Reply . september 22, 2010 #868

you can reshack it (permanent) - i assume you want this option, but here is an other option to do something like that. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;893056

msgina.dll > dialog 20100
help is here: http://paste-it.net/public/h9f101d/

Reply . september 22, 2010 #867
hi, how can i change the stand by log off option in the graphite turn off dialogue to say hibernate?
Reply . september 19, 2010 #866
any good font editor is capable to do it.
i used stylebuilder only a couple of times. i dont know. but with resource tuner, you can add new lines / edit text files. (30 days trial app) + reshacker to add images.

eudcedit? never used it.

here is my font versions: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rpn6hw
my system font is "hack3" and my menu is one of the "menu" font. but i use some of it somewhere else too. (i.e. taskbar active / pushed state, etc)
Reply . september 19, 2010 #865
p.s. do you know how to copy the standard 0755 letters and make a new font file (capitals) using the microsoft program eudcedit.exe?
Reply . september 19, 2010 #864
hi des,

do you know a font editor i could use to make standard 0755 to look like yours? i downloaded font editor but the trial version won't save the changes. i installed xp twice and would like to give a try some new ideas. ( so now i have this "do not touch version" and "playground") :-)
by the way...do you know hoe to insert new lines in stylebuilder? (like imagefile and so on?)
Reply . september 16, 2010 #863

sorry for the delay. (my hdd just died. along with my "hack" tester os. i cant help you now, because i have no idea about that. make sure your settings in the ini or xml file is correct. you know the one that used by the stylebuilder and the vs.)

fortunately my minxp system hdd is fine. phew. :)
Reply . september 15, 2010 #862
well, i changed the fillcolor and the framecolor of the combobox using stylebuilder. but there is still a white box behing the text.


any idea where it comes from?
Reply . september 15, 2010 #861

unfortunately the window color, the treeview bgcolor, and the address bgcolor is connected to each other. i dont know if i can find only the addressbar and change its color. i have tried to find the addressbar before, but it is well hidden somewhere. :(
Reply . september 15, 2010 #860
hello des, please have a look at this:

http://www.sendspace.com/file/4k3mgl. thanks
Reply . september 14, 2010 #859
i've been doing some research on my own and it appears comctl32.dll is the one in charge of the ui controls. i guess that or uxtheme.dll
Reply . september 14, 2010 #858
yes, you are right. it is not explorer.exe. more like shell32 / user32 or comctl32.dll
Reply . september 14, 2010 #857
i still have my doubts about explorer.exe, i mean, applications don't rely on explorer.exe to draw these styles. try it yourself, kill explorer.exe and open any application, of-course use win + r to invoke them. i think user32.dll might be it, since whatever settings is changed when switching to visual style only affects the current user and not all.
Reply . september 14, 2010 #856
according to winspector it is syslistview32 control, and owner is explorer.exe. but could be invoked by an other dll inside the explorer.exe. and surprisingly it has no clientedge or staticedge ex style. at least it doesnt show.

however i checked with an other syslistview (an ftp program) and that has the clientedge ex style. but not the explorer.exe window. interesting.
Reply . september 14, 2010 #855

not necessarily. however it might be the shell32.dll, or user32.dll or other. i dont know for sure. but if we find the correct dll and the listview control which renders the listview os wide, then we hack it, it will be changed everywhere. (in explorer and in every apps)
Reply . september 14, 2010 #854
an explorer hack? and you mean by that explorer.exe? doesn't that just change the file manager settings?
Reply . september 14, 2010 #853

the one hack alternative would be an explorer hack. why does it take so long to find it? open any exe or dll in a disassembler and you will see. hard to find exactly that you want to change. even in this page i have some accidentally discovered hack. i wanted to change something, and i ended up changing a completely different thing. :d hehe

even reshacking every apps isn't a good option, because some of the apps just aren't really "reshacker friendly". (hardcoded parts in the file)
Reply . september 14, 2010 #852
nevermind, windows classic doesn't have ws_ex_clientedge, it uses ws_ex_staticedge instead. sorry, it's just difficult to try and figure out which is which when these are so small and close together.
Reply . september 13, 2010 #851
actually, windows classic does have it. it is really hard to tell because it uses $3dshadow$ and $3dlight$ for it's border. i'm just looking for a way to edit it in stylebuilder, but i don't think there is any option that let's you edit extended styles.
Reply . september 13, 2010 #850
yes, it seems that the extended style ws_ex_clientedge is the problem. and windows classic doesn't have it. reshacking every application is not my thing, tell me more about that "1 hack" alternative, and why do you think it would take that long?
Reply . september 13, 2010 #849
the frames around windows/dialogs scrollbars, etc also can be modified in the visualstyle. and also the header items. just modify the correct bitmaps and/or contentmargins + sizingmargins.

there might be limitations though. i have never tried it to remove. i dont know if you can remove it completely from non explorer windows.

that border could be the ws_ex_clientedge or ws_ex_staticedge extended style.
http://i51.tinypic.com/149axzk.png (you can see it with controlspy. choose listview, and change the extended style)

and how to change that? well, you could reshack every applications you have. :d sure there is an easy "1 hack" (with hexeditor) alternative for that, but finding it could take weeks, months. :(
Reply . september 13, 2010 #848
i guess that would be a workaround for explorer, but i was really hoping a solution that would also work on all list-boxes, so that all windows would not have it. anyways, i had another question. in your screen-shots, you managed to reduce the height of the header items, how did you do that?
Reply . september 12, 2010 #847
oh, forgot this.
sometimes the shell32.dll uifile3's content can be found in the shellstyle.dll uifile1. in that case, you need to modify there.
Reply . september 12, 2010 #846
if you set the left panel's width to 0, you can get rid of the left panel and keep the borderless look you want. you can do it by modifying the uifile3 in shell32.dll.

set the width to 0rp in this line:
scrollviewer id=atom(scroller) sheet=styleref(taskpane) layoutpos=left xscrollable=false width=210rp
Reply . september 12, 2010 #845
also, since modifying the shell-style has no effect on list-view for other windows or dialogs. could it be possible using stylebuilder or maybe doing some reshacking/disassembling and that stuff?
Reply . september 12, 2010 #844
oh i see, under folder options, i had it set to "use windows classic folders." i changed it back to use common folders and that seems to get rid of the border;however, i'd like to know if there is a workaround when set to "use windows classic folders." or maybe getting rid of the panel by modifying the shellstyle.
Reply . september 11, 2010 #843
in your last screenshot there is no sign of any "shellstyling". i mean the left bar with the 3 divided parts is missing. (file and folder tasks, other places, details)

maybe your msstyle you working on does'nt use the shellstyle.dll. or it has an error inside of it therefore it just dont display it or something like that.
Reply . september 11, 2010 #842
i provided you with two screenshots,the first one is luna and the second one i'm working on is a visual style. like you said, i edited the shellstyle inside c:\windows\resources\themes\classic(that's how i named it)\shell\normalcolor\shellstyle.dll
Reply . september 11, 2010 #841
i meant my hack would remove that white border.

anyway. you forgot to mention that you use windows classic now. (do you? in this new screenshot it looks like win classic) however your previous screenshot was win xp luna with normal color. when you use windows classic the shellstyle.dll you need is located in system32 folder!!! dont confuse me like that. :d because diferrent style requires different dll's.

one again.
using windows classic: you need to hack shellstyle.dll in system32 folder.
using the default xp luna style: shellstyle.dll in the c:\windows\resources\themes\luna\shell\normalcolor or
c:\windows\resources\themes\luna\shell\metallic or
depending on what xp style you choose.

if you use a custom msstyle file, then its own shellsyle.dll is need to be hacked.
i hope that helps now.
Reply . september 11, 2010 #840
the white border is part of the list-view, or window. what do you mean you removed it? both the scroll-bar and the list-view header are both 1px apart. sorry i'm not being very clear, maybe this screen-shot will help.

Reply . september 11, 2010 #839
let me get this straight. in my previous hack i removed the white border. and now a i see, there is a second blue border in your screenshot. i guess that is either the scrollbar thumb's or track's border or simply part of the window border. but i think that also can be removed.

the best if you make mockup of what do you want to achieve.
Reply . september 11, 2010 #838

i dont use vista nor win7. i havent even tried it yet. hehe.
but this borderthickness hack works well on xp. you can eliminate all borders around the list view (inside the explorer window). try it again, and make sure the system didnt change the dll after you reshacked it.
Reply . september 11, 2010 #837
also, not only are the scrollbars inside the listview, but the columns that appear on the top. i don't know if you noticed but vista and windows 7 are not 1px apart from the listview.
Reply . september 11, 2010 #836
i don't see any difference, it's still the same.

here's what i changed:

duilistview [id=atom(listview)]
borderthickness: rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,0rp);
contentalign: middlecenter;
fontsize: sysmetric(-16);
fontweight: sysmetric(-17);
fontstyle: sysmetric(-18);
fontface: sysmetricstr(6);

Reply . september 10, 2010 #835
shellstyle.dll, uifile1. (in the normalcolor folder for the blue xp style)

right on the top there is:
duilistview [id=atom(listview)]

and put this line over there: borderthickness: rect(1rp,1rp,0rp,1rp);
like this:
duilistview [id=atom(listview)]
borderthickness: rect(1rp,1rp,0rp,1rp);

a little help: rect(left,top,right,bottom);
so, if you want to remove all borders, put this line over there: borderthickness: rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,0rp);
also you can change the border color if you want by adding this line: bordercolor: rgb(238,242,251); <-- this is just an example. you can use any rgb color values.
Reply . september 10, 2010 #834

oh i see. the shellstyle.dll is responsible for that. wait for further instructions.
Reply . september 09, 2010 #833
sorry, somehow the links i posted got uncapitalized. capitalize the d in the first link and the va in the second for the links to work.
Reply . september 09, 2010 #832

if you look close enough you can see that the scroll-bars are inside the window and not attached beside it. here is another screen-shot. it's also a visual style and you can clearly see the difference between the two.

Reply . september 09, 2010 #831

what gap exactly do you mean? make a screenshot of it.
Reply . september 09, 2010 #830
hello des,

i know you're really good at hacking explorer and what not. my question is, do you think it's possible to snap the scroll-bars in explorer with the border so that there isn't this gap between them? just like windows vista and windows 7. thanks
Reply . september 07, 2010 #829

it is the comctl32.dll in the winsxs folder. dialog 1006. (it is 1033 for english, 7 for german lang) there is also a version in the system32 folder but that is older than the ones in winsxs folder. just to be sure reshack all comctl32.dll in your windows.
Reply . september 05, 2010 #828

hm... i dont remember. i have to look at it again. and that takes a little time.
Reply . september 05, 2010 #827
hi des,

when you open a cpl file you have 3 buttons on the bottom: ok - abort - apply. in which file can i change the size of these buttons? i searched in shell32.dll and comdlg.32.dll but had no luck.
Reply . august 30, 2010 #826
Reply . august 30, 2010 #825
hi des, please have a look at this:


Reply . august 28, 2010 #824

the status bar that is on your screenshot can be done only by rewriting the code.
you can change the seek bar panel height with reshacker by changing the dialog 10022's height. and after that, you need to change some hex values with a hexeditor.

moving the seek button up:
change hex value 09 at offset 9f76b. to move up bx 1px change it to 08. to move up by 2px change it to 07. and so on...

moving the seek track up:
change hex value 09 at offset a0128. to move up by 1px change it to 08... and so on.

the whole seek bar panel background color:
change hex value 0f at 9fe04. use random hex values because i guess it depends on your system color's configuration. on my system 09 is grey, 05 is white, 15 an other grey, 25 is black. i think the colors are limited here with this hack. you cant use red or orange etc. i dont know for sure.
Reply . august 27, 2010 #823
sorry i meant the "status bar", could you give me some details on what i should modify in order to change the height and background of the seek bar like you mentioned?
Reply . august 27, 2010 #822
after what you said i guess it would be difficult to have the "seek track" pressed beveled effect like in the screen-shot. i guess that modifying the source code would be the only way, but i read how you mentioned how difficult it is to compile it and i've never compiled anything before in my life, which leaves me no more options but to stick with this ugly default looking seek track. thanks for the help though!.
Reply . august 24, 2010 #821
Reply . august 24, 2010 #820

if i remember correctly, i can change the seekbar's background to some of the system colors. and i can resize the height of the whole seek bar and seek "track" as well. the only thing i couldnt change yet (like the volume) is the thumb or seek button or whatever it is called. i even can resize this "thumb", make it wider or narrower. and i can even eliminate this thumb, but that would be not a good choice i guess.

by seektrack i meant the track which changes to white when it is playing a file.
Reply . august 24, 2010 #819
sorry i forgot to upload the image

Reply . august 24, 2010 #818
hi des(817):
i think mpc is a great program but there are some things about the ui that i don't like. the seekbar is inconsistent and looks strange compared with the classic one. i don't like the black background in the status bar. is it possible that by hex/dissasembling this could be done?
Reply . august 19, 2010 #817
if anyone interested:
mpc-hc seekbar and volumebar hack (again?)
Reply . august 17, 2010 #816

hehe. i should have known this. simply i just forgot it. too many hacks in my mind and i just cant take it anymore. :d
Reply . august 17, 2010 #815
Reply . august 14, 2010 #814
have you tried with the luna style? the default blue xp style? - i dont know what the heck is wrong with your system. that scroll bar should be skinned too.
Reply . august 14, 2010 #813
first of all thanks des.

i just grabbed your appwiz.cpl and started it. it says in english "add or remove programs" but it looks exactly(!) the same as mine: it is a mix of classic view and my new vs.
Reply . august 14, 2010 #812

i extracted my appwiz.cpl from my xp cd. just to make sure your file is ok and it is a reg problem or something. http://www.sendspace.com/file/8nzioz
Reply . august 14, 2010 #811
i just had a close look at the mssytles of my new theme and found two black (and too big) bitmaps which seemed to be put in that wlan cpl file. i changed them and taaadaa! yes! and since i do have a permisson to change that theme i just deleted them and created new ones. looks much better now. only the software (cpl file) still worries me. why does it look like in classic view? in windowmetrics there are almost no entires after deleting all that stuff yesterday. is there another place in the registry which could be responsible for that strange mixed classic/new style look of that cpl file?
Reply . august 14, 2010 #810

it is indeed, strange. it could be the registry again. (windowmetrics)
Reply . august 14, 2010 #809
well... i am sending you two pictures: in classic look and in my new theme.

as you see these are the two windows which look very suspicious to me: software placesbar and the scrollbar - all like classic view. and wlan window on the left- just strange. i also showed this to the guy who made it who said: i cannot find any issues in my theme.
well... in case des that you could have any idea i would be thankful.
Reply . august 14, 2010 #808

as far as i know it is not possible to add more shortcuts to the placesbar.
hmm. looks like it is a cpl bug but i dont know it for sure. have you tried it with win classic ort with an other vs?
Reply . august 13, 2010 #807
done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) lol

i just had to delete all the entries in the ..windowsmetric and restart the computer. coooool! i still have two questions des, so please have a look at the pic.
Reply . august 13, 2010 #806
now this sounds complicated des... but let me try it... i'll see you at midnight :-)
Reply . august 13, 2010 #805
see post 801. second part with the messed up registry.
Reply . august 13, 2010 #804
hi des,

please have a look at this picture:


Reply . august 11, 2010 #803
it could be an easier hack for that, but i havent figured it out yet.
yes. fony 1.4.0 tiny and simple app with the ability to import ttf fonts and convert them into fon bitmap files.
Reply . august 11, 2010 #802
thanks for the quick reply des

the no shell icons hack worked first time.
as for the taskbar text, i'd already thought about that but i was hoping for an easier solution like maybe a hack in the explorer.exe.
i've a font app anyway so i guess i'll get to work.

quick question - how do you go about creating a bitmap font (.fon) and do you know of any software that allows you to create, edit or covert a .ttf to .fon font?
Reply . august 11, 2010 #801

afaik, only using visualstyle + using modified fonts. you have to alter a font and use that on the taskbar button when it is clicked / active. you need a font editor to do that, and you need to move the letters by 1px up and 1px left. (if i remember correctly)

here is an example.

font = normal x font, 8

font = modified x font, 8

font = modified x font, 8

font = normal x font, 8

font = normal x font, 8

font = modified x font, 8

this is a known bug. first you need to apply the vs then modify the registry. but first you need to restore the original windowmetrics. here hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop\windowmetrics delete all keys, logoff, switch to win classic, logoff, apply your vs, then set the icons null, logoff.

sometimes the system forgets to change the fonts properly when messing with the registry. deleting windowmetrics + logoff and applying the vs should fix this problem. i had it a few times when i tested my vs but this trick fixed it always.
Reply . august 11, 2010 #800
hi des

1.when you click a taskbar button to show / hide a window the text and icon on the taskbar button move up(hide) and down(show) by 1 or 2px.
is it possible to stop this?

2.i tried out the no shell icons hack but had mixed results.the icons are gone but when i apply my vs (which uses arial size 7 throughout pretty much) the text
on the titlebar and menu are different.the menu font looks like a size 8 and the titlebar looks around 10 - 12.any idea why this happens?


Reply . august 07, 2010 #799
as far as i know, if a rar file has recovery record it is possible to repair damaged rar file. but zip? i dont know.
Reply . august 07, 2010 #798
well... it's me again. and my question is: do you know how to extract a partial downloaded .zip file? winrar is not able to open it.
Reply . august 07, 2010 #797
don't be pal... you are a great help :-)
Reply . august 06, 2010 #796

sometimes i just forget about xp home. (i have xp pro) sorry.
Reply . august 06, 2010 #795
1) no systeminfo.exe on my xp home
2) msinfo2.exe - i do not see any date
3) your script works fine! thanks
Reply . august 06, 2010 #794

i am still using winxp and this command works fine. maybe you dont have the systeminfo.exe in your computer., also there is msinfo32.exe in xp that displays sys informations. btw here is a vbscript for something similar: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xd5i7u

last line is the install date. also works on my xp.
Reply . august 06, 2010 #793
thats alright des. thanks for trying anyway
Reply . august 06, 2010 #792
negative! "the command "systeminfo" cannot be found or is written not properly" - this is what i get here :-(... please remember i only have xp.
Reply . august 06, 2010 #791
run cmd.exe then type systeminfo, then enter. you will see a bunch of system informations. look for original install date.
Reply . august 06, 2010 #790
i truly apologize but i don't get it des. cmd.exe - ok. and then? what does "systeminfo" mean here?
Reply . august 06, 2010 #789

cmd.exe > systeminfo
(original install date)

Reply . august 06, 2010 #788
hi des,

do you know if windows saves the date i installed xp on my laptop? i would like to know the exactly date. thanks
Reply . august 05, 2010 #787

i dont know why is that, because as you can see here (my test.php), it works fine. w-t-f? i am out of ideas.
Reply . august 05, 2010 #786
i copied that code and made a new .php with it. i typed august, lowercase, hit submit and nothing happened. the url changed though. ?sendmail=yes was added to the end.
Reply . august 05, 2010 #785
here on this server this test.php i made works well. http://whoseline.isgreat.org/temp/test.php

if you type august and press the button it is ok. if you type anything else there, it is not ok. simple as hell. try it. i will completely rewrite the whole send mail system today.

Reply . august 05, 2010 #784
it will work keep trying.
Reply . august 04, 2010 #783
man, i don't even know anymore. i have made the changes you suggested, but i keep getting that error.
Reply . august 04, 2010 #782

use this mailform.php. the antispam answer is 15.

i modified it so if antispam = 15 the mail will be sent otherwise it wont.
Reply . august 04, 2010 #781
oh . i might know what is the problem here.

$sp = strtolower(date("f"));
echo $sp;

because it is an uppercase f!!! stupid msgboard "bug"
Reply . august 04, 2010 #780
interesting. i dont see any anomalies. do some test with this date commands.

use day name, whatever you want and see what is the output. it should have worked though.
Reply . august 04, 2010 #779
Reply . august 04, 2010 #778
create a file and paste this into it:



save as phpinfo.php then upload to your server and write the link here.
Reply . august 04, 2010 #777

hell yeah! we found the source of the problem. of course it doesnt work! because "f" is not august. :) yes, something wrong with the server config.

here is a table what f means and the rest of the date stuffs: http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php using f, should print out the name of the month.

i try to find a workaround for this, but if i cant, you need to use an other validation. like 5+5=? or something similar.
Reply . august 04, 2010 #776
i just see the letter "f", without quotes. i assume this means that the server isnt configured properly?
Reply . august 04, 2010 #775

in contact.php, right after "?php", put this 2 lines there:
$sp = strtolower(date("f"));
echo $sp;

save the file and see. you should see the current month's name on the page. if it is not august, that is the problem. that means the server where your files are, isnt configured properly or something.

Reply . august 03, 2010 #774
exact same thing. that mailform includes the $spam == $sp part. i changed that, but still doesnt work.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #773

that proves i ****ed it up somehow. :d
Reply . august 03, 2010 #772
Reply . august 03, 2010 #771
yup, stripped version works.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #770
if possible could you .rar up that one you had working and send it?
Reply . august 03, 2010 #769
oh... hmm... not $spam == $sp
it is $spam = $sp
Reply . august 03, 2010 #768

if you strip the code like the original, does it work? assuming yes...

the $to = ""; is empyt so write there your mail.
i am missing something, but dont know what.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #767
i copied that contact.php, and yet again i got the same error. so im assuming its the mailform. here is what i have/you gave me:

Reply . august 03, 2010 #766
that " "; } ?> " doesnt matter if you get this when you open a php file locally from your computer.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #765
i dont know what the heck. maybe i am missing something but here: http://whoseline.isgreat.org/temp/contact.php this seems to be working. because if i fill everything the mail sent msg tells me that the mail() command does its job.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #764
still not working for me. still getting the same error.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #763
in the mailform.php

the line starting with "if" should be:
if (($spam == $sp) && ($message != "") && ($name != "") && ($email != ""))
Reply . august 03, 2010 #762
hmm. i tested it before uploaded and "worked". i mean i got the mail sent msg although i havent got any mail because you know. i take a look at it again.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #761
also, just noticed, it seems to be displaying some of the code in the browser
" "; } ?> "
Reply . august 03, 2010 #760
thanks. doesn't seem to work though. i keep getting "all fields required" even though i have everything filled. any ideas?

Reply . august 03, 2010 #759
i think i know why that link didnt work. because here, all the words converted to capitalized words. that could cause link problems here.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #758
all fields have to be filled. antispam = current month name, lowercase
i hope it works.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #757
here you go:

please bear in mind, i have never really done any php before, so it might be a little sloppy/broken in places. i don't know why that link doesn't work. strange.
Reply . august 03, 2010 #756
you know, the select form: http://htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/forms/select.html
i just had to strip down the html tags in my example
Reply . august 03, 2010 #755

not found. yes it is possible to use/add any form objects. (select, radio button, checkbox or whatever) in that case you need modify this line:

input name='subject' type='text'

and change to:
select name="subject"

as you can see u can use any form objects. the only thing that is important the name of the form. in that case: "subject".

later i will add the validation to this little contact php below. or you can upload (in zip or rar) yours if you have already designed it
Reply . august 03, 2010 #754
done, and got it to work.
http://www.ominous-silence.x10.mx/copy of contact.php
although it ignored my inputs and just used some stuff that was in the mailform.php
also, is it possible to make the subject field into drop down menu with some subjects to select from? i think that would be nicer.

lets get the validation in first though!
Reply . august 02, 2010 #753

yes, it is possible. i have a php mail script just like this one: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_mail.asp but i have just tried it and looks like my server didnt support mail() function, because havent received anything yet. (tried 1.5 hour ago)

try this script and if it works at your page (if the server supports), we can add this antispam function i have here. or something similar.
Reply . august 02, 2010 #752
thanks for the reply des

im looking for something that will send me an email instead of a msgboard, but has a validation thing like this one. would it be possible to modify what you have to send emails to my account?
Reply . august 02, 2010 #751
still using 32bit.

google for simple flatfile php guestbook. you will find some. but if you want this, i can upload it for you. just i need to make some modifications first, because it is integrated into my design.

using flat files (stores entries in a text file) is much easier to use than setup and config a guestbook php that requires mysql database. (not that if configuring a mysql databse is so hard) but it is easy to use and simple as hell. :) this msgboard is only a couple of php lines, simple, flexible and lightweight.
Reply . august 02, 2010 #750
makes sense.
been applying some of these hacks to 64bit os
have you done 64bit?
Reply . august 02, 2010 #749
hey des,

do you know where i can get a decent contact form? something like this message thing with a validation section
Reply . august 01, 2010 #748
yeah, but the windows has not been designed this way originally.
Reply . august 01, 2010 #747
yeh i can live with it.
thought iconless would have made things faster.
Reply . july 31, 2010 #746

i dont know. it could be a bit slower, (never noticed it) but i really dont care if it looks so neat and futuristic. :) going to iconless requires some compromise.
Reply . july 31, 2010 #745
hi des

i have noticed the noshellicons reg hack affects explorers performance.
in the spirit of keeping it minimal an crisp.
i know this sounds picky so really it is not that bigger deal.
but one simple test i do is to see how many explorer windows i can bring up consecutively as quickly as possible.
i hold the windows key and rapidly tap the e key.
with noshellicons applied the delay in explorer windows coming up is quite severe.
whereas if i remove the hack to default.
explorer goes like a bat out of hell.
interesting to note.

i dare not spend time to remove icons from shell32.dll in order to acheive the same effect.
what do you think mate?
am i blowing hot air?
Reply . july 27, 2010 #744
oh ps

the way you say your start panel is disabled.
it's funny you should mention that.
i actually disable explorer on all the win32/64 systems here and just run from a command line.
still get riled by that old 3d classic border though.


cheers for now.
Reply . july 27, 2010 #743
hey des

thanks for replying.
i should have replied sooner to my last only post mate.
busy fixing other peoples computers rather than my own.
i have no expectations at all of your vs, i am just jealous like the rest of the folk here.
i actually appreciate you not releasing it, makes us all learn something for once.
happily i was able to get style builder going and amazingly i am off to a flying start.

even though i have linux systems here, i like to keep things diverse plus a need to support my customers who naturally use windows.
i think we have alot in common, i like to make windows run as smooth and as crisp as possible.
people are surprised to find how well their old wxp clunkers go when they get a good cleanup.
but what is old, it is just too fast these days, and when i meet a fella like yourself who is making good of what the bigwigs call superseded.
you are after my own heart mate.
i will keep modding this virt xp i have here and see if i can shrink that windows operating folder.
keep your vs, it your own substance mate.
i will see if i can work on something similar with some of my own flavours.
speak again soon des and thanks for inspiring me.
Reply . july 27, 2010 #742

hi and thanks.

yes, the win classic is good, but not enough. i mean using that, some of the things remains uncustomizable, or at least remains less customizable. the main reason i dont publish my vs is because it is unfinished. (the new start panel is not finished in example. because i never use it. in fact it is completely disabled in my system)

but i think there are some of good looking vs out there somewhere that you can modify to your taste. but if you dont find any, i can upload my vs. but that is designed for completely iconless environments, so might not look good using icons.

about restoring and backup:
i have backups of all my hacks, (in hdd and in dvd-rw) + i have a list (txt) of my hacks what i hex-edited and how i did it. also i am very careful windows user, and know what i am doing, so my windows installation lasts 3-4 years till i need to reinstall it. (due to motherboard failure or similar event)
Reply . july 27, 2010 #741

how do you keep track of your work and if you have to restore an os do you restore all this work you have done.
do you create your own source disk?

love you des
Reply . july 27, 2010 #740
hi des
sorry i have not had a chance to read right through all this stuff to see what i have missed that could help me.

i am in the process of minimalism when it comes to my computer lab.
consolidating and virtualising all my servers etc.
what i am trying now is minimalise my desktop.
i had a go at the 3d border/colors which i changed in the registry, but it is not totally desired.
as i am sure many people have said including myself.
we love your visual style.
i recently tried to download style builder to get started on this and have a go.
but have not been able to.
my goal is to minimze but create a template to use for the foreseeable future.
the look i like is alot like afterstep, but only in terms of the windows.
as you may have guessed from my last post i aim to achieve flat windows with a clean title bar.
i am not too great at hex editing but i am happy to give it a go.
mainly it seems i need to create a visual style to complete this.
consider me a newbie, whats the best way for me to start.
i tried that glassic but it has alot to be desired for minimal needs.
also i am using a 64bit version of xp but currently i am testing a 32 bit version in vmware and so far so good.
testing out some of your tweaks and hacks.
i keep taking regular snapshots to fall back in the event of failure.
once i get a build i like i will chuck it on the iram and watch her fly.
thanks des, you input and site you have here is amazing, it inspires me to create my own environment.
does your visual style apply exactly that same to a cmd prompt like a terminal would in linux.
i am really after tha kde kstep look in xp.
very similar to your funky desktop.
sorry for the dribble mate and thanks in advance.
Reply . july 23, 2010 #739
well... this is how i managed this.

1) i saved my current .json file as a backup
2) i opened the old .json file
3) i saved the old .json file as a .html file
4) i opened my current .json file again
5) i double clicked on the .html file - and clicked and bookmarked all sites i wanted to have in my current bookmarks.
finished! :-) not as handy as "copy" and "paste" but i have achieved my goal. thanks
Reply . july 23, 2010 #738

look for json editor. it is a javascript object notation file. can be easily edited.
here is an online editor: http://jsoneditor.appspot.com

however i don't know how to import from old json file except doing it manually one by one. isn't there available a json editor firefox plugin? or something that you can import / edit json files with?
Reply . july 23, 2010 #737
hello des,

we assume i have a bookmark backup file "bookmarks-2009-07-23.json" (firefox), which is, as you see, one year old. now i would like to import a part of my old bookmarks to my current firefox bookmarks file. precisely it would mean to import an folder with a lot of bookmarks from the old .json file and put it into the current .json file. do you know how to do this?
Reply . july 17, 2010 #736
interesting.what the heck?
Reply . july 17, 2010 #735
.... no it is not cool... :-( ... it worked for 1 minute. but after restarting windows it does not work again ... i apologize for that chaos... i am not going to touch it again, i promise... nevertheless thank you again des
Reply . july 17, 2010 #734
cool. :)
Reply . july 17, 2010 #733
hi des - problem solved.

i changed the registry entry from "c:\windows\system32\picpick\picpick.exe" "%1" to
c:\windows\system32\picpick\picpick.exe,%1 and it works!
have a nice weekend...:-)
Reply . july 16, 2010 #732
hm. maybe it's the picpic that lacks of that capability or i dont know.
Reply . july 16, 2010 #731
nope pal,

i just copied the picpick folder into system32 and changed also the registry entries - the same - picpick must be running to be able to edit a image file from viewer.
Reply . july 16, 2010 #730
maybe, because picpic is not in system32.... ? i am just guessing.
Reply . july 16, 2010 #729
just a note about my new picpick program. i can edit a bitmap file from windows viewer (shimgvw.dll) but i have to open picpick first! i did not notice that yesterday because the program was open all day long. now i wanted to edit a picture - picpick is runnig but no picture to edit! i always have to start the program first to be able to edit a file from the picture viewer. stupid...
Reply . july 15, 2010 #728
yep, as always you are right. i changed the edit command for mspaint within the registry from "start mspaint" to "start picpick" and oh wonder it works. thanks des.
Reply . july 15, 2010 #727

rename this app to mspaint.exe (and remove the original) or i guess it is a reg settings that refers to mspaint.exe and can be changed with regedit. (edit command)

and if that fails, open shimgvw.dll in a hexeditor an look for mspaint.exe. (6d00730070006100) renaming that could do the job.
Reply . july 14, 2010 #726
hello des,

i could use some help. i downloaded a tiny cute program called picpic and i intend to use it instead of mspaint. how to change the properties of the picture files (gif, jpg..) is not the problem. i would like to change this: double-click on a jpeg file - shimgvw.dll is started - and withing this viewer i can edit this picture by clicking on the edit icon on the bottom, then mspaint starts. at this place i would like to start picpic instead of mspaint.
do you know how to fix it? thanks...
Reply . june 15, 2010 #725
yeah. but this type of hacking isn't easy. i mean sometimes could be easy, sometimes i don't even know what i am doing. :) i don't know "how it works", how it affects the code i just know if i change something i could cause a glitch in some functions or the program and preventing it from working properly. and hopefully not causing errors, failures.

in this case turning off the drawfocusrect function without causing any other errors.

Reply . june 14, 2010 #724
yes i have. at first, i wasn't sure where to start since you said change everything to 90's from 8bf55... but in your screenshot you changed 8bff to b801 55 to 00 and so on.
you can see my changes i made in the link with the file user32.dll.hackedfail2 that i posted in the comment section below.

i also do happen to know that application exist. it does the job, but i'm more willing to learn how to hack it myself. i'm having a hard time with windows 7 though, not so many sites like yours exist on the web ;).

Reply . june 14, 2010 #723
hm... that's what i was afraid of. the first part is almost the same as in xp but the second half after the first five 90s is something new. and i see by changing everything to 90s till you see loadbitmapwm, 07cc isn't the solution.

have you tried to the same as i did in xp? like in this pic:
...or you just changed everything to 90s from 8bff55?

sorry, i have no idea how to solve this at the moment. and i can't even test it myself. :(

btw, i happen to know that there is a shell extension to remove that focusrect in win7.
universal focus rectangle remover.
Reply . june 14, 2010 #722
Reply . june 14, 2010 #721

so. i think (guess) i know what might be the problem. in xp after the last 90 90 90 90 there is setscrollrange. that means these five 90s at the end is the end of the drawfocusrect. in win7 there are also five 90s but that is not the end of it.

what i want you to do is scroll down more and see how long till the "end". you know, till you see something different. and make a screenshot of that. or better if you save the whole code (txt) and upload to somewhere. sendspace.com or something.

hackers dissasambler, file menu, save text. and compress the txt (rar, zip) because this will be a huge file. 10 mb or more...
Reply . june 14, 2010 #720
thanks for your quick response,
Reply . june 13, 2010 #719

well i dont use win7 so do a screenshot of the disassembler window (with loaded user32.dll of course) so i can see whats it like. a screenshot like this: http://des.virtualplastic.net/user32_dll_focusrect.png

and make it larger window so i can see before the 8bff55 too.
Reply . june 12, 2010 #718

regarding your focus rectangle hack. i can't seem to get it to work, on every restart i would get start up failure and the machine would reboot itself. i found the drawfocusrect on hdasm, and replaced all the values from 8bff55 until i encounter 5 90's at the end. i'm using win7 x64, it's slightly different but i still see 8bff55 and the 5 90's at the end. could you please help me out or is win7 untouchable?
Reply . may 16, 2010 #717
yeah, that would be cool.

i was able to do something similar to my old mpc seekbar / playbar hack though.
with no video file loaded: http://noob.hu/2010/05/16/mpchc.png
playing video file: http://noob.hu/2010/05/16/24.png
Reply . may 16, 2010 #716
real nice with the audiobar:) now if we only can get that playbar fixed aswell :d
Reply . may 03, 2010 #715
if anybody interested: mpc-hc volume bar hack (revert to default win style)

hex 05bf20 at offset d7342 -> change to 05bf10
Reply . april 25, 2010 #714
again, thanks des. yeah i have contacted the author, but i havent got a reply from him and its been over a month. thank you for trying anyway. much appreciated.
Reply . april 25, 2010 #713
ok forget that i uploaded.
so i downloaded the full script pack. it gives an error at line 35. jquery.slinkyslider.js, so i checked line 35 which is: var elheight = container.offsetheight();

i changed it to: var elheight;
now it works but it is a little bit buggy in my firefox in the demo.htm there are two alert() functions saying yes or no. i just removed it because it gave me an alert msg. why was it even there, i dont know.

the best if you contact the script's author.

Reply . april 25, 2010 #712
thanks, although how can i put code in now? and the 5th panel doesnt show up properly and the bottom border is messed in the first panel
Reply . april 25, 2010 #711
oh sorry. i just thought you want to use it as a cool navigation system on your desktop.
try this. http://www.sendspace.com/file/m4flth
Reply . april 25, 2010 #710
im not using it as a background, im trying to make a website with it. the script works fine on the authors website, i downloaded it and uploaded it to a server and i got the same result as when i tried to launch it from my computer.
Reply . april 25, 2010 #709
you mean using it as a html background? the explorer.exe uses and old javascript engine to render a script in the html document, so this is why this doesnt work. the javascript engine built-in windows is simply outdated, it doesnt support the new javascript. :(

i guess the only workaround for this is to find a similar javascript that works on ie6. and even if you have ie7 or ie8 installed it wont work using it as background, because ie and explorer.exe is 2 different things. i could be wrong though.
Reply . april 25, 2010 #708
alright, i downloaded this, but the demo doesnt seem to work.
any ideas?
Reply . april 24, 2010 #707
not much.
Reply . april 24, 2010 #706
do you know anything about jquery?
Reply . april 23, 2010 #705
well, i dont know. it depends on what that sharpenviro shell capable of. try to set a html doc as a background or if it doesnt work check the sharpenviro feature list to see if there are any active desktop support or something similar in it.
Reply . april 23, 2010 #704
i am using sharpenviro can i put html as my background in it ?
Reply . april 23, 2010 #703
ok thnx. =)
Reply . april 23, 2010 #702
html desktop as i refer to it. but yes, it is a html document set as background. here is a template how to use execute commands within html document: http://des.virtualplastic.net/htmldesk.htm (download, and set as background) and also check it out this for some more info: http://des.virtualplastic.net/tutorial.html#htmldesk
(for tips like hiding the activex warning message)

now after knowing the basics you can design your own html desktop. you can use javascripts or vbscripts for functions, and flash objects, images, icons, css for the design.

my custom windows is not available in a downloadable format. i only shared my tweaks and hacks, and some applications, shell extensions i use.
Reply . april 23, 2010 #701
can i download your customized win ? and if yes then where?
Reply . april 23, 2010 #700
again, thank you. another thing, isnt your desktop a html document? what exactly is that? i dont want your one, but do you have a template that i can work from? or something?
Reply . april 22, 2010 #699
explorer.exe, menu 204.
Reply . april 22, 2010 #698
thank you des. can you tell me where the classic menu .dll is located/called. its been a while since i have edited them and i have forgotten.
Reply . april 22, 2010 #697
oh, i mean even if you use a double sized taskbar the horizontal space is limited.
Reply . april 22, 2010 #696

use replacer (google for it) to replace the file because the file protection wont let you replace the file easily.

the numbers of characters (or the available space) are limited there. i dont think you can have the whole long date format in a single line there. to be honest i havent tried to hack it. i will take a look at it.
Reply . april 22, 2010 #695
hi des,

i recently formatted my pc and i need some quick help.
i have tried to reshack the run dialog and the classic start menu.
i compile the script as usual and save the .dll but it doesn't seem to work
i'm currently running xp pro sp3

also, you know when you increase the size of a taskbar, you can see the date etc.
can i edit this so it can fit along side the time instead of under it?

Reply . april 11, 2010 #694
yes, but when you use a vs and you change a color in the registry, the windows will change the current theme name to win classic modified. anyway, it is just a string in the registry. now mine says: windows xp (minxp) despite of that my vs name is totally different.
Reply . april 11, 2010 #693
ok, will get known with stylebuilder, but in your active desktop video i can see that your current theme (in display properties) is win classic modified, but taskabr and dialog buttons colors are different. explane please and i will back off with questions for a while :)
Reply . april 10, 2010 #692
in classic style the caption buttons (min, max, close) glyphs are in the marlett.ttf font. (hidden font) using the classic style the tweaking options are limited, so i recommend to use a visualstyle so you can fine tuning it. (button face and taskbar color cant be separated in classic style. you need to use a visualstyle to do that.)

classic look-alike, minimal vs:
Reply . april 10, 2010 #691
thank you des! corrected font settings and registry, now all dialogs & menus looks much better because of capitalized font :) exept thos ugly titlebar minimize, close etc buttons, can you plz point where to look in your tutorials repository, how to change it, because i did not find. how to change button face separately from taskbar color? :( http://i39.tinypic.com/wa2c6v.jpg
Reply . april 09, 2010 #690

changing all the dialog font size would be a hell of a job, so i recommend to alter the font instead. the default windows dialog font size is 8. if the standard 0755 font appears too big, that is because its default size is 6, and the dialog forces it to size 8. (i changed its default size to 8 by changing the units per em value)

haxcorp is ok. that is 8 pixel size font.
Reply . april 09, 2010 #689
hi, please tell how to change this standard0755 font size from 8 to 6 (downloaded from font-cat dot com) on oll xp dialogs, by changing each .dll by hand? problem is that this font appears too big, not like in your desk( or i should download this haxrcorp and modify to all caps (fontcreator dont open this tipe).
Reply . april 02, 2010 #688
okay. thank you!
Reply . april 02, 2010 #687

oh... i thought it is something with the dialog and its buttons. well, it might be the problem with sp2 vs sp3 dll because it is ok on my computer. i can drag&drop files into folders etc...

here http://des.virtualplastic.net/mods.html#shutdown you can find info what you need to reshack and the resource bitmaps, so i recommend to reshack your sp2 dll instead of using the dlls on my deviantart page.
Reply . april 02, 2010 #686
cheers des
Reply . april 01, 2010 #685
ah, no i meant, the dialogs were okay. everything on the computer itself worked. however, after i installed those dialogue screens, i found out that my computer could no longer drag and drop files like it did normally. not buttons, but like files and folders. i couldn't drag files out of a regular folder onto the desktop or from the desktop to the recycle bin.
Reply . april 01, 2010 #684
dragging and dropping the buttons? you cant do that in the original dialog neither. or can you? hmm... i dont know.
Reply . april 01, 2010 #683
yes, the shut down and log off dialogs.
Reply . april 01, 2010 #682

what menu? maybe it is just me, but i dont understand what menu are you talking about. don't you mean dialogs?
Reply . april 01, 2010 #681
hello. i was hoping you could help me with something. when i tried installing the logon/logoff and shutdown menus, they installed fine. however, i had problems with dragging and dropping afterwards. i used replacer and my windows xp version was sp2. i wonder if maybe that's why it didn't work? i mean the menus were fine and everything worked fine except i couldn't drag and drop. any idea what the problem is?
Reply . march 31, 2010 #680
i hope i didnt forget to change something else.
Reply . march 31, 2010 #679
Reply . march 31, 2010 #678

yes, but if you want the original explorer.exe simply just extract it from the xp install cd. (in i386 folder, explorer.ex_. the command for this: expand x:\path\to\the\file\explorer.ex_ x:\destination\path\explorer.exe)
Reply . march 31, 2010 #677
hi, a while ago you edited my explorer.exe to remove the icons in the taskbar. if i send it to you again, can you undo what you did?
Reply . march 13, 2010 #676
hey sharer, could you share (lol) that theme please? :)
Reply . march 06, 2010 #675
Reply . march 03, 2010 #674
jaja. alakul. csak az ikonok nem kelleneének oda. :d vagy ha neked kellenek, akkor legalább én kicserélném őket valami kevésbé színes egyen ikonra. de persze ez csak tanács, hiszen a te desked.
Reply . march 03, 2010 #673
mitmondasz? alakul? :)
Reply . march 02, 2010 #672
heh,. :) pont egy ilyen / ilyesmi style nekem is van/volt. régen amikor még kísérletezgettem, akkor csinátam egy ilyesmit is. lehet még megvan valahol.
Reply . march 01, 2010 #671
szeva. ilyenre sikerült egyellőre az én saját témám + amit innét letöltöttem)
Reply . february 27, 2010 #670
az egy részt nincs kész, mivel én nem használom azt a böszme nagy start menüt (eeew), szóval az a része nincs is befejezve. + e-miatt nem is elérhető sehol ez a vs. meg igazából az magamnak készült, szóval bocs, de azt nem adom. így marad egyedi az én deskem. :)

egyetlen egy valakinek adtam oda, de ő neki is azért mert, azt mondta készít belőle egy "változatot", de azóta sem jelentkezett. :(
Reply . february 27, 2010 #669
bocs én tévedtem, én az msstylodra gondoltam, ha lehetséges, de ha nem azsem baj)
Reply . february 27, 2010 #668
hat itt van az oldalon is, több változatban. de amit én is használok, az ez: only details bottom taskpanel version 1

Reply . february 26, 2010 #667
nincskedved megosztani velem a shellstylod? mertén már 1 ideje szenvedek eggyel de asszem jövő ilyenkorra megis csinálnám ha lenne annyi türelmem :d
Reply . february 23, 2010 #666
igen. pontosan. :) minden dll, exe meg beállítás szépen el van rakva.
bár nálam egy windows amúgy is sokáig kitart. nem gányolom össze, mint egyesek.

persze ez a módszer megkövetel egyfajta kompromisszumot. e-miatt az updatek, frissítések tiltva vannak. de jól megvagyok nélkülük.
Reply . february 23, 2010 #665
és mikor windows csere van csak replaceled a dlleket stb, registry és megvan ujból a saját kinézet. nagyon ok az egéssz, minden elismerés)
Reply . february 23, 2010 #664
sima uxtheme hacket használok. (uxtheme.dll csere) szóval téma kezelő progi nincsen, mint pl a stylexp.

szóval nálam alapból van egy visualstyle (msstyle file), amit én csináltam egy már meglévőből. könnyebb így, mint az elejéről kezdeni az egészet. nagyjából ezzel a kinézet már adott, ehhez jöttek a különböző hackek, beállítások, hogy összhangban legyen minden. pl ikonok tiltása és törlése. (kivéve a tray ikonok), dialógusok kicsinyítése, stb. aztán az asztalon egy html fut, tele sok scripttel, szóval ikonok helyett úgy tudok programot indítani, mint ha egy weboldalon klikkelgetnék. igazából így sok dolgot meglehetne csinálni, animációk, effektek, mozgások, egyebek, de én ugye a minimalizmust itt is alkalmaztam, tehát semmi effekt a mouseover színváltáson kivül. :)

röviden ennyi. persze ez sok munka volt.

igazából az enyémtől vannak sokkal jobban kinéző desktopok, csak azok más technikával készültek. pl lite step, meg egyéb külső shellel, meg egy rakás más programmal. én meg inkább belülről alakítottam át az egészet. csak ebben különleges az én deskem. tehát hogy ezt mind tudja az xp alapból, amit látni lehet. igaz, rásegítéssel. :)
Reply . february 23, 2010 #663
szerintem én is... nemtudom megosztanád e velem azt az infót hogy használsz e valamien windows téma felüiró külső programot? vagy hogy alakítottad át ennyire az xp-det? mert nagyon bejön, ha semmien külső program nemkell hozzá h fusson, mert szeretem ha minnél kevesebb program, vagy service fut a háttérben)
Reply . february 23, 2010 #662
win xp pro. szerintem még évekig ezt fogom.
Reply . february 23, 2010 #661
most mit használsz? win7?
Reply . february 23, 2010 #660

tetszik. régebben én is hasonlóra csináltam meg. small caption, meg stb, bár ettől valamivel nagyobb volt nekem annó. (mondjuk én csak eleve 3 oszlopot használok. volume, wave, aux)
Reply . february 23, 2010 #659
a data könyvtár nagy betükkel data
Reply . february 23, 2010 #658
szeva itt az én xp sp3 hang szabályzó mod-om, érdekel a véleményed.
Reply . february 14, 2010 #657

it is haxrcorp or standard 07_55 http://www.dafont.com/haxrcorp-s8.font
Reply . february 13, 2010 #656
hello des, your desk is outstanding! could you share your font please... or send me standardcaps@gmail.com thanks.

jerry hill
Reply . february 12, 2010 #655
hi des
thanks for the help. will head over there now and see if i can get it going
Reply . february 11, 2010 #654
jerry hill(653):

you cannot save the file that is already in use. save as it somewhere else (desktop or anywhere) then use replacer to replace the file. http://www3.telus.net/_/replacer
jerry hill
Reply . february 11, 2010 #653
i open syst32.dll and modify the font size.
i use recompile and then try to save the file.
windows says it can not create the new file.
where am i going wrong?
thanks jerry
Reply . february 07, 2010 #652

yeah. almost everybody moved on to win7. it is not surprising though. but from my observation ms made win7 even more less customizable in some parts. i mean i hate that big min,max,close buttons too. and cant even put those buttons closer to each other. (i asked a vs maker, and he said it is impossible. i hope there will be a hack for that later.)

see what i mean: http://i45.tinypic.com/25s1ic3.png - this can't be done because the ini file that we knew from xp is missing from win7 visualstyles. you know the padding, margin, etc values. i even took a look inside a win7 visualstyle and yes, unfortunately it is missing. there is no ini file inside. nothing but a bunch of bitmaps, png's. :(

i know that, there are a lot of uifiles inside the dlls which fortunately can be customized, and i just hope there is a value for that caption button thing. because i can't stand to look at it. it's ugly, ehh. :\

since i haven't tried win7 yet, just gathering informations ,i could be wrong about things.
Reply . february 07, 2010 #651
hi des, just wanted to say that i moved on to windows 7.

i want to thank you for everything i learned from you and your site, these days i always look at apps/windows in a different way. like "hmm i could remove that..." ^^

anyways i wont tell you to abandon the good old xp, but take a look at 7 once in a while ;).

wish you well /john
Reply . january 06, 2010 #650

i don't use winrar (used for years back than though) but take a look at this: http://www.respower.com/page_tutorial_unrar

by changing the default command (open) in the registry could work, or combining it with vbscript + regtweak, but i don't know.

another solution, if you rightclick on a rar file, in the winrar sub menu (when cascading menu selected) there is an extract here or something like this.

usually i don't use proxy, only in some special cases. keep searching. :)
Reply . january 06, 2010 #649
hi des,

a) do you know how to shorten the procedure of unzipping files? normally i have to double click a zip-file, my winrar program starts and i have to click again : "unzip in this folder". would it be possible to unzip files without starting this program? just double click on the file?

b) do you know a good american proxy server, so i can watch american videos on you tube. i have been trying some of them but it never worked well.
Reply . january 05, 2010 #648

yes, but it is hardcoded into the dll. and i cant add new commands to it. don't forget that, without the source code we can do very limited things only.

i can only change the ones that are already there. in example. if you don't need the help and support center you can use that menu with your exe file by replacing the helpctr.exe. c:\windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\

and then if you select the help menu, your program will run.

Reply . january 05, 2010 #647
i thought it would be possible to do so - that's what shell32.dll seems to do anyway.it just points to standalone executables like cleanmgr or dfrg but perhaps i am mistaken ?

think i'll just use the task manager shutdown, thanks though.
Reply . january 05, 2010 #646

btw, i am working on a log-off / shutdown screen. it would be something like this: http://des.virtualplastic.net/logonui.png (not exactly)

Reply . january 04, 2010 #645

unfortunately no. :(
Reply . january 04, 2010 #644
hello des, i've got a question.

is there anyway to change the destination of the 'log off'/'turn off computer' shortcuts in the start menu ?

say i want it to point it to a third party software like shutoff or so [ i don't like the pallete limitations of the standard dialog].

i thought editing the msgina.dll would work...but i don't seem to understand how to state a program call [ if it's possible at all].
Reply . december 29, 2009 #643

hehe. i have seen that video before. it was funny in a way. :) (btw i live in the east side of hungary)

some installers could be opened with 7zip.
i found this about nullsoft installer: "currently nsis installers cannot be fully decompiled. the installer itself doesn't provide any method to extract files or the script without installation. it is the developer's choice whether the source code and/or the files for the installer are available to the public or not.

there are, however, external tools that allow this. 7-zip (version 4.40beta at the time of this writing) supports decompressing nsis installers compressed with lzma or bzip, but the source code is still partially compiled and requires extensive modification before the script can be recompiled. a decompression plug-in is also available for totalcommander."

source: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/can_i_decompile_an_existing_installer
Reply . december 29, 2009 #642
hi des,

please have a look at this genius young lady: http://failblog.org/page/5/ in "contestant fail".

amazing! and they still believe they are the greatest nation on this planet! don't make me laugh! (by the way: do you live in bp?)

do you know how to extract a nullsoft installer so i could grab some avi- and ico-files from it? there is a new version of a program which i am not intended to install right now, but i would love to have a look at the updated files.
Reply . december 27, 2009 #641

try this: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r7htkq
there were some elements in it which ones don't belong there.
Reply . december 27, 2009 #640
hey. i have another web page. what i would like help with is the nav text. for some reason the .css in the html doesnt seem to work, it wont display the style at all. can you have a look at it please?

here is the file
Reply . december 22, 2009 #639

unfortunately it looks like all the toolbar icons are hardcoded into the exe. :( i hate this type of application. it juts can't be reshacked.
Reply . december 22, 2009 #638
thanks for your help des. i want to change the toolbar icons of "xyplorer". can't find any rcdata or dll's though.
Reply . december 22, 2009 #637

when you open the exe with reshacker do you see rcdata resource? if yes, the icon or bitmap could be there in encoded format.
Reply . december 22, 2009 #636

what is that app? maybe it is in a dll not in the exe file.
Reply . december 21, 2009 #635
i want to change some toolbar icons/bitmaps in a explorer like tool, but when i open the .exe with reshack i cant find any icons or bitmaps, any idea how i can accomplish this? thanks for your help!
Reply . december 19, 2009 #634
oh sorry. i get it now.
it could be a string in a dll* and by deleting this string could work, but i don't know.
*in explorer.exe and shell32.dll or somewhere else.
Reply . december 19, 2009 #633
...no des...just delete permanently from the tree view in explorer window. look here please: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hfp4j2
Reply . december 19, 2009 #632
...you mean you want to delete / hide this? winkey+r -> shell:controlpanelfolder
Reply . december 19, 2009 #631
hi des, i have solved the winkey+"e" problem!

in order to get rid of control panel from the tree view in windows explorer i used this line in the regitry:



now i changed this dword value to 0 and my explorer window appears again after hitting winkey +"e"! wooohoooo!! (is there another way to delete the control panel from explorer permanently?)
Reply . december 18, 2009 #630
xp to win7 without 3rd party apps? without apps you will not get win7 like start menu, or win7 like "folder task bar" and so on... with only reshacking and hexediting it is impossible. you could use a win7 visualstyle and some other minor tweaks/hacks to mimic the win7 look a bit. but that is all.

btw for me the win7 design is a step back. some of the changes that they did just looks bad. in example; the min, max, close button is awful. + no classic start menu, only this giant gigantic menu. lol. no active desktop support. ... and more.
Reply . december 18, 2009 #629
oh, i forgot the screenshot: http://i49.tinypic.com/2dt24ht.jpg
Reply . december 18, 2009 #628
i am making progress here.... the difference is caused by the size of the winamp window. "1x" means original size ( 664x272). at this size the processor works is at 40-50%. and when i zoom the window so it fits the desktop, the processor usage rate falls to 20 % immediately. good to know. i have never seen this so obvious before. maybe it's because i normally have the full view option on which means the movie is on the whole desktop.

and in case you decide to customize windows xp to win7-look without any third party applications i would love to join you. (there are so many of those xp into win7-programs on the deviant art - but 95% are just that buggy you would not believe that). what about this idea?
Reply . december 18, 2009 #627
winkey+e problem:
i remember i had this problem once. the solution was to reenable the explore command in regedit. here is a screesnhot of contextedit. (using contextedit is much safer)

if i disable the explore command (by unchecking "explore") i have parameter incorrect error if i use the winkey+e.

processor issue:
was the movie the same? because different videos have differrent video compressions.
more rams will not cause more cpu loads as far as i know.
Reply . december 18, 2009 #626
... a small technical issue.... if you don't mind

i have a very simple laptop with only 512 mb ram. and having firefox, thunderbird, winamp and the vista sidebar open almost 85 % of my ram are used. opening notepad++ and a huge file is pretty hopeless then. well i got today a new 1024 mb module. i can see on my ram clock on the sidebar that now the same applications only use the half of my ram. good but....

i normally never complain about my celeron m processor. it is really fast enough for music, surfing the web and watching a movie. and while watching a movie it works at max 24%. now i am watching again a movie and the processor is working between 40-50% of his capacity. how is that? is there a connection between more ram and the work/power capacity of the processor? well as long as my fan does not spin like crazy and i do not hear it i would say i don't care. but unfortunately i do. can you explain this new hard work of the celeron mobile processor?
Reply . december 18, 2009 #625

thank you des, now i have "explorer" and "open" again in my context menu and both works fine, but hitting win-logo and "e" pops up still the error message.

i must admit that i tried a new program like qtabbar this week which does not need the .net environment but i quickly uninstalled it because it was not even as half handy and stable as qttabbar is, so i guess this could be the reason for this error message.

i assume there is a new key in the registry which causes the error message, too bad i have not the clue for what i am supposed to look for. maybe uninstalling and installing qttabbar again will help. let's hope.
Reply . december 18, 2009 #624

it is from my secondary windows. (everything is default)
i hope this helps.
Reply . december 18, 2009 #623
hi des,

i must confess i really have to stop deleting and changing things on my xp. sooner or later i will have to install at again and again...

when you click with the right mouse button on a folder you see in your context menu
"explorer" and "open". and since i never needed the open-option i opened registry editor and just deleted "open" key. now hitting win logo button and e gives me an error message instead of opening explorer. any idea how to get it work properly again?

Reply . december 15, 2009 #622

yes, i know that thing with the video and the screenshot. the screenshot contains a special color that is used by as "overlay" in video apps. (tv tuners, web cams, media players,..) i also can recreate that situation with my tv tuner card and the correct color on a screenshot.

it has something to do with overlay color or something.
Reply . december 15, 2009 #621
hi des,

i was right about the winamp notifier. it is not a plug-in which would display the info but the notifier.maki (make a killer interface) file. i just got a new one from a guy who seems to be a winamp skinning pro. a little too late though. i found a new skin (after 5 years having the blue modern skin running on my desktop). and this one is able to show the notifier on 6 spots on the desktop. the only thing i still miss is the ability of showing the lyrics without making an online connection with 100 google-, yahoo- or aol-server around the globe. after 10 years of winamp development there is not even one lyrics plugin, which would only read the content of saved tags of a song. what a pity.

today i saw something funny on my desktop and i would like to ask you if you can explain it to me. i was watching a movie when i suddenly hit pause and made a screenshot. i saved it to my picture folder using paint.net. after that i kept watching but i wanted to be sure, that it worked properly. i opened explorer and the picture folder on my running winamp video window and on that spot where i had the thumbnail i could see the movie running in the background! the thumbnail was like a whole in explorer, so i could watch the movie through that whole? have you ever seen this? is it clear what i am trying to describe here? a whole in explorer? what the heck is this? at least i had a big lol after that....
Reply . december 11, 2009 #620

some date and time cpl hacks: http://des.virtualplastic.net/mods.html#timedate

it is possible to change the date text color. but if i am correct, only specified system colors can be used for that. and it depends on your system color configuration.
Reply . december 11, 2009 #619
...sorry, i saved the file as bmp...it will take some seconds to load...
Reply . december 11, 2009 #618

would you please have a look at this http://www.sendspace.com/file/hnmbhf

as you see i have changed the font colors in the active and inactive window. but now the days and the date in "timedate.cpl" are invisible. is it possible to get them back without changing the font colors for the entire system?
Reply . december 09, 2009 #617

i assumed this notifier is a plugin for the winamp. and i still assume it is. a plugin for displaying song info on desktop. isn't it? or is it built in feature? the skin is a different thing. but i don't know much about winamp higher than version 2.9.
Reply . december 09, 2009 #616
a dll plug-in? negative. this is what i found on the web:

"winamp users are able to customize their software skin. each skin is determined by two files: xml and maki file. xml file stores skin configuration data, while maki file, in essence, is a file with translated embedded codes. "

and there is a notifier.maki files in scripts-folder.

unfortunately, reshacker is not able to open a .maki file.
Reply . december 09, 2009 #615
sorry, i don't know.

i assume this song notifier is a plugin for winamp. open the dll with reshacker and see what is inside. if there is an empty dialog it could be the "host" of the displayed image.
Reply . december 09, 2009 #614
hi des,

a lot of good programs ask me while the install routine where i want this program to be installed: "all users" or "current user". well i always check "only for current user" since i am all users and current user in one person. unfortunately not all installers prompt me this so a lot of new applications "land" in "all users" folder. can i force windows to install all programs only for current user?

i know you do not know use winamp but maybe you can give me a hint regarding to the song notifier appearing in the right corner when a new song is played. as you saw on many screenshots of my desktop i do have the sidebar on the right side and that is why i would love to have the notifier in the center (above the taskbar). i tried "toaster" - nope. i also had a deep look at the xml files but found nothing according directly to the position of the png file (on which the artist and the album cover are displayed). i also mailed the guy who made the modern skin but he never replied. and the winamp forum says nothing about this issue. any idea?
Reply . december 09, 2009 #613

thx. i am fine with xp now. but i will customize/hack win7 as soon as i install it. (2-3-4 years from now. i guess.) i am really fine with xp.

as for editing windows 7 themes. try this forum: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showforum=243

or use reshacker, resedit, xn resource editor or cff explorer suite, to extract the image from the visualstyle. then you can edit the image and replace it with the new one.
Reply . december 09, 2009 #612
hey dude hows it going
its really hard to search google for windows 7 themes
so i came here to ask - do you know how i can make (design) my own windows 7 themes ? i mean edit start button, taskbar, close x button etc etc
Reply . december 09, 2009 #611
you are the best customize-master i'd ever seen. your desktop is perfect, and your work is great. don't stop. you need make it your job. what about customize hack windows 7?
Reply . december 07, 2009 #610
being honest i do have a shortcut to the search companion: on my usb mouse. there is a button behind the wheel and it opens the search window in explorer (where i normally have my tree view) or it puts my cursor in the google search field while surfing the web.

the stupid thing about the search companion in explorer is, you cannot go back to the tree view. unless you go to menu and choose "folders". too much work! :-) thats why i prefer a separate search window i can close after having a look at the search results.
Reply . december 07, 2009 #609
i know, neither am i.
but after that, you can uninstall the program, because this exe works independently from the autohotkey program. it will be just one exe file, couple of kb in size and works like notepad.exe or any similar apps, but this does only one thing; executes the search companion. think of it as a shortcut.

without hacking, i don't think it is possible. if the window doesn't save the position (in registry), then it can only be done with reshacking.
Reply . december 07, 2009 #608
... thanks again for your help. i don't want to install any additional programs because of one click.

but i still have one question: when i open a cpl.file or hit "winlogo+r" a small window pops up always in the same spot. the taskbar window is in the very left corner for example. is it possible (without hacking these files) to have all these windows in the middle of the display?
Reply . december 07, 2009 #607
there is an application called autohotkey. with this, it is possible to write a script to use the f3 button (xp search. starting with the search panel, without the "what do you want to search?" panel). and this script can be converted to an exe. so basically you will have an exe as a shortcut to the search companion.

and you could use this exe instead of that script you just found.
Reply . december 07, 2009 #606

i pasted the lines from the xml file and they are not displayed here. weird. do not try to understand my last post. lines from the xml file are missing there.

i better leave the search companion as it is. it is just one click more to do. not a big deal.
Reply . december 07, 2009 #605
i copied the content of lcladvd.xml into lclsrch.xml and almost everything is fine but...

i cannot search because there is nothing in the combo box. normally there should be "c:"

these are the lines:

c:\ " this c: is missing i can type the searched file but hitting return has no function"

any idea...?
Reply . december 07, 2009 #604
oh. it doesn't work, because there is no search button. :( but i am on it. maybe it can be done.
Reply . december 07, 2009 #603
yes. locate lcladvd.xml and copy its content into lclsrch.xml. you will have the advanced search panel instead of the "what do you want to search?" panel. :)

it depends on what features, functions you want to use in active desktop / html desktop.
Reply . december 07, 2009 #602


1) i found a script on the web. now i can start the search companion from my desktop using this qttabtaskbar. goooood! normally the search companion starts with a question: "what do you want to search?" i deleted a lot of crap i never needed from the xml files (according to your tutorial..:-) but i would like to know if it is possible to start the search with the second window where the searched file is typed in? btw thanks to qttab quick launch and the start button are gone!

2) my changed shellstyle looks good. thanks.

3) also the hint about explorer was a "bingo!". now i click on the icon and a new tab(!) in my explorer window is open. cool.

4) active desktop: i just wondered if it is possible to take all the sidebar into a html file and run it on my desktop. probably not, and if yes would be a hell of a job right?
Reply . december 07, 2009 #601

i know only this shortcut: shell:::{2559a1f0-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}

that color is connected to an other system color. i don't remember which one. desktop color, or selection color? i don't know.

yes. copy the shellstyle.dll into system32 folder. (overwrite the old one)

i dont know. it depends on your sidebar program, but i doubt it. and what exactly do you mean by run active desktop?

in windows xp, the explorer has 2 states. normal explorer window view and the explorer view (with the tree bar on the left panel) i guess you just need to change the shortcut to explorer.exe in your sidebar. here are some explorer command line swithes: http://www.colba.net/~hlebo49/explorer.htm (bottom part of the page)
Reply . december 07, 2009 #600
hi des,

1) do you know how to start the search companion using the start->run option?
2) there are frames/borders around pictures or icons when i use the thumbnail view. do you know how to get rid of this?
3) is it possible to get the bottom panel i had in the explorer window while using the classic view?
4) would it be possible to run "activate desktop" with my sidebar? (i mean without installing rainmeter)
5) i know there is a difference when i click on explorer.exe or go to startmenu->computer. (how is it called in the english version? in win7 it is just "computer"). well always when i click on a drive icon on my sidebar the "computer" window pops up instead of explorer. do you know how to change this?

Reply . december 03, 2009 #599
hello. az elkovetkezo par sorban egy kezdemenyezest szeretnek neked bemutatni:

az elmult idoszakban azon gondolkodtam, hogy ideje lenne letrehozni egy magyar deskmodding kozosseget.

az eredeti elkepzeles szerint egy kis, de deskmoddingban jartas csapat kellene kezdesnek, aki segit, inspiraciokent szolgal a kezdo modderek szamara. az egesz egy galaxygui-hoz hasonlo phpbb3 motorra epulo forum lenne.

a kezdocsapat az eddigi allas szerin 5 emberbol all, akiknek eltero a "szakterulete"( van aki a rainmeterhez ert, van aki a visual stylok keszitesehez/szerkesztesehez) ez mellet egy jo adag esztetikaierzekkel is rendelkeznek (ami velemenyem szerint a legfontosabb a deskmoddingban).

tehat az lenne a kerdesem hogy lenne kedved ehhez a kezdo csapathoz tartozni? ha erdekel a dolog az outwork69@gmail.com email cimen megtalalsz:d
Reply . december 01, 2009 #598

exactly! :-)

yes i have exactly 296 reshacker script files in a folder and all i needed was an idea how to delete
"-modify "avis...
"-modify "bms..." so i would only change the icons. and again i have to thank you - notepad++ does it!!! look at the picture: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x0yt88. this is the modified shell32.dll. and the blue popup window is my new discovery from qt tabbar. it is called qttab desktoptool. double click somewhere on the desktop or taskbar and you have all your most important files or programs one click away! startmenu and quicklaunch are dead! :-) i even can use my forward and back buttons on my mouse while browsing in windows explorer. that's why there are no arrows on the toolbar menu. and there is another great feature i found out.
normally i had to go to folder options and enable "show system files" and "show hidden files". now i only have to click on the icon on the toolbar and i can see all system and hidden files on the cascading menu but not in the right window of explorer. so i will never need folder options again. qttabbar does a great job!

well des thanks again and see you soon! :-)

Reply . december 01, 2009 #597
oh. so you have 200 txt files (reshacker script) and you want delete certain lines from all of them? (leaving only the modify icons command)

there is notepad++ which one has replace text in multiple files capability or something like that. http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm
Reply . december 01, 2009 #596

disable balloontips, not tooltips:

btw, here is a huge collection of win xp tweaks: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

look for reshacker script documentations or forums on google. i never used reshacker script. i reshacked every file by one by one. (~300 files) because i did more reshacks than just changing the icon and that couldn't be scripted this way.
Reply . december 01, 2009 #595
hi des,

as i mentioned the other day i reinstalled xp and use now a classic style. a screenshot of my (very colorful) desktop here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6cvn9z.

what i still have not fixed are all these annoying balloontips. (i know you like them i do not need them - be gone!). well look at the reg-file please:http://www.sendspace.com/file/jh2av4. yes i restarted my computer and they still appear. do you know how to get rid of them?

your hint about "recycle bin off the desktop but not explorer" was fine. it works! thanks bro.

now i would like to ask you something and i hope my english is good enough to explain it. let's see.

i used to install a program which customized the xp luna look into windows 7. rougly speaking it worked like this. there was a folder:

folder "win7"

- reshacker
- replacer
- 1.bmp
- 2.ico
- 3.avi
- folder old( for example shell32.dll)
- folder new (for the modified file)
- shell.dll.txt

and the text file would look like this (is only an example)
" reshacker script

exe old: shell32.dll
exe new: new_shell32.dll
log file: shell32.dll.log

modify ... with 1.bmp
modify ... with 2.ico
modify ... with 3.avi"

and replacer would do the rest of the job replacing all these modified files. can you follow this? now my wish/idea would be to only change the old-fashioned icons with the new win7 ones. well this should not be a problem while changing some icons within one file. but in that win7 program about 200 (!) files are modified! so almost every program, every cpl-, ocx-,dll-file would get new icons.

now my question: is it possible to write a script which would do like this:

1. for i=1 to i=200
2. open the *.textfile.
3. delete "modify bitmap", "modify avi", "modify whatever" but do not touch "modify icons"!
4. repeat

i would like to have the text files only with "modify icons", so i would change only the icons of all these 200 programs.

... is there hope for such a script des? :-)

Reply . november 29, 2009 #594
i would say use the group policy editor (gpedit.msc), but since you have xp home edition, this isn't an option.

but here is a regtweak for that: hide recycle bin on desktop - not from explorer >

these required c++ files are starting with msvc.... like msvcr70.dll, msvcr71.dll, msvcrtd.dll... etc. so msvcr50.dll or msvcr60.dll or msvcr80.dll and so on.. version 2005, 2006, etc.

i don't know if it's possible that you want. i just gathered "all of them" and copied to my sytem32 folder.

i am aware of that the winsxs folder in vista and win7 takes a lot of space. afaik these files are not files, but hard links. actually the size of winsxs folder is "fake". the windows just reports that it's 5-6 gb but actually it is only couple of mb's. or something similar.
Reply . november 29, 2009 #593
well... i hoped and failed :-( yes i really reinstalled xp on my hp laptop. looks good and feels good. but now i have some short questions:
1) i got rid of my recyclebin icon from the desktop. but this one in windows explorer is also gone. how am i supposed to delete it from desktop but not from explorer without using tweakui?
2) are you familiar with c++ redistributable files? a lot of programs need them but every program needs a different version. i just would like to avoid having...
c++ redistributable 2005
c++ redistributable 2006
c++ redistributable 2008... is it possible to install the latest version (2008 sp1) and force all these programs to use it instead of installing all this old crap?
by the way...my winsxs folder has now 20 mb total size. yesterday i was in a computer shop and had a close look at some notebooks with windows 7. guess how big is the winsxs folder on windows 7? between 5-6 gb!!!! gosh!!! i think people who buy win7 becomes a 40 tonnes truck just to get a bottle of water from the next shop...:-d

Reply . november 29, 2009 #592
try anothe usb port and/or remove (uninstall) the yellow question mark in device manager, restart and hope. :)
Reply . november 29, 2009 #591
i also tried to expand the hidusb.sy_ from /i386 on the recovery cd to the drivers folder:

expand e:\i386\hidusb.sy_ c:\windows\system32\drivers\hidusb.sys.

so technically i do have all you listed. but i still get the message, that the device cannot be used because there is no software for that.
Reply . november 29, 2009 #590
... well i do have both .cab files and this hid.dll in the c:\system32 folder. the problem is the hidusb.sys file is missing! :-(
can i just copy it from the recovery cd?
Reply . november 29, 2009 #589
have you tried to remove the device (from the usb port) then reconnect again after restarting windows? usually windows finds the new devices automatically.

make sure you have 2 files in c:\windows\driver cache\i386\ driver.cab sp2.cab or sp3.cab.

my usb optical mouse have these files in system32/drivers folder: hidusb.sys, hidparse.sys, hidclass.sys + hid.dll in system32 folder.
Reply . november 29, 2009 #588
today i could use some real help. i am afraid i deleted a content of a windows folder and now my usb mouse does not work anymore. all other usb devices are o.k. (walkman, usb-stick). in the devicemanager window i do have a question mark and "usb receiver" and when i click on "search for driver" i would get the message "driver was not found on that system". normally i do not need any driver for usb devices since i run xp with sp2. do you have any idea what file might be missing?
Reply . november 28, 2009 #587

or you could try to find an alternative to that program.
Reply . november 28, 2009 #586
...well since the manifest idea does not work, i am afraid i will have to catch up with a new version of that program or just close one eye while running it...:-) thanks again
Reply . november 28, 2009 #585
ms works3.jpg:
i don't know the solution but i have 2 more tips.
- use wksslng.dll.manifest file inside the folder, and see what happens.
- if it possible, update the software. maybe in a newer version this problem is fixed.

ms works4.jpg:
i don't know, but i don't think so.
Reply . november 28, 2009 #584
... and on this one please...

Reply . november 28, 2009 #583

would you please have a look at this:
Reply . november 27, 2009 #582
oh. i see you figured it out. :)
Reply . november 27, 2009 #581

1. check the dll's too.

1. it works for me. i guess because you did it wrong. 38003000300000 = 800
there is an f before the number 8 then 2 zeros which in this case it is 30. because hex 30 means 0. you know. and the end of the 800 it is not a dot but a zero. (00)
Reply . november 27, 2009 #580
i got it!

yeah!.... next time you must teach me how to change text in a hexeditor. first of all i changed the text on the right side and put "." between the letters. and theses dots got "2e" hex value on the left side. so i had to change these "2e" to "00" to get it worked. goood! then i figured out that there must be a space " " between the words (like in "picture resizer") and i had only a "." again and that why i got these stupid squares. also the resolution had to be corrected. instead of 1280x800 into 800x1280. now it works! :-) gracias!
Reply . november 27, 2009 #579

a) ms works wordpad -> reshack -> no bitmaps at all ->the program displays the toolbarbackground and icons correctly (even after minimizing and maximizing again)

b) ms works exel -> reshack -> bitmaps are there but not these i see when the program is running -> like i said, i assume the toolbarbitmaps/icons are somewhere in a .dll


p.s. oh..after i opened both programs i discovered manifest files within them. too bad they are not working...


such a tiny program - such a big pain! :-(
first of all thanks for your hints. well guess what i got after changing the english text to german: exactly! a lot of □□□□□□□□□!!!!!!!
i saw them today as well after i wrote a small batch-file (dir /s /b ->list.txt). instead of c:\...\startmenü i saw c:\...\startmen□.

also there is the default resolution 1200x1024, which i changed to 1280x800 and what i see in th pop-up window? ".800 x 1280" and this error message "these must be numbers dude!" whooohooo! like i said...such a tiny program...
Reply . november 27, 2009 #578

no no. by toolbarbitmap i meant something like this: http://i47.tinypic.com/2nk5kes.jpg
if this is not in the correct format, that could cause something like that.

oh. i thought you want to do something different.

hex 52006500730069007a0065 = resize pictures @ offset 59dc. rename it to german.

hex 31003000320034 @ 5af8 = 1024 + 1200 text. rename it to your screen resolution and this will be the default value.
Reply . november 27, 2009 #577

1. ms works (exel+word).
i opened exel (wksss.exe) using reshacker and found no tollbar bitmaps. (btw..both programs - exel and word - use the toolbarbitmap from the .msstyles. the problem is that exel does not display it correctly as the word does). i even did not find the toolbar icons in that .exe-file. i bet they hide somewhere in one of these 50 .dll's in works programfiles folder....:-(

2. the program is called imageresizer-2.0.msi. i found a dll which seems to be easy to hack. there is also that pop-up window within. have a look at this please. maybe you could change it so i will not have to type the display's resolution everytime i want to change a picture's size. and the english name "resizepictutre" was there but only as caption name for the window but not for the contextmenu.
download is here:http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/release/projectreleases.aspx?releaseid=26281
Reply . november 27, 2009 #576

it seems the toolbar bitmap is not in the correct 24 or 32bit format. try to reshack the toolbar bitmap in ms word. save the bitmap, open it with an image editor, and change the color quality to 24bit or 32bit. also you might have to recolor the grey background part to the magic pink color. (#ff00ff)

msi file is an installer file so that is not the file we need in this case. after installing this, somewhere there must be extracted a dll file (shell extension dll). check c:\windows\system32\shellext folder or your profile folder (in documents and settings) there must be somewhere. in some cases it's located in system32 folder.

it would be help if you just tell me the name of the program, so i can install it and see where is this file located.

your second request is not possible. (=resolution size directly in the first line) at least i don't know if it is possible to do that with hacking.

since i am iconless, i don't know, don't remember.
download icon extractor, scan for icons, and change every occurrence of that icon.

i don't use wireless connection so i don't know where is the correct icon. again, do a scan for icons, and change all of them. (the correct icon could be in xpsp2res.dll, xpsp3res.dll, shell32.dll, netshell.dll)
Reply . november 27, 2009 #575

i have a lot of questions today des... are you ready? let's roll...:)

1) i have been using ms works, especially these exel-like and word-like programs. unfortunately all these good guys in redmond forgot to put a manifest-file in the folder so ms works would use the comctl32.dll from the winsxs folder. well i did it and look what happened. any idea why?

2) i used to use a program to resize the size of pictures i download from the internet to fit my display (1280x800). today i found a tiny program (.msi-file) which does exactly the same. but: in the contetxmenu i have the english name "resize pictures" - i'd like it in german - but i cannot find anything neither in programfiles folder nor in the registry. then, if i check "resizepictures" a small windows pops up and i have to click "advanced" and click "custom" and type the display's resolution. is it possible to hack this .msi file, so i would have my resolution size directly in the (first line?) of the pop-up window?

3) do you know how to change the icons of "c:\...\downloaded program files" and "c:\...\historyie"? there are no desktop.ini files in those folders, not even hidden.

4) when you looked at my icons i had changed them. but the wlan icon in the taskbar seems not to be the right one. always when i restart my wlan connection i see for one second this wlan-icon and then it changes to this standard internet connection sign. do you know how to get the (real) wlan icon?

Reply . november 25, 2009 #574

no. unfortunately that type of message window is using a msgbox window template and this one is hardcoded into the windows. it is not a resource type dialog like the delete, move, copy... dialog.

could be possible to hexedit it, but i am afraid that other dialogs using this template will be gone too.
Reply . november 25, 2009 #573
... a short note according to these □□ in my explorer. i found out that they show up after selecting folders and files. as long as i only have folders and select them by hitting ctrl+a i see clean text without any □.

btw: in almost every windows folder there is at least one hidden file (desktop.ini for example). when i select the content of a folder i always get this annoying message "in this folder there is a hidden file. please go to folder options and enable "show hidden files". do you know how to turn this message off?
Reply . november 24, 2009 #572
hmm... in fonts, the first character in the char table has this square always. it is the notdefined character. remove it with a font editor. that square is actually a character but the font can't display it, because it is undefined in its chartable or something, so it shows that square character instead of nothing.
Reply . november 24, 2009 #571
yep...i just changed the font to tahoma and saw the same stupid squares. meanwhile i would say you were right by pointing out it could be there because two lines are forced in one. now the shell32.dll looks like this:

31364, "%ld items selected."
31365, " "

and i still see two squares after "selected"....

o.k. thanks man.
Reply . november 24, 2009 #570

maybe it's a font problem. have you tried with another font? worth a try.
Reply . november 24, 2009 #569
... i am going to leave it.. no matter what i do in the shell32 i always get these stupid squares...
Reply . november 24, 2009 #568

now i see there:

"14 items selected. totalsize:□□□□□□□□@1" :-(
Reply . november 24, 2009 #567

ehh. :d

which file? i guess explorer.exe. but it is not that simple. without knowing the source code of the windows, you can change minor things only. knowing and having the source code, that would be amazing. we could do a lot of amazing hacks, tweaks.

but you could try merging those lines into one line.

31364, "%ld items selected."
31365, "total file size: %ls"

try something like this:
31364, "%ld items selected, total file size: %ls"
31365, ""
Reply . november 24, 2009 #566
... lol ... obviously you have no sense of humor.

by saying that i just wanted to know which file reads the content of the shell32 numbers in the stringtable and puts it on the bottom of the explorer, so i see there "10 items selected.##totalsize:45mb" for example.

do you know des which program or file reads the stringtable number in the shell32.dll and displays them on the explorer? if i knew that i maybe could put the second line under the first one without having these weird signs....
Reply . november 24, 2009 #565

what? where did you see that line? (please open shell32.dll...)
Reply . november 24, 2009 #564
well.... as far for the triangles i solved the problem by changing the bitmaps. instead of triangles now i have a "+" and "-". looks good and works good! :-)

do you know where is the orderline which says:" please open shell32.dll, then go to stringtable 1961 and get me the content of number 31364 and 31365. i am going to put these two lines in one"? maybe we could put the second line under the first one or just delete it. the total file size here is not correct so i could give up that line.
Reply . november 23, 2009 #563
triangles: i don't know what's causing it.

squares: check shell32.dll -> stringtable 1961 -> if the german equivalent of
31364, "%ld items selected." and 31365, "total file size: %ls"
is ok, and there is no mistypes or weird characters there. but i guess that is a bug caused by forcing 2 line text into 1 line text. and that 2 squares are actually line break signs or something.

total size: i already tried to achieve that, but i couldn't. i even tried to do that in the caption bar (title bar).
Reply . november 23, 2009 #562

would you please have a look at the picture below:



Reply . november 19, 2009 #561

why is it so important to delete your image? but ok, it is none of my business. at least, next time use sendspace.com or whatever but not rapidshare. (yes, there is a delete link in most of the file sharing services)

just change everything to 90. from 8bff55... until you see 9090909090.
or if that doesn't work, change everything to 90 from a16000.... until you see 9090909090.


Reply . november 19, 2009 #560

i am trying to get rid of the small rectangle. i found the "drawfocusrect" line and typed the numbers from the whole column into hex editor. it also found the typed hex value. unfortunately my hex values look different from yours. how am i supposed to change them now?

p.s. please do not yell at me for uploading my files using rapidshare. have some patience, drink a coffee or whatever. :-)
Reply . november 18, 2009 #559
thank you for your swift help
Reply . november 17, 2009 #558

no. since you mentioned this qttabbar has a lot of features/functions but you only need one (the search function) my first idea was it could be possible to "install" only that one, if it were like a plugin, extension for the explorer. (different dll for different functions. like a toolbar extension for explorer or for iexplorer)

but it seems it is not the case here. is this the only app for this? for the vista like search.
Reply . november 17, 2009 #557

is this what we have been looking for?

in the old manual i found "... this software uses bandobjectlib..."

have a look at this site please http://www.codeproject.com/kb/shell/dotnetbandobjects.aspx
Reply . november 17, 2009 #556

well. i don't know. maybe this because it is a .net program. or we just can not find any qttabbar related files.
Reply . november 17, 2009 #555

nope :-( nothing. not a word. i had a look in the registry, like i said, there are a lot of entries. and one file appears almost always together with any qt... values: mscoree.dll. it is a part of .net 2.0.

you cannot deactivate qt tabbar only uninstall.
there are also a lot of libraries in .\hkey_classes_root\...

and this from the folder i started it:

[hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\.netframework\v2.0.50727\ngenservice\roots\interop.shdocvw, version=, culture=neutral, publickeytoken=78a0cde69b47ca25\2]

i am sorry but i cannot help you so you can help me... :-(
Reply . november 17, 2009 #554
interesting. is this qttabbar an always running application? is it there in task manager's process list?
Reply . november 17, 2009 #553

yeah. but that is for larger files, not for image files. i always have to wait like now. quote: "there are no more download slots available for free users right now. if you don't want to become a premium member, you might want to try again later."

and that annoying 1 minute and 15 minutes waiting time before i can download. so this is not for images.
Reply . november 17, 2009 #552

this is all i found about qt tabbar:

(here i can delete uploaded files... no need to keep them on the web)
Reply . november 17, 2009 #551

hehe. yeah, i am hungarian. :)

it is not possible. why don't you use a visualstyle that looks like windows classic? do a search for window classic visualstyle on google or devart. i am sure there are some. maybe not exactly the same but you can alter it to look more like windows classic.

the qttabbar installation folder must be somewhere. but could be under different name too. do a search for "qtt". (in documents and settings, or in windows folder)

as far as i know you can't delete uploaded images.
Reply . november 17, 2009 #550

just change the red and blue color to whatever you want. (class: header, and main)
Reply . november 17, 2009 #549

hello magyar guy! :-) i must admit you are much better than google!

1) i had a look at the marlett.tff. exactly! these old-fashioned, ugly signs are in there. i also tried to modify it. no way! would it be possible to link the xp to .msstyle file to get all the proper bitmaps ( buttons, close, help...)?

2) as far for the qt tabbar program, have a look at the picture please... http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/299/qttabbar.jpg

i find the tab idea really great - now i only have one explorer window open. and the picture preview is pretty handy. but there is no folder in c:\programfiles. there is a property window, where you can change a bunch of things. that's all. :-(

p.s. how am i supposed to delete the imageshack file?
Reply . november 17, 2009 #548
ok, i found a site i like, so no need to help make from scratch. im having one problem though. the table border. i want to make it all one solid color. currently it has shaded, highlights etc. can you help with that? below is the html if you can.

Reply . november 16, 2009 #547

there is no windows classic msstyle in the system. what bitmaps? the close buttons, minimize, maximize glyphs are in marlett.ttf font. all the bitmaps/icons used by the system are in the system files.

there are plenty of disassemblers, but i use hdasm. http://hdasm.narod.ru
you need the offsets in hexeditor not in disassembler.

unfortunately in the shellstlye panel can not be used custom links.

unfortunately this qttabbar requires .net framework, which i don't have and never intended to install, and never will. the feature you need, it could be a shell extension in qttabbar folder and could be possible to use independently from the whole install. i don't know but it is worth a try. what files (all) are in the qttabbar folder? show me a list.

or upload the installed(!) qttabbar folder for me. maybe i could dig something out of it.
Reply . november 16, 2009 #546

i wonder why i still get a lot of error messages in windows95 look. for example when my battery is low, or i just hit the power button and some programs are still running. is there a windows classic.msstyles at all? where are all the bitmaps for that classic look? (or that safe mode look). do you know it?

by the way... i was trying to apply some hack ideas of yours, so i downloaded a trial version of pe explorer and got pretty stuck. how am i supposed to find out the offset number using the disassembler? the number shown on the left will not match any number within the file logonui.exe opened with hex editor. i would appreciate some help here. thanks.

by the way (2). you were right. all the lines between the bars are just colors within the msstyles file. i found them using stylebuilder.

by the way (3). according to your "iconic top taskpanel with details" tutorial. would it be possible to make such a taskpanel but with tabs as substitution for the favorites folder? so i could get rid of the menubar and would have all my favorites under the adressbar. (like in firefox)

by the way(4). some time ago i downloaded vista to get checked if it runs on my laptop. and i found two things i felt in love immediately. in explorer there is a search bar, so i can search within folders without going to startmenu and hitting search. i do have such a search field in my explorer but it is a part of a huge program called qttabbar and i only need this one feature! would it be possible to hack/program such a working search field on xp? (a lot of those search fields on deviantart are just fake:-)
Reply . november 16, 2009 #545

well. i don't know. i could try, but i am not a (web) designer. and i don't use ps.
Reply . november 16, 2009 #544

if i were to create a website design in ps, could you help me create it?
Reply . november 15, 2009 #543
those lines could be simple colors too. 3d border colors in registry: buttonshadow, buttondkshadow, buttonlight, buttonhilight in hkey_current_user\control panel\colors. (system wide changes)

in firefox those can be hided/recolored with userchrome.css. i don't know which values you should change but i guess it is defined "borders" or separators.
Reply . november 15, 2009 #542
.... would you please have a look at this picture:

there is this explorer window i really like because there are no lines between the titlebar, menubar, toolbar and other bars. i also have the lines between the bars on my firefox when i look at it right now. i cannot find them in the msstyles. do you know which program is "responsible" for those lines?
Reply . november 15, 2009 #541

well... thanks a lot for all your help.
Reply . november 15, 2009 #540

hmm. the first idea that came to my mind is duplicate the shimgvw.dll and do some regtweak and make a compare right click menu item on image types. so when you open normally a picture the shimgvw.dll would be used, but when you right click an other picture and select compare, the shimgvw2.dll would be used and there would be 2 separate windows. i suppose it could work, but i don't know.

i don't know. i only used the "magic pink" color.

maybe it is because that program is just ignoring the manifest file. (as i said the "poorly" constructed programs before.)

i guess it is something safety thing in xp or i don't know. you are admin (merlin) but safe mode is "safe mode" you know. i am also admin and single user on my system.
Reply . november 15, 2009 #539

it works! coooool... thanks man! no icons in the taskbar...
Reply . november 15, 2009 #538
i am thinking right now about two challenges i have been looking for on the web but have never found a solution. maybe you can help me a step further...

when i click on a picture in my explorer window a picture and fax viewer is started. (i hope this is the english name for that). when i click again on another picture i see this picture in the same window. my question is: is it possible to open this viewer as often as often i click on different pictures so i could compare two or three images at the same time (i know it works that way on vista).

is it possible to use bitmaps with alpha channel hacking the msstyle file? it works for some buttons or glyps. but what about the frame of explorer? or the taskbar or ... or... or... :-)

thanks for your links. unfortunately none of these programs was able to change the button look of my synaptics driver config programm. :-( i am going to send them an e-mail, maybe it helps.

and the last question (for today :-). i use xp home edition so i am user and admin in one person. i thought i was! when i start windows in safe mode i have to choose between administrator or merlin. why is that? i thought this would be one person? in case i choose admin and start windows normally again i have a new account on my disk: administrator. how am i supposed to be admin and user in one person?
Reply . november 15, 2009 #537
hacked explorer: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h0hi95

original data:
at offset 192b0 = 31
at offset = 192ee = 30

hacked data:
at offset 192b0 = 9f
at offset 192ee = 40
Reply . november 15, 2009 #536

my hack with bigger icons on taskbar is not ready yet. the icons are pixelated sometimes. need to fix that. the no text only icons on taskbar tweak can be done with a simple registry tweak. but also need to fix the pixelated issue with big icons first if you want this with big icons.

you can get icons closer to each other with a simple regtweak. (only with icon view! doesn't work with details or list view) iconspacing and iconverticalspacing in hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop\windowmetrics or display properties > appearances > advanced > icon spacing
Reply . november 15, 2009 #535
Reply . november 15, 2009 #534
here comes my explorer: http://rapidshare.com/files/307367692/explorer.exe.html
would you please let me know what and where you changed something so i can do it on my own in the future?

and what about having bigger icons on the buttons in the taskbar? like in the quick launch? and what about having no text on the buttons only big icons like on win7? :-) ...sorry for sooooo many wishes...:-)

a short question: is it possible to get the icons in an explorer window closer to each other, so i could have three columns instead of two without making the window bigger.

Reply . november 15, 2009 #533

is the manifest file the one from my site? this manifest trick works in most of the cases, but with some programs it doesn't. old applications or poorly constructed programs sometimes simply don't run, when this manifest file is in their folder. and in some other cases it doesn't work at all.

the explorer.exe.manifest file is for few other things.

+ one tip:
for pictures do not use file sharing service. (like rapidshare) use image hosting services instead like tinypic.com, imageshack.us or any free image hosting, then use (copy here) the direct link to the image.
Reply . november 15, 2009 #532

good morning... i am asking you to first have a look at the picture i just uploaded at rapidshare. http://rapidshare.com/files/307272128/synaptics_driver.jpg.html

as you see, this is my synaptics driver (for my hp touchpad). i do have a manifest file in the folder but i still get the windows95 buttons. i also replaced the old comctl32 (ver5) with the new one (ver6) using replacer.cmd but it won't work at all. also the whole setup procedure shows only the old buttons. many program use the windows95 buttons when they show me an error message - like i.e. winamp. and yes i do have a manifest explorer file but it does not change a thing :-( any ideas how to get rid of it?
Reply . november 14, 2009 #531
sendspace.com, rapidshare.com, megaupload.com, etc. :)
Reply . november 14, 2009 #530

i apologize in advance but how am i supposed to upload my explorer.exe? you don't want me to copy and paste the exe-file from the hex-editor, do you?
Reply . november 14, 2009 #529

yeah. most of the hacks work only with xp (professional) sp2 eng or sp3 eng. but in most of the cases it is for sp3 eng. the task bar icon removal hack can only be done with hexeditor.

send me (upload) the explorer.exe file and i will do it for you tomorrow. i just hope my windows will not crash while i use your file. :)
Reply . november 14, 2009 #528
thank you for your answer. being honest i find your homepage great, the only problem is that your tricks and ideas do not work on my "hacked" german xp sp2. either i cannot find the right offset-number or the hex :-( for example i tried to get rid of the icons on the buttons on my taskbar. i did like you said and what happened: the icons were still there but some millimeters below their normal position. is there an another way to apply your great hack-ideas? could i get this changed using i.e. reshacker?
Reply . november 14, 2009 #527

i don't think it is possible because it is a program specified setting / option.

the explorer.exe and those applications that are using the bitmap from the msstyle are actually using toolbarwindow32 class as a menu bar which can be styled that way. but notepad, mspaint, reshacker and the others aren't, so those can't be styled that way. :( it is just the way those programs were created.

and i don't think it is possible to hexedit / alter the program to achieve that you want. (i could be wrong... but even if it possible, i don't know how to do that)
Reply . november 14, 2009 #526
in programs like windows explorer.exe, firefox, thunderbird... there is a bitmap behind the menubar (file edit....). this bitmap is in the msstyles (toolbarbackground.bmp). no problem to change this. but! a lot of programs (like mspaint, notepad, reshacker..) have only a color instead of this bitmap. is it possible that every program would have the same bitmap in the menubar?
thank you

Reply . november 13, 2009 #525
Reply . november 13, 2009 #524
you should try a visualstyle with that haxrcorp font and see if it is ok. if it's still not working there must be something wrong with your system.

i am out of ideas.
Reply . november 13, 2009 #523
ehhh! didnt help
Reply . november 12, 2009 #522
don't add .ttf! only the font name without the extension.
Reply . november 12, 2009 #521

i tryed but nothing... same as before mb i did something wrong http://i36.tinypic.com/28qymf5.png one thing i noticed there http://i34.tinypic.com/29er8yc.png should be font name by default or no?
Reply . november 12, 2009 #520
why this is so hard to do.... i tryed install/uninstall lots of different fonts and result is the same http://i35.tinypic.com/1eurnd.jpg im tired already!
Reply . november 12, 2009 #519
i don't know. :(

try this. in regedit, go to hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop\windowmetrics you will see captionfont, menufont, mesagefont, etc. open and edit those binary values directly in regedit. it is in hex format, so be careful. there are lines: 0000, 0008, 0010, 0018, etc. and the last line is 0058 and contains 00 00 00 00.

edit all font names (see picture), log off, and re-logon to see if it is working or not.
here is a pic > http://i35.tinypic.com/2psm7vm.png
Reply . november 12, 2009 #518
do you see your font name here?
hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\fonts


[hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\fonts]
"small fonts (vga res)"="smaller.fon"
"arial (truetype)"="arial.ttf"
"arial bold (truetype)"="arialbd.ttf"
"arial bold italic (truetype)"="arialbi.ttf"
"arial italic (truetype)"="ariali.ttf"
"courier new (truetype)"="cour.ttf"
"courier new bold (truetype)"="courbd.ttf"
"courier new bold italic (truetype)"="courbi.ttf"
"courier new italic (truetype)"="couri.ttf"
"lucida console (truetype)"="lucon.ttf"
"lucida sans unicode (truetype)"="l_10646.ttf"
"times new roman (truetype)"="times.ttf"
"times new roman bold (truetype)"="timesbd.ttf"
"times new roman bold italic (truetype)"="timesbi.ttf"
"times new roman italic (truetype)"="timesi.ttf"
"wingdings (truetype)"="wingding.ttf"
"symbol (truetype)"="symbol.ttf"
"symbol 8,10,12,14,18,24 (vga res)"="symbole.fon"
"verdana (truetype)"="verdana.ttf"
"verdana bold (truetype)"="verdanab.ttf"
"verdana italic (truetype)"="verdanai.ttf"
"verdana bold italic (truetype)"="verdanaz.ttf"
"arial black (truetype)"="ariblk.ttf"
"comic sans ms (truetype)"="comic.ttf"
"comic sans ms bold (truetype)"="comicbd.ttf"
"impact (truetype)"="impact.ttf"
"georgia (truetype)"="georgia.ttf"
"georgia bold (truetype)"="georgiab.ttf"
"georgia bold italic (truetype)"="georgiaz.ttf"
"georgia italic (truetype)"="georgiai.ttf"
"franklin gothic medium (truetype)"="framd.ttf"
"franklin gothic medium italic (truetype)"="framdit.ttf"
"palatino linotype (truetype)"="pala.ttf"
"palatino linotype bold (truetype)"="palab.ttf"
"palatino linotype bold italic (truetype)"="palabi.ttf"
"palatino linotype italic (truetype)"="palai.ttf"
"tahoma bold (truetype)"="tahomabd.ttf"
"trebuchet ms (truetype)"="trebuc.ttf"
"trebuchet ms bold (truetype)"="trebucbd.ttf"
"trebuchet ms bold italic (truetype)"="trebucbi.ttf"
"trebuchet ms italic (truetype)"="trebucit.ttf"
"webdings (truetype)"="webdings.ttf"
"estrangelo edessa (truetype)"="estre.ttf"
"gautami (truetype)"="gautami.ttf"
"latha (truetype)"="latha.ttf"
"mangal (truetype)"="mangal.ttf"
"mv boli (truetype)"="mvboli.ttf"
"raavi (truetype)"="raavi.ttf"
"shruti (truetype)"="shruti.ttf"
"tunga (truetype)"="tunga.ttf"
"sylfaen (truetype)"="sylfaen.ttf"
"courier 10,12,15 (vga res)"="courer.fon"
"ms sans serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (vga res)"="sserifer.fon"
"ms serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (vga res)"="serifer.fon"
"tahoma (truetype)"="tahoma.ttf"
"microsoft sans serif (truetype)"="micross.ttf"
"global monospace"="globalmonospace.compositefont"
"global user interface"="globaluserinterface.compositefont"
"global serif"="globalserif.compositefont"
"global sans serif"="globalsansserif.compositefont"
"kartika (truetype)"="kartika.ttf"
"lucida sans regular (truetype)"="lsans.ttf"
"lucida sans demibold roman (truetype)"="lsansd.ttf"
"lucida sans demibold italic (truetype)"="lsansdi.ttf"
"lucida sans italic (truetype)"="lsansi.ttf"
"vrinda (truetype)"="vrinda.ttf"
"dwnanocaps regular (truetype)"="dwnanocaps.ttf"
"abstract (truetype)"="abstract.ttf"
"uf mr. pixel tools (truetype)"="uf_mrpixel-tools.ttf"
"modern (all res)"="modern.fon"
"script (all res)"="script.fon"
"scalasans caps unknown (truetype)"="scalasanscapsunknown.ttf"
"all caps (truetype)"="allcaps.ttf"
"memoria caps (truetype)"="memoria_.ttf"
"munica regular caps (truetype)"="munirg__.ttf"
"semplice regular caps (truetype)"="semprg__.ttf"
"hooge 05_57 caps (truetype)"="hooge05_57.ttf"
"newzald-bookitalic (opentype)"="newzald-bookitalic.otf"
"newzald-blackitalic (opentype)"="newzald-blackitalic.otf"
"newzald-bold (opentype)"="newzald-bold.otf"
"newzald-book (opentype)"="newzald-book.otf"
"aurora extended (truetype)"="auroe___.ttf"
"corbel (truetype)"="corbel.ttf"
"gill sans mt (truetype)"="gill sans mt.ttf"
"marke eigenbau normal (truetype)"="marken__.ttf"
"frucade medium 8 (96 dpi)"="frucm___.fon"
"frucade medium (truetype)"="frucm___.ttf"
"blank (truetype)"="blank.ttf"
"calibri bold caps bold (truetype)"="calibri bold caps.ttf"
"itc avant garde gothic lt medium (truetype)"="itc avant garde gothic lt medium.ttf"
"kroeger 05_55"="kroeger.fon"
"calibri (truetype)"="calibri.ttf"
"arial caps (truetype)"="arialcaps.ttf"
"calibri caps (truetype)"="calibri0.ttf"
"calibri bold (truetype)"="calibrib.ttf"
"corbel bold (truetype)"="corbelb.ttf"
"haxrcorp 4088 6 (96 dpi)"="haxrcorp 4088.fon"
"haxrcorp 4088 caps 9"="haxrcorp caps.fon"
"segoe ui bold (truetype)"="seguibd.ttf"
"segoe ui (truetype)"="seguibk.ttf"
"swiss 721 bold condensed bt d-type (truetype)"="swisscb-dtype.ttf"
"itc avant garde gothic lt medium caps (truetype)"="itc avant garde gothic lt medium caps.ttf"
"kroeger 05_55 caps (truetype)"="kroe0555caps.ttf"
"standard 07_57 caps (truetype)"="stan0757caps.ttf"

but wtf i cant select them from appernce list.... in appearence i can select all default plus arial caps and all calibri....
Reply . november 12, 2009 #517
do you see your font name here?
hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\fonts

(list of installed fonts)
Reply . november 12, 2009 #516
now what i need is find a font that can be selected from apperence...
thanks for tips.
Reply . november 12, 2009 #515
hm. i was wrong. *fon font types are also can be selected from the font list. i just checked in my list and there are *fon files too.

you can't change the font size in regedit. the dialog font size is defined in the dialogs in the resources (dll, exe). see it in reshacker. (open a dll) every dialog has its own font setting. in most of the cases it is ms shell dlg, 8 but it could be different. that means you can change the font size in all the dialogs, but that would be tremendous work to do. reshack every dialog in every file? that is too much.

but you can change it in a font editor. you can adjust the "zooming factor" or something for font sizes. if the size 8 is too big for you, you can adjust it to get it smaller. i mean it will be still font size 8, but smaller.
Reply . november 12, 2009 #514
hmm.... i got one in ttf format but same they didt show up in appearance dialog...
what is diference between http://i37.tinypic.com/f210np.jpg seems only with o symbol .ttf can be selected in appearance dialog
2) and is there any way to change system font size with regedit
Reply . november 12, 2009 #513
thanks for quick answer yes im using classic theme and font is .fon format! ahhh that sux all fonts i like are .fon format! im looking for caps font @ttf format any recommendation!
Reply . november 12, 2009 #512

are you using windows classic theme or visualstyle?
is the font properly installed? is the font in fon or ttf format? afaik only ttf font can be selected in the appearance dialog. but i am not 100% sure.
Reply . november 12, 2009 #511
hello there, i have prob with changin fonts.... i got system font (haxrcorp caps) changed with regedit but how can i change all dialogs in appearance with same font as system... there no such a font!
Reply . october 25, 2009 #510
thanks for the tip, but i think ill just keep it then :)
Reply . october 25, 2009 #509

i don't know how to completely remove it. but try this:

128 menu
language lang_english, sublang_english_us
popup ""

it will remove the menu items but the menu bar will still be there.
Reply . october 24, 2009 #508
thanks again des, now it looks a lot better :)

also wanted to ask, any idea about removing the menu? (i think i asked about this a long time ago, but cant rememer)
Reply . october 24, 2009 #507
here is the half-hacked one: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tzeruc

if you want just to shrink the height of the seekbar:

the height of the seekbar: reshacker > dialog 10022 and i changed its height to 7. the original is 12.
hex 83460409 @ [0x9f4d8] ....09 - move up seek button. this means, the end of 83460409 is 09 and by changing 09 to 03 (or 01, 02...etc) will move up the seek button. (i changed it to 03)
hex 83c009 @ [0x9fe96] ...09 - move up seekbar track. by changing the 09 will move up the seek "track" or what is it. (i changed it to 03)
Reply . october 24, 2009 #506
Reply . october 24, 2009 #505
im not completely sure its the right one, but i think so:

i got it from this codecpackage:
(originaly from this site: http://www.cccp-project.net/ )

id still love to get the version you changed, because its the height of the seekbar that annoys me the most :)
Reply . october 24, 2009 #504

i did something, but that seek button is just pain in the ass. it makes me crazy. http://i35.tinypic.com/415kx.png
i can't do the same like i did in my version of mpc. i don't know if i can do it or not again.

it is funny, it is almost 2010 and still there are softwares with that annoying windows classic borders. (without any alternatives, skin or settings)

oh. and can you upload that version of mpc-hc again? i can't find that specific version on the net. i need it because it seems i altered something and i forgot what was that. so i need the original. (the old link is dead)
Reply . october 24, 2009 #503
useing a simple exe program in wv pc on windows 7 so it can be run from the desktop
Reply . october 24, 2009 #502
hi des, just wanted to check if you managed to find some new hexvalues for mpc-hc :) (one i really want to find is the one that changes the height of the seekbar completely)
Reply . october 19, 2009 #501
in the css i edited / added this

div#menufv {
width: 100px;
height: 80px;
overflow: hidden;
div#menufk {
width: 400px;
height: 80px;
overflow: hidden;

and added this to the script:

'mouseenter': function(){
this.set('tween', {
duration: 1000,
transition: fx.transitions.bounce.easeout
}).tween('height', '300px');
'mouseleave': function(){
this.set('tween', {}).tween('height', '80px');

'mouseenter': function(){
this.set('tween', {
duration: 1000,
transition: fx.transitions.bounce.easeout
}).tween('height', '400px');
'mouseleave': function(){
this.set('tween', {}).tween('height', '80px');

that is all. i guess.
Reply . october 19, 2009 #500
love you.

if it isnt too much, could you tell me what you did? i tried alot of stuff but couldnt get it to work
Reply . october 18, 2009 #499
oh.... you mean you you don't want to get totally iconless system but do want iconless classic start menu? well.. i don't know...
Reply . october 18, 2009 #498
dan aikido(497):

here is a hack / tweak for that.

it is better than just removing the icon, because if you remove all the icon from the classic start menu, the icon space won't disappear. and with that big iconspace or placeholder it looks ugly.
dan aikido
Reply . october 18, 2009 #497
des, is it possible to get an iconless classic start menu?
Reply . october 18, 2009 #496
Reply . october 18, 2009 #495
hey, i have edited this startpage:http://justhumba.deviantart.com/art/gaia09-startpage-132676294

i have hit a few problems and i cant get some things to work. could you take a look at it maybe? the problem is i cant get the animation on the fifth and the tf dropdown links

dan aikido
Reply . october 17, 2009 #494
thanks :d
Reply . october 17, 2009 #493
yes. something like this?

it doesn't use the default ui but you can alter it to fit your menu (windows) design. (with css)

since the desktop uses the iexplorer engine to render the html desktop, make sure the script you choose is working under ie6. there are plenty of custom menu scripts if you want something different.

the scripts in my example both works under ie. i just tested it.
dan aikido
Reply . october 17, 2009 #492
another thing; is it possible to create a custom context menu with a html file, but with the native context menu ui? thanks.
Reply . october 17, 2009 #491
i edited the file below. now it has a show / hide text button.
dan aikido
Reply . october 17, 2009 #490
thanks des, also how do i create a button to show/hide it?
Reply . october 17, 2009 #489
dan aikido:

it also can be useful for the run box:
hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app paths
Reply . october 17, 2009 #488
dan aikido(487):

here is the code: http://des.virtualplastic.net/downloads/html-run-box.htm
it is just like the original run box. except that, if you mistype something and hit enter, there will be no annoying error msg like in the original run box. (nothing happens)

for typing you can use full format: calc.exe, notepad.exe or short format: calc, notepad ...etc.
dan aikido
Reply . october 17, 2009 #487
how do i create a "run" command box like the one in your video using html? thx.
Reply . october 13, 2009 #486

you are right. and thx for pointing that out. i just put there a warning msg.
Reply . october 13, 2009 #485
man you should maybe warn people that leaving windows files unprotected can harm your system if you had a virus or something like that
Reply . october 13, 2009 #484
des: holding my fingers crossed :)
dan aikido
Reply . october 11, 2009 #483
i changed the 3d colors to black, but it made other things look weird, so i changed it back. let us know when you get a solution :)
Reply . october 11, 2009 #482
removing the border is harder than i thought. in irfanview hiding the border was piece of cake, but this is not like that. :( i can remove it but there are side effects which i have to fix. will see later.

dan aikido:
how did you remove that border in mpc?
replacing those icons should work. but there is another one in bitmap 215. (the last one) or i am missing something... (or forgot)

but another way to change that icon is to add a bitmap to the dialog 10021 and that will cover up the real icon so you will have always a custom icon. the only "bug" with this, it will be shown always. (even when not playing)

dan aikido
Reply . october 11, 2009 #481
i just replaced them, didn't work. i'm convinced mpc displays the 16px icon of the file type. thanks anyways though, i'll wait for des :)
Reply . october 11, 2009 #480
dan: make sure you replace icon groups 302, 303 and 304. i did so with reshacker and it changed the icon. (feels ignoret t_t)
dan aikido
Reply . october 10, 2009 #479
nevermind, i got removed it the 3d border, still need help on the other things tho :)
dan aikido
Reply . october 10, 2009 #478
i successfully changed the mpc statusbar font! i also removed the 3d border, but whenever i play a video it comes back. also, i still can't change the little 16px icon in the bottom left. any ideas? thx
Reply . october 10, 2009 #477
des: thank you ^^
Reply . october 10, 2009 #476

yes, the ones i upped still has that border. i only removed in my version. hehe.
i assume you need the last version of home cinema offsets. will try to remove in that version and tell you the offsets and hex values.

i guess it wil be the same as in irfanview. somewhere hex 680002 need to be changed to 680000. will see tomorrow.
Reply . october 10, 2009 #475
ok seems des turned up and saved the day ;)

des: mind sharing with us how to remove that pesky 3dborder in mpc? (the files you uploaded some time ago still has the border(or i am doing something awfully wrong)).

Reply . october 10, 2009 #474
ah, my bad. to change the icon you pointed out you need to change the icon and/or change the bitmap (i think it is 215). atleast thats how it works for me.

never tried the font so you will have to wait for des to give an answer to that

hopefully that works :)
Reply . october 10, 2009 #473
dan aikido(470):

about the mpc border around the picture. i can remove that border. in my mpc version i succesfully removed that border. just like in the irfanview.

the status font and its size also can be changed.

the dialog 10021 is the status bar. it can be resized.
the dialog 10022 is for the seekbar. it can be resized.

although you can select font when editing this dialog in reshacker, it doesn't change the actual font, and font size. but you can hexedit the font. at offset 3600b8 there is a m.i.c.r.o.s.o.f.t. .s.a.n.s. .s.e.r.i.f. change that to m.s. s.h.e.l.l. d.l.g.

and at offset 3600ee there is a 58. that is the font size. change it to 5e or 60 for getting font size 8.

my mpc version
dan aikido
Reply . october 10, 2009 #472
thanks for the fast reply.

i already tried reshack, no luck on changing the icons or the font. i think mpc displays the 32px of the file icon.
Reply . october 10, 2009 #471
1 the border:
you cant remove the bordet, des has tried removing if for a long time but so far no luck.

2 the icons:
for the icons use reshack (reshacking is usually a good place to start when you want to change something)

3 changing colour:
changing the colour takes some hex-editing, i do not know how to do it but des uploaded a few of an old version and is currently trying to change the new version.

here is the old ones he uploaded:

4 font:
i think you can just change it in reshack, but im not sure

gl with the editing :)
dan aikido
Reply . october 10, 2009 #470
how do i remove the border, change the colors of the seekbar, and change the fonts and icons in mpc? here's a pic: http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/9628/hlp3.jpg

Reply . october 10, 2009 #469
thanks des, i can see that it takes a lot of time to find out these numbers.

i really appreciate it :)

good luck hunting em
Reply . october 10, 2009 #468

will see. because that mpc hack is not just one hack. that is series of hacks together. that's why it is not easy. and i don't remember what were this little individual hacks together.

ehh. i don't understand why the mpc home cinema developer hasn't changed the seekbar button and volume bar into skinnable yet. (because it is ugly, when every part of the system is well skinned and that part of the mpc is just ****) or at least could have changed the settings for that and the windows could properly skin it like in any other apps or windows apps. (even the manifest trick doesn't work with mpc)

anyway. i was able to do this so far:
hex 83460409 @ [0x9f4d8] ....09 - move up seek button
hex 830608 @ [0x9f4dc] ..... 08 - left margin of the seeek button
hex 83460807 @ [0x9f590] ...0807 - width of seek button
hex 83460c08 @ [0x9f594] ...08 - height of the seek button
hex 830603 @ [0x9f5eb] ...03 - no right border of seekbutton
hex 83c005 @ [0x9fe9d] ...05 - height of white seekbar track (when playing)
hex 83c009 @ [0x9fe96] ...09 - move up white seekbar track
hex 05ffd6 @ [0x9fb60] 05... - the white seek track bg color.
hex 6a10 @ [0x9fb63] ..10 - top border color of the white seek track
hex 6a14 @ [0x9fb6b] ..14 - if 6a11 - the white track border color + button border?
hex 6a0f @ [0x9fb73] ..0f - the whole seek panel bg color

will see if i can do the same.
Reply . october 10, 2009 #467
hi des.

i was wondering if you could try to reshack the latest mpc homecinema.
the reason is that it has hardwaredecoding, which the old one doesnt.

i tried to do it myself by using the ones you uploaded before and then compared the hex of the files, but for some reason i never get it to work. (there was a lot of differences between the files and i couldnt find the file you had as a original to compare to) :(

i want it to look like the 2nd example of those files you uploaded if possible (looks like this):

here is the mpc home cinema:

im sorry to ask this of you, but i really couldnt do it myself. hopefully i can compare the version i uploaded to the one you (hopefully) give me and then know how to change this in future versions. :)
dan aikido
Reply . october 03, 2009 #466
nvm it worked o.o
dan aikido
Reply . october 03, 2009 #465
the contextaware link doesn't work could you re-up it? thx
dan aikido
Reply . october 03, 2009 #464
thanks :)
Reply . october 03, 2009 #463
dan aikido(462):

here is a tutorial if you want to re-arrange the existing desktop menu. you can create submenus but you can only use the existing commands. you can't add new ones.

but if you want a custom menu item with submenu like on my screenshot, you need to use a shell extension. contextaware to be exact.

dan aikido
Reply . october 03, 2009 #462
another thing, how do you add submenus and menu items for the desktop context menu (right click) ?
dan aikido
Reply . october 03, 2009 #461
got it :)
Reply . october 02, 2009 #460
dan aikido(459):

it uses the font defined in the visualstyle isn't it? StatusFont.
dan aikido
Reply . october 02, 2009 #459
one more thing, how do i change the font of the statusbar in taskmanager? there is no rcdata
dan aikido
Reply . october 02, 2009 #458
thanks worked like a charm!
Reply . september 30, 2009 #457
open reshacker.exe in reshacker and locate this line in rcdata/tmainform:
object statusbar1: tstatusbar

and paste this lines below that line:
font.height = -11
font.name = 'Ms shell dlg'
font.style = []

(-11 means 8px font)

i don't use xvi32 but try something similar. if you cant find rcdata there, then try it with hex editor and look for ms sans serif, arial, tahoma, etc. or send me the file and i take a look at it.
dan aikido
Reply . september 30, 2009 #456
how would i change the fonts shown here http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/2117/hlpm.jpg ? thanks
Reply . september 25, 2009 #455
thanks for taking a look :) luckily the old utorrent isnt that ugly, so i can live with it :d
Reply . september 25, 2009 #454
i see. and looks like all the tab icons (or bitmap) are hardcoded into the exe file. :( i think it is a real bug and will be fixed in the next version. i guess.

there is nothing i can do about it.
Reply . september 25, 2009 #453
ok it seems the searchbarbug was because of my visualskin:
Reply . september 25, 2009 #452
since it seems imageshack is lagging:


Reply . september 25, 2009 #451
alright :)

here is how it looks with the old utorrent:

and this is how it looks with the new utorrent:

these are the same customizationfiles that both version use:

the search-bar looks strange in the new versions (i tried both 1.8.4 and 1.8.1).
and for some reason it doesnt seem to care about the tabs.bmp(1.84 and 1.8.1)
Reply . september 25, 2009 #450
what bug? post a screenshot. maybe we can fix it. :) is it utorrent skin related or visualstyle related?
Reply . september 25, 2009 #449
thanks again des, i succesfully unpacked a never version of utorrent. now the problem is that i dont get visual bugs from the new version and they dont recognise my tabs-skin for utorrent. so im sticking to the old version.

i am aware of the main.ico and tray.ico, but i also want it to have another icon in the "open with" section (rightklick on a file -> open with), and reshacking the original icon is the only way i know how to do this.

it might be possible to to change it by editing the registry, but so far i havent found any setting that do that.

seems i will have to live with it being there all green t_t
Reply . september 25, 2009 #448

yes. there are a lots of packer/compression methods. upx (most common), aspack, pecompact, asprotect, and etc... you could find unpackers for these packers, and even you could find universal unpackers too.

uncompressing utorrent.exe (compressed with pecompact 2.x) was pain in the ass. i tried with unpecompact without success and some universal unpackers and i just couldn't unpack utorrent... till i once found this universal unpacker: http://legroom.net/software/uniextract

with this i successfully unpacked utorrent 1.8.1 although it reported me errors but did the job well done.

btw you don't need to reshack utorrent to change the caption icon and the tray icon. you just need to put main.ico and tray.ico into %appdata%/utorrent folder.
Reply . september 25, 2009 #447
hi again des. i never really got the whole part about recompress/unpack files.
i downloaded a few unpackers and some have worked but most of em fail.

right now im trying to replace the icon in utorrent.exe (link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/n3ebaq )
but just reshacking it makes it impossible to open, and when i search for unpackers of all kind they all fail.

i have the same problem with a lot of files, they just wont unpack.

i guess most unpackers are custom made for certain kind of packeging-techniques (if that even is a word).

i tried something called peid to try to find what unpacker to use, but when it says something is used i cant find it on the internet or it doesnt work.

so, you got any pointers or anything? :)
Reply . september 23, 2009 #446
i don't use twitter.
Reply . september 23, 2009 #445
just wanted to say thanks for all the hacks/tweaks you share. been a huge help with my streamlining of xp on my netbook.
are you on twitter by chance?
Reply . september 19, 2009 #444
dan aikido: try freecommander as replacement for explorer: http://www.freecommander.com/fc_shots_en.htm
not sure how much you could customize it though
Reply . september 16, 2009 #443
dan aikido(442):

with hack? i don't think so. with an app or shell extension? maybe there is an app for that, but i don't know.
dan aikido
Reply . september 16, 2009 #442
is it possible to get column view in windows explorer? screenshot: http://www.macvswindows.com/images/thumb/d/d3/osx_finder_columnview.jpg/500px-osx_finder_columnview.jpg
Reply . september 15, 2009 #441
no. only with hexeditor, resedit or skinstudio. skinstudio is shareware with 30 days trial. when i created my vs i used skinstudio and the 30 days were enough to edit / create my vs. after that i uninstalled and since then never installed it again.

that was 4.5 years ago.

the content margins, sizing margins and the bitmap + magic pink the key to achieve this. you need to experiment on this with skinstudio.
Reply . september 15, 2009 #440
can that be done in reshacker?
Reply . september 15, 2009 #439

you need to change the margins too not just the bitmaps.
(sizingmargins and contentnargins)
Reply . september 15, 2009 #438
hey des.

i noticed in your ss of irfanview your window frames are only 2px wide. how did you make it like this? mine is 4 or 5px which i think is the default. i tried to slim them down in reshacker ,to remove the border i changed the colour to pink which normally removes other bits, but not this.

Reply . september 13, 2009 #437
oh, i see. yes, it has a little margin when using the fit only big images to desktop setting. but no border.

i am fine with xp now and for the near future. but after that, i don't know. maybe i will give it a try and see what can i reshack. because i don't like a lot of things in vista/win7. in example; the explorer window. the address bar, nav buttons, and the search bar can't be placed anywhere, like in xp. i prefer this layout: caption bar, menu + toolbar or menu and toolbar. i hope this can be changed by editing the uifiles.

...and no classic start menu (in win7), no active desktop, huge amount of hdd space required, and so on.

..but the xp by default was also not so good looking for me. ...there is hope. :)
Reply . september 13, 2009 #436
thanks again des :)

it seems the difference is because i use "fit only big images to desktop", you should be able to see it yourself if you use that setting.

btw still no thoughts about migrating to windows 7?
Reply . september 13, 2009 #435
here is your exe that i modified + your orginal ini file and my current ini file.

btw i've noticed that in your exe file the accelerators resource is corrupted which causes the hotkeys not working. i recommend to download another irfanview 4.20 version and then reshack it again to your needs. oh. and first you need to uncompress the exe with upx in order to reshack it. but i guess you know it.

this mysterious border that you see (after removing the border) could be related to your vs. send me a screenshot if it is still peresent.
Reply . september 13, 2009 #434
if you send it, could you send both the exe and the .ini-file, because as i see it i either must have done something wrong editing the hex (not that likely because of the easy instructions) or i have messed up some settings in the ini-file.

there is also the chance that my visual theme for some reason limits me. but that is kinda unlikely.
Reply . september 13, 2009 #433
if possible would you mind sending over a copy of the irfanview that you changed.

i dont know i could mess up such an easy thing, but for some reason i dont get the same results.

if not i will just settle for how it is now :)
Reply . september 13, 2009 #432

in my irfanview window there is no more border. nothing. here is a sshot.

as you can see the whole clientedge border is gone now, the border you can see is the window border that can be styled with the visualstyle. so it's gone forever. :)

but i see you solved teh thing already.

how do i find these values?
it is complicated a little bit. requires 3 software; hexeditor, disassembler + winspector and sometimes i use msdn.com knowledge base. although this one was easy find. :)
Reply . september 13, 2009 #431
ok seems i was wrong, the 3d border is gone, but irfanview still changes the size of the window like the 3dborder still was there.

because of that i saw a white "border", but in fact it was only the background. now that i changed it to black i rarely notice it.

i thank you yet again des, this makes it so much better :d
Reply . september 13, 2009 #430
thanks des :)

its a lot better than the 3d border now, but do you think it is possible to completely remove the border? as it is now the border is still there, its just completely white.

ofc that makes it so you wont even notice it at pictures with white background, but then there is the black ones.. :(

btw, how do you find these values? you cant be going through the hole file changing every number right? if you give me a few pointers i might be able to help search for another way to do it :)
Reply . september 12, 2009 #429

to remove the 3d clientedge border:
hex 02 at offset 65f3c. change it to 00 and the border is gone. :)

dan aikido
Reply . september 12, 2009 #428

.tabbrowser-tabs .tab-icon { display: none; } in userchrome.css

if you want to hide all icons in firefox (bookmark icons, etc.) type about:config in the addressbar and search for


and set them to false.
Reply . september 12, 2009 #427
for firefox the icon in the url bar can be hidden with this in your userchrome.css:

display: none !important;

does anyone know how to hide the icon in the tabs using the the userchrome.css?
Reply . september 12, 2009 #426
be sure to tell us if you get rid of that pesky 3d border ;)
Reply . september 12, 2009 #425

i don't know. in the screenshot it could be a another shell, or just removed the caption text and every text.

dan aikido:
thx, but it is too minimal. i need thumbnail browser. but for replacing the windows picture viewer is ok.

yeah. will do that and see if i can reshack it to my needs. :d
Reply . september 11, 2009 #424
des: its my config, but you can easily do it yourself:

download it from: http://www.irfanview.com

then just change some settings and reshack the icon.
dan aikido
Reply . september 11, 2009 #423
here's a good alternate picture viewer: http://www.xworks.ca/artsee/

you can turn off slideshow by right click> uncheck slideshow.
Reply . september 11, 2009 #422
no not the navigation buttons i mean like this:


(where the images have no wording or (information) under the pictures...just the pics..i like...i'm sure this is nothing new to figure out in the hacking world
thanks des
Reply . september 11, 2009 #421
hmm.. i downloaded this irfanview. this looks good. i will give it a try. is it your config or it looks this way by default?
Reply . september 11, 2009 #420

oh i see, the 3dish border. it is a clientedge effect if i am not mistaken.
sorry i don't use irfanview.

i am still looking for the best image viewer which is small (only some files, and requires 1-2 mb hdd space) and can be reshacked easily. i tried a lots of them but... it is sometimes the design of the program or/and layout that i don't like. in example; imagine_1.0.6 would be ok, but the menu icons can not be removed without shrinking the menu. i just hate menu icons.

ewww... i hate it. hate it!
Reply . september 11, 2009 #419

you mean the navigation buttons? so only the picture will be shown nothing else?
sorry i don't know how to remove that. to be honest, i haven't even tried it yet.
Reply . september 11, 2009 #418
me again, i kinda messed up the picture link. here is the correct one:

Reply . september 11, 2009 #417
hi again des, got a problem with irfanview and its border, and was wondering if you have any idea how to fix it.

any tips or ideas?



i secretly hope that you already use irfanview and have found a way to remove it ;)
Reply . september 11, 2009 #416
bobbie: one way is to reshack shimgvw.dll (in windows\system32) and remove 105 and 107 from the bitmap-folder.

that way the buttons will still be down there at the bottom, but they will be really small.

i havent found a way to completely remove them, so i started using irfanview instead to watch my pictures, because you can use it without any buttons and with the use of reshack you can change its icon.
Reply . september 11, 2009 #415
how do i remove the wording or file information below my pictures in window picture and fax viewer? i just want the pics to show only
Reply . september 09, 2009 #414

oh. my bad.... i forgot that i also changed the msinfo regkeys. this is why you couldn't find that registry key i wrote previously. (sometimes i just forgot how many things i changed in windows) ...ehh
Reply . september 09, 2009 #413
thanks for your help des.

about the changing of .nfo-files, i couldnt find the key you pointed out (i also tried creating it, with no sucess in changing the icon) but i found another way to change it:



@="c:\\program files\\xp-icons\\filetypes - text and picture\\nfo.ico,0"

looking at it now it was really easy to change, but for a long time i had no real idea what to do, and once i removed enough from the registry and made windows remake it it somehow created the above, and then all i had to do was change the icon i wanted.
Reply . september 08, 2009 #412
dan aikido(411):

i don't use firefox theme. i just removed the icons, resized the tabs, and changed the close button.
dan aikido
Reply . september 07, 2009 #411
didn't work, but thanks anyway. i'll look for other ways. one more question, how did you get windows to theme your tabs in firefox? or is that a firefox theme?
Reply . september 07, 2009 #410
dan aikido(409):

i don't know about firefox 3 but in firefox 2:

#urlbar #page-proxy-deck
display: none !important;

dan aikido
Reply . september 07, 2009 #409
hi again,

how did you go about removing this icon in firefox http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/9021/75848986.jpg ? thanks.
Reply . september 05, 2009 #408
try this:

in regedit search for "msinfo.document", and then change the default icon path.

Reply . september 05, 2009 #407
hi, just wanted to ask if you know how to change the icon of .nfo-files.

when i use tools/folder options/file types/advanced/change icon it also changes the icon of .txt and a lot of other text-files.

hopefully there is a registry-setting i somehow missed
Reply . september 01, 2009 #406
it did thanks des.
Reply . august 31, 2009 #405
rename sfcfiles.dll in both system32 and dllcache folder then try again. (first in dllcache) or use replacer.

replacer usually does the job.
Reply . august 31, 2009 #404
des thanks for the reply...unfortunately when i save the hack for browselc.dll adds an original browselc.dll and my changes dont take effect. i tried changing the system file checker by renaming it...what am i doing wrong? thanks bro
Reply . august 30, 2009 #403

making only the explorer (file, edit, view) menubar to another color is not possible. to remove that menu bar however is possible with a regtweak. http://des.virtualplastic.net/downloads/nomenubar.zip

combining all the menu items under one word is possible. check wint's hacks here: http://wint.virtualplastic.net/showtweak.php?tweak_id=28

and more hacks here:
Reply . august 30, 2009 #402
des is there a way to make the toolbar text (file, edit, etc) different colors.. i want them to be the same color as the background...thus making them not show....b/c i can't figure the hack out to combine them into a compact menu all under the word file. oh this is for win explorer..not ie
dan aikido
Reply . august 29, 2009 #401
thanks so much for your fast reply!
Reply . august 29, 2009 #400
dan aikido(399):

1. no theme. it is just a default firefox with all the images and icons removed from the ui.

2. shell32.dll > bitmap 204 and 205. this is the toolbar button's icons.

3. unfortunately there is no solution for this. in my screenshots that ua, a6, u6 text before the title text actually is an icon. this way is better than having an empty space before the caption text.

4. well, no. sorry. however here is the lite version of my htmldesk project.

you can use it and change anything you want. just edit the files and folders path and the hdd letter in the script. or remove anything you don't want.
dan aikido
Reply . august 29, 2009 #399
hello des,

i have a few questions:

1. what firefox theme are you using? i know you're using your reshacked firefox. i just want to know what theme it is.

2. how did you get your explorer toolbars to look like that? what did you reshack, and how?

3. i've noticed in order to remove the 16px icon in the top left of the titlebar, you must reshack each .exe. i tried this on firefox and it worked fine, but my title text didn't move to the left. do you have a solution for this?

4. can you upload your html file used in your active desktop? over the last couple of days i've tried to create a clone of yours, but i have absolutely no experience in javascript and a moderate experience in html.

thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work!
Reply . august 27, 2009 #398
yes, i did.

greenfish icon editor pro

icofx is also a good choice but its ui hurts my eyes. (icons in menu, etc)
Reply . august 27, 2009 #397
hey man, in your screenshots, did you make those systray icons yourself? if so, what program did you use. i tried to make my own but they kept coming out blurry.
Reply . august 24, 2009 #396
i don't know. i will try something.

...you could edit the startbutton and taskbar bg image (by moving up a bit) to fit the newly hacked taskbar buttos. at least you could move up the start button a bit. but i don't know how your start button looks like, maybe it is not an option for you.
Reply . august 23, 2009 #395
on the slimmer taskbar issue, how would i go about moving the start button up the taskbar a little?
Reply . august 23, 2009 #394

persze, nembaj. csak azért angol az oldal, mert így több a látogató. meg hát internet, ugye.

amennyire én tudom, nem lehet ezt megcsinálni. pedig elvileg lehetne, de nem működik. ugyanis a visualstyle-ban meglehet adni olyat, hogy transparent = true és a transparentcolor-t is meglehet adni. de ez a taskbarnál nem működik valamiért. valami limitáció / fogyatékosság lehet ez.

persze én sem tudhatok mindent, de szerintem nem lehet. trüközéssel ugyan lehet hasonlót csinálni. pl a taskbar színe olyan legyen, mint a desktop háttér színe és akkor olyan hatása van, mint ha átlátszó lenne.
Reply . august 23, 2009 #393
hello. remelem nem gond hogy magyarul irok:)

a kerdesem az lenne hogy a windows xp-ben meg lehet valtoztatni a talca hatterenek az atlatszosagat? tudom 1001 program van a teljes talca atlatoszsaganak megvaltoztatasahoz, de azokkal nem lehet elerni azt az eredmenyt amit en szeretnek.

valaszodat elore is koszonom:)
Reply . august 21, 2009 #392
yea that worked, but has cut the white bit off, making the bar slimmer. ill play around with the vs and see what i can do.

thanks again
Reply . august 21, 2009 #391
yes i am aware of that. what happens if you unlock the taskbar and then lock it again? anyway, i will try to do something about it. but not now. tomorrow, if it is ok.

+ maybe this "bug" can be fixed by editing the visualstyle taskbar button image, or it's margins/paddings, or the whole taskbar background.
Reply . august 21, 2009 #390
Reply . august 21, 2009 #389
Reply . august 21, 2009 #388
last thing...

i dont want to sound picky, but by removing the taskbar icons, does it shrink the the height of the item in the taskbar, area in red shouldnt be there, it should be part of the button

sorry, kinda hard to explain
Reply . august 21, 2009 #387

there is 31ff at offset 154bc in the original file. change it to 9fff. and there is 3004 at offset 154fa, change it to 3104. that is all.
Reply . august 21, 2009 #386
thanks, works great!

could you tell me the offsets that you changed, if sometime i want the icons back?
Reply . august 21, 2009 #385
Reply . august 21, 2009 #384
Reply . august 21, 2009 #383
that is the problem why you couldn't find the correct value. send me the file and i can hack it. (upload to somewhere)

most of my hacks for sp3 eng. the values and offsets are for sp3 eng version.
Reply . august 21, 2009 #382
sp2 eng
Reply . august 21, 2009 #381
what is your windows version? sp3 eng?

yes, the way to iconless system is starting here:
hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop\windowmetrics
shell icon size = 0
shell small icon size = 0 (this key doesn't exist by default)
....after setting these values to 0, it requires a log off + log on.

this will only remove the ~80% of the icons. (in explorer windows, menus, address bar). to go completelly iconless, it requires a lot of reshacks. (dialogs, taskbar, caption bar, etc)
Reply . august 21, 2009 #380
thanks for the help!

the icons i wanted to remove were the ones in this tut, i said taskmanager, when i meant taskbar (my bad):

this setting shell icons to null, is this the iconless style i keep hearing about?
Reply . august 21, 2009 #379

you don't need hexeditor to remove the icons. use reshacker. what icons do you want to remove?

the quicknotes and events are javascripts. it is for html desktop. won't work in rainmeter.

the log off and turn off computer strings are in explorer.exe string table 46 or in the menu 204. reshack it.

about the start menu space:
when you remove the icons the placeholder for the icons will be not removed unfortunately. i was experimenting on this but the only thing i could do is to set this icon to 1px or more and the placeholder will be 1px or more. i couldn't set it to null unfortunately. i mean when the shell icon size is set to null the placeholder will be there. when the shell icon size is set to 1px the placeholder will be also set to 1px. but it is not nice this way. (i also tried to hexedit the explorer.exe and i can only set it to bigger)

and the thing is; the taskbar icons, the caption icons and the classic start menu icons are connected to each other in some way. i haven't figured it out yet how to separate this.

if you want a small and minimal custom made start menu, do this:
http://des.virtualplastic.net/tips.html#shortcutmenu (it is the best with shell icons set to null in hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop\windowmetrics -> shell icon size)
Reply . august 21, 2009 #378

how can i customize the shutdown dialog (xp)

in this ss, the start menu has space between the different buttons, can this be removed and can the buttons be aligned to the left?
Reply . august 21, 2009 #377
hello again, i have a few more questions

i need some help with this hex edit to remove icons from taskmngr. i got the cygnus hex editor and i searched for the offsets etc but couldnt find them

your qucknotes, events thing. would it be possible to put that code into a rainmeter config?

for the classic start menu is it possible to rename the "turn off computer.." button?

thanks in advance
Reply . august 20, 2009 #376

...i don't quite understand.

here are the font settings if this is you want.
hkey_current_user\control panel\desktop\windowmetrics

Reply . august 20, 2009 #375
i want to knkow all out registary addrss on xp. change toolbar font via registry (folde caption name
Reply . august 18, 2009 #374
awesome, thats brillant, thanks very much :]
Reply . august 17, 2009 #373
ok i got it.

sndvol32.exe /t or sndvol32.exe -t :d
Reply . august 17, 2009 #372
oh.. i got it.. (facepalm for me) :d

...i don't know how to do that. :( even if it is possible to invoke that dialog.
Reply . august 17, 2009 #371
no, i know this. what i want is, when you click volume in the systray it pops up a little box with a volume slider, to close it i simply click anywhere on the computer screen. i wanted to put this into the start menu as a shortcut. i have tried to create a shortcut for the volume that is found in control panel, but that opens in a new window, i dont want this
Reply . august 17, 2009 #370

classic start menu? you can drag and drop shortcuts into classic menu. (to the top of the menu) or isn't this you want?
Reply . august 16, 2009 #369
hello again,

i was wondering if you could tell me if its possible to create a volume shortcut in the start menu. i want it to be the same as the volume in the systemtray, not the actual volume options that opens up a new window
Reply . august 13, 2009 #368
wow, it was pretty easy, thank you :]
Reply . august 12, 2009 #367

that is quite easy. open shell32.dll in reshacker and find dialog 1003. there you can delete unnecessary items that you don't want or make your own design. then save the file, use replacer to replace the file and you are done.
Reply . august 12, 2009 #366
hi. how would i go about making my run dialog like this:

but id like to have an "ok" button
Reply . august 11, 2009 #365
i got it, i just restarted, and tried to just manually move the file in and it worked, bo renaming or anything
Reply . august 11, 2009 #364
how do i remove these folders?
Reply . august 11, 2009 #363
maybe there is a backup folder in your system (a hidden folder?) containing some of the system files including sfcfiles.dll. you should rename those ones too.

i simply don't have backup folder nor dllcache folder and this is why i never encountered this problem before. (i guess)
Reply . august 10, 2009 #362
i changed the files name in the dllcache folder, but it created a new file in that folder
Reply . august 10, 2009 #361
oh forgot to mention something. you need to rename in system32/dllcache folder too. not just in system32. first in dllcache then in system32. so it can't recreate itself from the dllcahce folder.
Reply . august 10, 2009 #360
when i rename that file, it just creates a new identical file almost immediately and i cant replace
Reply . august 10, 2009 #359
temporarily rename the sfcfiles.dll then try to replace your shimgvw.dll file manually.
Reply . august 10, 2009 #358

i have been trying to change the windows image view buttons, i have sucessfully changed then, but when i try to replace the orignal file with the hacked one it doesnt work. i have tried manually replacing the file, and using a program called replacer.

any help would be great
Reply . august 10, 2009 #357
the css code below is ok, i just tested on a fresh firefox 2. it removes the tab icon and the address icon. then i tried with firefox 3 and it just didn't work. (this is why i hate to update anything)
Reply . august 09, 2009 #356
thanks alot, much appreachiated
Reply . august 09, 2009 #355
unfortunately, when i started to tweak the firefox i didn't use the userchrome.css. i simply edited the css files inside the .jar files so this is why it's a bit hard to remember what and where i edited back then.

i can dig up something later, but for now here is the iconless firefox 2:
Reply . august 09, 2009 #354
yea ok, ill give that a go
Reply . august 09, 2009 #353
to be honest i don't remember how did i do this exactly. it was 2 years ago when i did this. i should have written down all my firefox tweaks.

i use firefox btw. i have an iconless version of this version if you want i can upload it for you.
Reply . august 09, 2009 #352
i put the code into the userchrome, but it didnt work, im guessing i did it wrong because i dont know any css. care to elaborate?
Reply . august 09, 2009 #351

i think it was:

display: none !important;


.tabbrowser-tabs .tab-icon
display: none !important;


#urlbar #page-proxy-deck
display: none !important;
width: 0px !important;
height: 0px !important;

in userchrome.css.
Reply . august 09, 2009 #350

another question, how did you remove all the icons from ff, the icons in the url box and the tab icons?

Reply . august 09, 2009 #349

adding a new pop menu to the classic start menu is not quite possible that way. :(
the only way to have a custom menu is using the c:\documents and settings\username\start menu folder with our own shortcuts in it.

i guess the real traffic cone icon for the app is in not the vlc.exe. maybe in a dll. you could use the icon extractor to find out where is the real icon that you want to change. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/iconsext.html
Reply . august 09, 2009 #348
great site!

have a few questions:

if i wanted to add a custom popup menu to the classic start menu how would i do that. eg. i want to add a shortcut popup to my most frequently used apps. i know its in the explorer.exe and what menu etc, but how would i list the program command string?

i tried to resource hack the vlc.exe to change its icon, the icon for the .exe did change, but when i open the program the icon is still the traffic cone.


Reply . august 05, 2009 #347

simply put in to the windows folder.
Reply . august 05, 2009 #346
how do i get the explorer.exe.manifest to work?
Reply . august 04, 2009 #345
oh sorry. i accidentally deleted some of the messages... :(
Reply . august 03, 2009 #344
the whole msgboard is text based. the data file is here:
or you can list all messages: list all
Reply . august 03, 2009 #343
please upload the whole message board as a text file so i can read and learn something.
Reply . july 30, 2009 #342
aaron v(341):

http://www.sendspace.com/file/arylmx (graphite v2)
i don't know if it works or not because i don't have x64 system so i can't test it. the only things i didn't change the string tables*. (the reason: because it is in hex format + has a different structure than the uifile and since i can't test it i didn't want to cause file corruption)

but you could try to edit the string tables with cff explorer suite. works with x64 files too. http://ntcore.com/exsuite.php

hope that helps.
aaron v
Reply . july 30, 2009 #341
i was just wondering if you were able to port graphite_logonui and graphite_v2 to the x64 version of logonui on my system? your files work fine, but i much prefer the latest logonui rather than an older version.

the file is here: http://rapidshare.com/files/261711941/logonui.rar

if you're able to, i don't mind compensating via paypal for your efforts..
Reply . july 21, 2009 #340
about selection box: nothing yet. :(
Reply . july 21, 2009 #339
thanks, but this doesnt add the button, i found actual window manager.
hows it going with that selection box ?
i had a great idea to remove that thumbnail cube in explorer - any ideas how to do that? i am still a beginner in all this windows modification thing so i ask a lot of questions, i have lots of ideas.
Reply . july 20, 2009 #338
i remember now. it is called winroll. at least something similar.
Reply . july 20, 2009 #337
i knew one once, but i forgot what was the name of it. :(
Reply . july 20, 2009 #336
do youknow any good ways to add one more caption button, one that minimizes to titlebar ? im trying to get a program for that, hard to find a free one,but if you have any ideas .. let me know
Reply . july 20, 2009 #335
sorry, forget about it, its my own fault and everythings ok now
must never replace the whole system32 folder.
Reply . july 19, 2009 #334
hey ive got a problem - my "replacer" doesnt work any more and my start menu "all programs" and other start menu cascade menus dont work - what might be the problem ?
Reply . july 15, 2009 #333
the easiest way to remove the caption text is by setting the text's font blank (just discovered this by downloading some fonts and one of them happened to be blank)
Reply . july 11, 2009 #332

i don't know, but i will try to hexedit something. if i am correct this selection rectangle setting is in user32.dll.
Reply . july 11, 2009 #331
jawan clark(329):

the easiest way to remove the caption text (aka window title text) is by setting the text's color to match the caption (title bar) color. (in windows appearance settings or in inside the visual style)
Reply . july 11, 2009 #330
what is a caption text?
like surfing in the start menu and then that yellow (default) box li..oh wait - this is tooltip .. whatever, what i wanted to ask was - maybe you know how to make the selection box transparent blue on the desktop (youknow - its different inside the folders and on the desktop) ...
jawan clark
Reply . july 10, 2009 #329
des, one last question. by the way you've been a real help...i appreciate your quick response to my questions. what dll do open in reshacker to remove the caption text for things like my documents, desktop, etc. basically all opened windows for xp? and is it under menus or do i need to look in the string table? thanks man
Reply . july 09, 2009 #328

if you put the background picture into a blank html file then you could use fade-in javascript to do that. then simply set the html file as your background.
here is an example: http://clagnut.com/sandbox/imagefades

your second question: you mean explorer bar > folders? simply i don't know :(
Reply . july 09, 2009 #327
what do you think - how to fade in the background picture after logging in to windows xp and how to put background picture on the explorer folders bar ?
Reply . july 07, 2009 #326
do you mean in mpc? set it to "don't prefix anything" (options, player, title bar) and change the string in string tabe 9. don't delete just use the space character.
jawan clark
Reply . july 07, 2009 #325
how do you remove the windows caption title text...where in reshacker should i look?
jawan clark
Reply . july 07, 2009 #324
it worked thaks des.
Reply . july 05, 2009 #323

"... theme.mp3"
answer: i don't know.

"also, how is it possible to get autohide.icons to start up automatically when i boot up my computer?"

answer: type into run > shell:startup then copy here the shortcut of the autohide exe.

"is there a way of increasing the room by reducing the font size or spacing or something? "

answer: well, i would recommend rather decreasing the number of the programs shortcut there. (to only the most important programs. and it would be much easier to navigate...)
Reply . july 05, 2009 #322
does anyone know the name of the singer in the file 'theme.mp3' that is on the download list with autohide.icons?

also, how is it possible to get autohide.icons to start up automatically when i boot up my computer?

also, in my start/all programs, there is not enough room for all my programs to appear - is there a way of increasing the room by reducing the font size or spacing or something?


Reply . july 05, 2009 #321
try this:

128 menu
language lang_english, sublang_english_us
popup ""

with this you will still have a thin menu bar but not the menu items. but i will see what can i do with hexeditor.
jawan clark
Reply . july 05, 2009 #320

yes, a lot of the desktop screenshots on deviantart or litestep show their mpc without a menu bar or at least the words aren't showing. is there a minimal style media player that exists? i have a hard time using resource hacker to get rid of menu bars b/c i always get errors. i try deleting the entire thing and it ruins the exe.
Reply . july 04, 2009 #319
i don't know how to hide the menu bar. :( are you sure they use mpc?
jawan clark
Reply . july 04, 2009 #318
well which media player classic are most users using...and i cant get the menu bar to hide without the caption bar leaving also....would like to keep the caption bar, just not the menu(file, etc.) how do i do this?
Reply . july 04, 2009 #317
jawan clark(316):

what do you want to hack in mpc?
jawan clark
Reply . july 04, 2009 #316
hey man, was wondering if you might be able to help me hack med player classic. or if you could point me in the right direction....was looking for a way to reshack things so that i can have the custom look everyone has on deviantart screenshots. ex. custom wall image in front...any help is appreciated.
Reply . july 03, 2009 #315
anyways, just forget it, it was a stupid question
Reply . july 02, 2009 #314
i didnt understand anything you just wrote - ill try it again -
do you know any way to disable ctrl+alt+del function to change from welcome screen to classic logon screen ?
Reply . july 02, 2009 #313
> is this message board helping you in google ratings?
- i guess, yes.

you mean you want to use the task manager instead of the windows security dialog when pressing ctr-alt-del with using the classic logon? or you want to completely disable the ctrl-alt-del keys?
Reply . july 02, 2009 #312
do you have any ideas how to disable ctrl alt del function in the welcome screen (it changes to classic logon)?
Reply . july 02, 2009 #311
yes, pobably, but forget that, it was a stupid idea to get rid of start button
but there is an easy way to remove start menu button - tiny little program called lclock
is this message board helping you in google ratings?
Reply . june 22, 2009 #310

are you talking about this?
hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app paths\
Reply . june 22, 2009 #309
if you use a visualstyle you can use negative contentmargins values.

contentmargins = -100, 70, 1, 1

this will remove the startmenu. + by reshacking the explorer.exe menu 204 by removing the menu elements so you will have no start menu. but this hack will work on only the classic start menu.
Reply . june 22, 2009 #308
but it doesnt work well, start button came back, so im lookin into this thing
and found this article -
---- basic windows shortcuts.......... maybe you noticed, some apps get launched in the run box just by typing their names (for example iexplore.exe for ie, notepad.exe...). that's because certain registry keys contain shortcuts which allow this. here's how to make these registry shortcuts for yourself. (thanks to our friends at virtual plastic).....(free).....go there! ----
but links dead, so im workin on it, any help is appr.. cant spell it
Reply . june 22, 2009 #307
found it on http://www.tordex.com/startkiller/ in case anyones reading this board
Reply . june 22, 2009 #306
can i totally lose the start menu button and the whole menu ? that would be cool, i put adress toolbar there instead (without go button, works like run)
Reply . june 22, 2009 #305
i guess it is shell extension.

somewhere in your windows or system32 folder or elsewhere has to be a shell extension dll and it could be possible to hack this dll, so you can change the icon and the text, even the command when you click on it. (assuming the ati's control center is an exe file, or something like that)

do a srch for "ati" in your system and maybe you could find something like this; atiext.dll or atishell.dll or something like that. and see what is inside the dll.

oh, also you could use an icon extractor to see where is (in which dll) this red icon. the icon extractor = http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/iconsext.html
Reply . june 22, 2009 #304
Reply . june 22, 2009 #303
ati control center is in the desktop context menu with their little logo on left - how to get something like that in there ?
i think it would cool to have like a little windows logo on the left side and then windows xp written on that first line, youd know how to do that?
Reply . june 22, 2009 #302
i just tested it and it didnt work well, 'tiles' view had those backgrounds behind the icon text and there was some other serious crap with background etc etc, not worth tryin
lost my icon positions, great site by the way, very much good information all in one place and all links work and no ads, thats great, one of the best websites ive visited in my whole life (just kidding, maybe not) but seriously, all links work , updated and everything, thanks
Reply . june 22, 2009 #301
yeah, you are right. i forgot that one. yes, that will work.
Reply . june 22, 2009 #300
hey, youre saying you cant change icon size only on desktop, but how about 'view' context menu ? i just changed that left-click menu a little bit, but dont want to actually try this yet because im afraid its gonna re-organize my icons, place em at wrong place etc... but i think its gonna work and display icons as tiles for example, 48x48 or even thumbnails, you know ...
Reply . june 03, 2009 #299
i dont know. i guess it is not that simple. but i don't know. i only know some of it, but it is enough for me to change things, turn things off/on (icons, toolbars, ...), etc.
Reply . june 03, 2009 #298
hey thanks, now i got it, just didnt know what the hex 90 means translated in assembler.
is there any kind of "dictionary" out there, where i can read what hex value the other commands (such as mov, push, je, jne, and so on) have?
Reply . june 03, 2009 #297

see that 8bff 55 8bec .... and so on till you see 90 90 90 90 90.

you need to change all of that values to 90's till you see the "90 90 90 90 90" part. in hexeditor you will see the same. then save as the file and replace it.

be careful because if you do a search for 8bf558bec you will see multiple instances. it is important to begin with the correct one, otherwise it might cause system crash ,etc... if i remember correctly the first appearance of this "8bff558bec" will be the correct one, but check it first by checking* the previous values too. (*by comparing the values in hex editor and in disassembler)

(the "90" means no operation = nop)
if you have problems you could send me the file.
Reply . june 03, 2009 #296
Reply . june 03, 2009 #295
according to the file description in reshacker its
"fileversion", "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2105" from german windowsversion.

the screenshot from hdasm is here:

thanks for your help ;)
Reply . may 30, 2009 #294

btw, there is a focusremover shell extension. you could try that before the hack. it is much easier than hacking the dll. here it is:

Reply . may 30, 2009 #293

what is your windows version and language? btw, open the dll in a disassembler* and do a search for drawfocusrect and take a screenshot for me.

Reply . may 30, 2009 #292
hi, i just tried to do this focus rectangle hack, but unfortunately not only my offset differs from your user32.dll version, but the code does too (only 8bff558bec are the same). so i asked google and found this thread (http://www.virtualplastic.net/msgboard/thread.php?forum=0&thread=27#message37)although its only for sp2, i replaced my 8b ff 55 8b ec with eb 42 55 8b ec, but i just get an error on startup, so could you give me an advise how i can find out the values needed for my version?
Reply . may 29, 2009 #291

i knew that. my "upcoming" hack is to remove the whole taskbar with the startmenu still working. it is different. but thx anyway.
Reply . may 29, 2009 #290
hey, i saw that one of your "unfinished hacks" is to remove the start menu button.

in explorer.exe, stringtable 38 : delete the line that contains "start".

if the text is removed, so is the start button, but the windows-key still works to bring up the start menu where it normally shows up. if you change the text to a single space, you'll just have the start menu button logo but with no text.

this was tested by me with the classic start menu on xp and 2k3.
Reply . may 09, 2009 #289
i will probably give up on that big icon,

i used filemon (a app from microsoft that enables you to see every file a .exe is reading/writing from) and checked every files that word loaded info from.

i then tried to change every icon, png, bmp and avi that looked like it could affect the big icon. it didnt help.

so i guess that it is hardcoded into one of those files, and since it isnt just changing color on something simple i guess trying to hex-edit it would be useless.

oh well atleast the taskbar-icon was changed ^^
Reply . may 09, 2009 #288
just guessing but the big icon could be png, bmp or avi.
Reply . may 09, 2009 #287
the files to change to get the other icons in taskbar:
wwlib.dll for word
and excel.exe and powerpnt.exe for exel and powerpoint (duh)

but now since you got me to start thinking about removing the big circle icon ;)

ive tried edit every icon that looks like it that i found in the program files folder ("common files" and "microsoft office") but no luck.

i also tried changing the greenish bitmaps in msores.dll, but it didnt do anything (i did however manage to change the background, bitmap 564).


Reply . may 09, 2009 #286
hehe. no problem. :)
Reply . may 08, 2009 #285
oh i feel so stupid!!

(found out how to replace that icon (the blue one))

all i had to do was edit "wwlib.dll" (the reason i didnt find it was that iconsextract for some reason didnt find it, but when i search manually using reshacker i found it.

sorry about not doing a proper check before asking you :(
Reply . may 08, 2009 #284
not really that one (well it would be fun if it could be changed :d, but im more concerned about the blue on in the bottom (is it called task bar?))
Reply . may 08, 2009 #283
that big circle icon? i will try something tomorrow or sunday.
Reply . may 08, 2009 #282

ive searched around most of the internet, but so far i havnt found anyone who knows how to change it :(

so unless you happen to have any ideas im gonna give up on it
Reply . may 08, 2009 #281
i don't use office. do you mean ms word in the office pack? a screenshot would be help. my brother have office 2007 so i can take a look at it later.
Reply . may 08, 2009 #280
just wanted to check, do you have any idea how to change the office 2007 icons?
they stick out like sore thumb -__-
Reply . may 06, 2009 #279
ok, thanks, it works now :)
Reply . may 06, 2009 #278

download the zip file again. it will work.
i think i know why you got an error. because you copied the script from here and that is the problem. because the msgboard changes the letters. and it is important to have the shell.application with big "s" and big "a"... and so on with the other parts. like launch. (small "l") and var with small "v"...


Reply . may 06, 2009 #277
var launcher = new activexobject("shell.application");

launcher.shellexecute("d:\\program files\\logitech\\setpoint\\setpoint.exe");

give me the error: line 1 char 1 error: 'activexobject' is undefined code: 800a1391
source: microsoft jscript runtime error

the same is the case if i try to start iexplorer
Reply . may 05, 2009 #276
here is another startup script:

var launcher = new activexobject("shell.application");

launcher.shellexecute("c:\\program files\\internet explorer\\iexplore.exe");

launcher.shellexecute("c:\\program files\\something\\this.exe);

save as "startup.js". it works with paths with spaces in it.
Reply . may 05, 2009 #275
oh i see. the wsh doesn't like the spaces in the path. like in the "program files". maybe there is a workaround. will update the script if i find one.
Reply . may 05, 2009 #274

my startup script:
wshshell.run "c:/programs/miranda_im/miranda32.exe", 7
wshshell.run "c:/programs/popcorn/popcorn.exe", 7

make sure the slash is "/" not this "".
the ", 7" means it will run minimized. you can remove it.
Reply . may 05, 2009 #273
i tried your delayed startup script and when i copied the target from a shortcut to a file and pasted it i got this error: the system cannot find the file specified. code: 80070002 source: (null) the default wshshell.run calc.exe worked but when i changed it to a correct program filr path it ceased to work :/

do you know why that is?
Reply . april 27, 2009 #272

personally i deleted that chart but good to know somebody got the idea to change that. if you want to share it you can paste here or make a topic here http://virtualplastic.net/msgboard/forum.php?forum=1
Reply . april 26, 2009 #271
many thanks for this great site.

i never found a tutorial on how to change the colors of the drive properties pie chart (pink/blue). these colors can be change by hex editing shell32.dll.
if someone interested in that stuff, i would post the hex values.

bye and sorry for my bad english
Reply . april 24, 2009 #270
hehe. :) will see..
Reply . april 23, 2009 #269
thanks again des :)

btw i saw you writing on deviant art that you might release your vs. ofc you decide if you want or not but if you decide to then you got one person here who would appreciate it. ^^
Reply . april 23, 2009 #268
Reply . april 23, 2009 #267
hi again des, sorry to ask but i had a computercrash and lost things i hadnt backuped and wonder if you mind putting up the "media player classic seek bar hacks" again, it seems the links are off.
Reply . april 23, 2009 #266
yeah. reshacker could cause corrupt headers in dll's sometimes. i should have thought that this could happen.
Reply . april 23, 2009 #265
fixed it-apparently my logonui was corrupted even though it was still functioning.
all the best and thanks!
Reply . april 08, 2009 #264
thanks for the reply. i'll stick with the $oem$ folder although it is not as "clean" as i would have liked.
thanks again.
Reply . april 08, 2009 #263
well, i don't know how to resolve this. maybe by killing the system file checker? (delete > sfc.dll, sfc.exe, sfc_os.dll, sfcfiles.dll) but that could cause another problem(s). in example stopping the install process. :(
Reply . april 08, 2009 #262
appears that reshacked files but not hex edited files can be added to i386 folder on cd.
error says it is not a valid windows image.
if anyone knows any different, please let me know.
Reply . april 07, 2009 #261
just checked-there is no logonui.exe in sp3.cab. looks like i will have to use the $oem$ folder. might have a go using iexpress. i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to command prompt
Reply . april 07, 2009 #260
jcarles compression bin-it generally works very well
i have sfc disabled-i think the problem is caused by not altering the logonui.exe in sp3.cab on cd.
btw, i tried putting it in the $oem$/$$/system32 folder and that did work!i will try the sp3.cab mod tomorrow-i'll let you know how i go.
you're a legend-thanks for replying.
Reply . april 07, 2009 #259

i don't know. i never tried it to integrate to the cd. maybe it has to do with the system file checker. it checks the file during the install and fails because it is altered.

have you compressed it with the windows make cab command? or with a 3rd party app?
Reply . april 07, 2009 #258
i recently hex edited my logonui.exe to get rid of blue flash-works a treat (thanks for that!)
my problem is i'm trying to integrate it on a setup cd-during the install process it rejects the logonui.exe (it will not copy even though it has been cabbed with compression bin)
i've just had a thought-maybe i should put it uncompressed in the $oem$/$$/system32 folder.
any thoughts?
Reply . march 30, 2009 #257
cool, thanks again!

my battery just went down hill this weekend, lol, gotta get a new one now.

so much for plan a, once i get a new battery, then i can finish the desktop battery status project.
Reply . march 29, 2009 #256
here is the battery meter sample.

first of all run the hta to make sure it is working. the refresh interval is set to 60000 ms (updated every minutes, but you can change that. but do not set it to 1000 [1sec] because your computer will be slow. 1 min is fine.)

if it is working then simply rename the file to htm and put the file into your background. + you need this registry tweak to eliminate the active-x warning message.

windows registry editor version 5.00

[hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\internet settings\zones\0]
Reply . march 29, 2009 #255
awesome, i like the v2 too, maybe i will use on my desktop, cause i like bother versions a lot, lol. needs to be a little darker for me of course, but i can handle that.

i ran the script, and wrote down what is output while pluggen in and running on battery...

-- plugged in --
availability: 2
battery status: 2
chemistry: 6
description: internal battery
design voltage: 12754 (millivolts?)
device id: 134sanyodell f51347
estimated run time: 71582788
name: dell f51347
power management capabilities: 1
power management supported: false

-- on battery --
availability: 3
battery status: 1
chemistry: 6
description: internal battery
design voltage: 11836 (millivolts?)
device id: 134sanyodell f51347
estimated run time: 47 (minutes)
name: dell f51347
power management capabilities: 1
power management supported: false
Reply . march 28, 2009 #254
graphite v2 is on my devart page.

about the battery status. yes it is possible. i mean i found this script:

copy the script into a txt file then save as something.vbs, and run. if you see battery status popup messages then it is ok and working. i can't try it becasue i don't have battery. (= no popups on my computer)

so if it works then i will tell you what to modify to get it working in html file. (+ adding refresh intervals to the script)
Reply . march 28, 2009 #253
yeah, i was afraid of that, but i can live with it i guess, lol.
i am looking forward to v2 for sure.

i really like the simple info on your desktop pics. i understand the basics of how it is done, but i was wondering if it is possible to show my battery status on the desktop in a similar fashion (since i am on a laptop) with the html+vbscript. i like to keep installed apps yo a bare minimum and i like the clean look of your desktop.
Reply . march 26, 2009 #252

hi. yes it is static. defined in stringtable 4 > string 49. i tried with some placeholders like you said (%s) but didn't work. :( (just type something else there. like your computer name, workgroup name or something else related to your computer. i.e. amd etc.. hehe. :d )

btw, i am working on graphite v2. :) this one is with horizontal userpanels.

Reply . march 26, 2009 #251
hey, love your work! i just found your graphite logon screen, which i really like except it is a little light for my taste, when i fixed, darkened it up a bit.

but, i was wondering, on the preview pic on your da, the accounts have "account type: administrator" at the bottom... (string table 49)
is that a static string?
is there any sort of variable placeholders (%s, %d) i can use in the string table?

thanks a lot.
Reply . march 25, 2009 #250
i decided to put the hex editing away for a while, i don't really feel comfortable with it right now, instead i did some further basic modding and uploaded a screenshot to da: http://linearradiation.deviantart.com/art/the-painful-exodus-117077680 in case you are interested. again thanks for your help
Reply . march 24, 2009 #249
ok, thank you, the 8b is probably a typo: i will review that and as for the extra zero i think that's due to the human factor too. i tried to copy the string it should be and paste it into the replace window but that didn't work so i had to write it manually.
Reply . march 24, 2009 #248
my user32.dll in hdasm. (my another screenshot was with win32dasm)

the 90's means no operation that is ok, but the first part looks a bit different in your screenshot. but i dont know if it is a problem or not. is your win sp2 or sp3?

oh i see... your first byte is 8b instead of b8! and in yours there is one more 00 before the 90's.

mine: b801000000c2080090....
yours: 8b01000000c208000090....
Reply . march 24, 2009 #247
hi, it's me again.
first off all i'd like to say that the my documents icon ow looked like it should (i e modded) and that i have had no errors or system updates reverting to the old icons.

but i have got another issue at hand now: i was trying to remove the annoying selection rectangle and i used the hdasm to locate the offset in the dll and there i copied all the values that should be replaced and replaced them with the new values, but upon opening it in hdasm it didn't look at all like your picture.

so i took the backup user32.dll, backed it up and then did the same thing again, but this time i took print screens:
hdasm: http://www.imagehut.eu/images/31946user32.jpg
finding the values to replace in cygnus free: http://www.imagehut.eu/images/10801user322.jpg
replacing them: http://www.imagehut.eu/images/38049user323.jpg
the result in cygnus: http://www.imagehut.eu/images/28046user324.jpg
the result in hdasm: http://www.imagehut.eu/images/30753user325.jpg

have i done anything wrong or should it be like this?
thanks in advance stag
Reply . march 17, 2009 #246
ok, i have now disabled the security center and windows update and wiped the dll cache (after backing it up to another partition) and i'm now going to replace it
and then go to bed, hopefully this will last. :-)

Reply . march 17, 2009 #245
dllcache is in the system32 folder. it has special attributes, so it is invisible. just type it into the address or the run: c:\windows\system32\dllcache if you want to delete it completely only delete its contents. you cant delete the folder. (even if you can it will be back after a reboot)

disabling windows update is easy. run > then type services.msc. locate automatic updates and set it to disable. i also disabled the security center.
Reply . march 17, 2009 #244
thanks for the link those pop ups are really annoying
and for dll cache: do you know where it's located? because i can't find my cache, i have looked through the subfolders of shell32 and _i did a conventional window search with no result, and disabling the win update would surely help too, that's easier to do right?
Reply . march 17, 2009 #243
well, in my computer i turned off the windows update and the whole wu service and deleted the dllcache, so i never encountered those problems.

but you could try change the file in dllcache folder first, then use the replacer.
also you can eliminate that update warning that appears every 5 mins:

Reply . march 17, 2009 #242
it reverts the hacked dlls but it leaves my hacked explorer.exe in peace and when i shut down my windows without installing the updates it installed it at start up the following boot instead and i then got the restart now or later autorestart in 5 minutes window popping up every now and then :/

should i rebuild the cache before or after replacing the dll file?
Reply . march 16, 2009 #241
about the reverting problem.

what update? from the internet? or just the system tries to revert the hacked dll?
Reply . march 16, 2009 #240

hi. then try to rebuild the iconcache with tweakui. i hate duplicate icons because sometimes hard to find the correct one.
Reply . march 16, 2009 #239
edit: i went through the whole system32 folder with icon extractor (awesome program) without finding the my documents icon other than in the automatically generated shell32.dll.backup file from the replacer
Reply . march 16, 2009 #238
hi i just went through your windows dll listing about all icons and such and i have reshacked explorer.exe and shell32 removing or replacing a lot of icons (including my documents) and after rebooting everything works except the my documents icon. when i went through tune up utilities system icon replacment program i found the mydocs dll which contained a my documents and a my pictures icon and i reshack both of them, replaced and rebooted but the my documents icon is still the default yellow one :( (the tune up utilities icon replacement works next to prfecte but i thought that replacing the dlls would be fool proof, and no it can't change the my documents icon either :( )

and one more thing: everytime i reboot windows wants to install an update, i e revert the hacked dlls to the default eventhough i used the replacer and the dlls should be replaced in the dll cache too.

do you know what could be the problem or any other system files that contains the my documents icon?

thanks in advance
Reply . february 02, 2009 #237
:) got it.

for some reason i didnt change it in shell32.dll even if i was certain i had done just that. oh well everyone makes misstakes now and then.

iconsextractor really helped out on finding, im now in love with that tool ^^

thanks again des
Reply . february 02, 2009 #236
thanks des, the reg-file did its thing :)

ill post back once i found out what icon that is used for explorer.
Reply . february 01, 2009 #235

the best way to change that icon, if you just reshack every icon that looks like what you want to change. :d but seriously i have no idea where is that icon. (mydocs.dll? shell32.dll?) do a search for it with iconextractor. (tools, utils)

i updated the nomenubar.zip , download it again and apply. but an alternate way is to reshack the menu. (deleting the whole menu)
the complete explorer menu is in browselc.dll > 263 (explorer), 266 (explorer state 2. when you click the addressbar this menu will be used otherwise the 263 used.) and 267 (iexplorer).

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